Dragon City Mod APK (Unlimited Gems/Gold) Updated 2022

dragon city mod apk

The download ratio of dragon city mod apk is increasing day by day. Simulation games are designed due to simulate the real-life example in the virtual form. Dragon city is a popular virtual simulation game in which we can raise a baby dragon. We can feed this baby dragon, for this the dragon becomes bigger and more powerful and will ready for battle and this all will be done with foods and golds. This game is perfect for those who loves animal and also for those who wish dragons were alive.

In this game, the player has an opportunity to build his own city where instead of human, dragon live there. In this city you will take care of your baby dragon till he becomes adult. Actually, these dragons are your future army so you will prepare that dragon form future battles.

App NameDragon City Mobile
Size151 MB
Latest Versionv22.6.2
Last Update2 Days ago

Dragon City Mod APK

If you are beginner and new in this game then you will face many difficulties due to the collection of coins, gems and to increase the level of your dragon and also it will not be easy to fight with the hard level of dragon If you have starting levels (3 to 4 level) dragon.

The good news for every beginner as well as professional players is that, the developer announced the modified version of the dragon city game which is also called as dragon city mod apk.

Dragon city mod APK

In dragon city the biggest problem is to collect gems and foods but a developer creates this new hack / mod version to resolve this problem and in this mod / hack version we get unlimited gems and foods for our dragon.


Dragon mod city apk is an amazing virtual game in which you can create your own society and fight with other dragons. In case of winning the fight, you take his gems and use these gems in your dragon to make him big and powerful. The more your dragon becomes big and powerful, the more fight he will win against the other dragons.

The hacked/mod version of this game is also a multiplayer and an online game for this we can play this game worldwide and we create our new friends and will know about the new things of their society cultures, their life style and some other things.

This game was on Facebook before, but when the time passed this game becomes more popular and then the game developer decides to release this game on iOS and Android.

In this mod version you will get unlimited resources, breeding and also gives you the training for your dragon. In this apk you will review your dragon unlimited times you will unlock your any caged dragons. This mod version will provide you unlimited gold to expand your city and make this city beautiful and full of greenery. This mod version will also provide you unlimited gems by which you can speed up your breeding process or egg hatching process. You will also get unlimited name of new born dragon babies. In this modified version you will also unlock the most powerful dragon of this game like Obsidian Dragon or Wildfire Dragon

Dragon City – Unlimited Gold

One of the outstanding features of this version is that you will get unlimited golds and money. This unlimited gold and money play an important role in this game, by this you can build your dragon city like to build a natural environment or to add habitats in dragon city such as Tera habitat sea habitat flame habitat and similar more. Due to this unlimited money and gold, you can buy dragons like Sea Dragon, Nature Dragon and other different types of dragons. Due to this unlimited money and gold, you can also feed baby dragon and you can buy a various resource.

Dragon City Mod Apk

Dragon City – Unlimited Gems

One of the outstanding features of this apk is that you will get unlimited gems. Gems played an important role in this game and are used to review your dragon between the battle. Gems are also used to add a building in your dragons’ area. Due to unlimited Gems, you will also free the caged dragons / captive dragons. You will find this caged dragon / captive dragon in every location. Due to these unlimited gems, you will unlock some magical dragons and also you can breed them so that they become more powerful dragons. In this modified version of dragon city, you will also collect different types of eggs like volcano dragon, jelly dragon and similar more. Later to complete the collections of your dragons you can hatch these eggs.

Dragon city apk free gems

Dragon and its Types

The game dragon city is played by at least 80 million peoples worldwide and these numbers are increasing day by day very fast. One of the best things of this modified version is that you will get 100 types of various dragons and you can use this dragon in the battle according to the battle situations. In some situations, each dragon contains more than 1 weapon and this becomes the best choice when you are fighting with dragon master pro player. The different types of dragons are flame, jungle, air, rock and thunder. if you want two dragons’ power in 1 dragon then breed these two different types of dragons and get a mixture power of new dragon.

How to Download Dragon City Mod Apk

So finally, You want to download the modified version of Dragon City. First you click on download button. Game file will be download. When the file is download, Install the game in your phone. After installation when you open the game then there is a chance that you may see some permission warning message. Give all permissions to the game and don’t worry because this game is safe.

Easy to control

The control of this game is very easy. You will enjoy with fun its amazing features. Even that a small child will also operate this game very easily. The interface of the dragon city modified version Is also similar to the interface of its original version as well as having all the same assets which is in the original version of this game.

Dragon City Mod APK PVP Combat

As we mentioned above that the game dragon city is played by 80 million peoples worldwide. They are professionals in this game. If you also want to become a dragon master pro player then you will have to play with these professional players. Defeat them with your most powerful dragon and become a dragon master pro player. 1 powerful dragon can easily win the battle because he has many types of fantastic and great attacks power and also have defensive power. But if you are new in this game then don’t need to play PVP combat because there are many experienced and professional players in PVP combat. Firstly, you built your fighting skills, techniques and have some experienced of battle then go for this PVP combat battle to play against the professionals.

PVP combat

Dragon City Mod APK Online Multiplayer

There are many online multiplayer simulation games. you were also played number of online multiplayer games. But many of games are like this you will not compare that either you played this game online or you played this game with your own device. Dragon city is one the best multiplayer online simulation game and in this modified version you will play this game with those who are the master of this game, whose are the best players of all time in this game. so, you will have to defeat these master players to become one of the best players and you will see the difference that you are not playing this game against your device but you are playing this game with those people who are mater in this game.

Ads In Dragon City

As this new version is beautifully created you have access to many different features of this game. Like you have 3 main ways in this dragon Tv to get rewards and prizes of different types. The first main part of this dragon Tv is watching videos. Watch videos to get amazing rewards in this new version of Dragon City game. This game is basically not totally Ad free but in this new version you can get many rewards like gems, snack box and gold by watching some of the ads to continue the lost game. Basically, this process has a time limitation. You can watch one Ad after every 17 hours.

The second main part of this dragon Tv is filling the bar. Fill the bar and open the chest. There is a chest present in this part and a bar with a space of 5 videos to complete by watching videos like ads to unlock this chest. As a reward you get many gems and golds. This is basically the best way in this game to get rewards. You can watch one Ad after every 3 hours to fill one bar.

The third way to get rewards and prizes in this dragon Tv is to complete as many tasks as you can. You have to complete the tasks of other games like candy crush saga, money well and looney tunes within 30 days or by unlocking the required levels and a reward you will get up to 498 gems.

This dragon is proven to be so beneficial for the players that you can get gems and golds as a reward any time you want. If you want to play tournaments and leagues and you don’t have enough gems and golds then this dragon Tv is available for you to get gems and many different other things as rewards.

Players of this game can enjoy this version because of its features and significance. So, get ready to claim many different types of rewards and prized in this new version of the adventurous game Dragon City.

Dragon Book

Collection of your dragons is called dragon books and there are at least 500 types of dragons in dragon books. Each dragon has its own specifications, its own characteristics, its own power – strength, its own properties, its own skills, its own techniques of fights and many others.

Each dragon has its own level for playing for example if you unlock wildfire dragon in the start of the game (in this dragon city mod apk you also unlock many of the dragons in the start of the games) and you played starting levels with wildfire dragon you will easily win the levels but you will not enjoy this game too much because wildfire dragon is not for the starting levels of the game but wildfire dragon is for the next hard level of the game. sine for the starting levels you can choose those dragons who are made for the starting levels.

Graphics of the game

The graphics of this game is 100 percent similar to the graphics of the original version. The graphics of this game is very fantastic and outclass. Game developers design a very beautiful and outclass 3D graphics. If you talk about the color graphics of this game, it seems very beautiful. I am impressed with the way that color graphics designed of this game and also with the structure of this game designed. If you see the eggs, dragon babies, dragons they are looking so cute. The greenery of this game seems too much beautiful. I hope you will also enjoy the graphics of this game.



The play store version and the modified version of the dragon city which is available in this website is same. If new version of dragon city mod apk released, We will also update this new version from our website. So, we suggest you to save the URL of this page or bookmark this page or remember the website name to visit again here for update a new version.

Is this mod version of dragon city safe?

Yes, this modified version of dragon city is 100% safe. This mod version is used by more then Millions of people. Firstly, we have checked this version security, optimization, either this application working properly or not then we shared this mod version on our website.


No! You can not play this version in offline mode.

You will get unlimited gems and coins free in this mod version

Yes, this mod version of dragon city is free of cost.


Dragon city is a best simulation game in which you can create your own Dragon world. First you can buy any dragon or hatch any egg. Then you will feed your dragon to make him strong and powerful and prepare him for battle . You can also breed two dragons, After breeding they produce an egg. You can hatch this egg to growth and built your Dragon City and you can also sell these egg. Different types of eggs have different prices. Built your Dragon city by grow up your dragons and then go to combat and play the battle. Defeat your opponents and win all the levels.

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