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Dragon City MOD APK 2023

The download ratio of dragon city mod apk in 2023 is increasing day by day and this game is based on simulation. Simulation games are designed due to simulate the real-life example in the virtual form. Dragon city is a popular virtual simulation game in which we can raise a baby dragon. We can feed this baby dragon, for this the dragon becomes bigger and more powerful and will ready for battle and this all will be done with foods and golds. This game is perfect for those who loves animal and also for those who wish dragons were alive.

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In this game, the player has an opportunity to build his own city where instead of human, dragon live there. In this city you will take care of your baby dragon and feed them to grow. Actually, these dragons are your future army so you will prepare that dragons for future battles. Additionally Machine liker helps by automating the process of generating likes on social media platforms. It saves time and effort by automatically liking posts, photos, or videos based on predefined criteria.

Dragon City Mod APK

If you are a beginner and new to this game then you will face many difficulties due to the collection of gold, gems, and food. You will have to increase the level of your dragons to fight with energetic dragons. Because it is not easy to fight with energetic dragons if you have starting level (3 to 10 level) dragons. The good news for every beginner as well as a professional player is that the developer announced the modified version of the dragon city game which is also called dragon city mod apk Latest Verson. Moreover, you can also follow dragon city on Instagram.

dragon city mod apk by dragcityapk.com

In dragon city the biggest problem is the shortage of golds, gems and foods but a developer creates this new mod version to resolve this problem and in this modified version players can get unlimited golds, gems and foods. Now you can easily unlock your favorite dragons and to play with them. All this is possible due to this amazing mod version of dragon city game. Don’t forget to check out Minecraft APK.

About Latest Verson

Dragon city mod apk Latest Verson is an amazing virtual game in which you can create your own city and fight with other dragon masters. This mod version 23.4.1 will provide you unlimited gold to expand your city and make this city beautiful and full of greenery by the removing of stones and other garbage. You can also buy the cadge dragons with golds and gems. This mod version will also provide you unlimited gems by which you can speed up your breeding process or hatching process. Dragon city is one of the most popular and amazing games in the world of games. You can get free access to all the features of this fantastic game. Players can play this game with a lot of premium features for free on PC, iOS and android. 

Infographic by dragcityapk.com

This gameplay is nothing without the dragons. All things present in this gameplay are related to dragons either they are habitats or battling systems. You as a player have to pay more attention towards your dragons so that they can easily level up. This gameplay is actually a social game and people are attracting more towards this game.

Dragon City – Unlimited Gold

One of the outstanding features of this version is that you will get unlimited golds. This unlimited gold plays an important role in this game. You can build your own beautiful dragon city and create a natural environment by adding habitats such as tera habitat, sea habitat, flame habitat and magic habitat, ice habitat and similar more. By having free packs of gold, you can buy different dragons like Sea Dragon, Nature Dragon, Terra Dragon, Happy dragon, Wind Dragon, Flame Dragon and other different types of dragons. Due to this unlimited gold, you can also feed baby dragons and you can buy various resources for them to make the game easier than before.

Dragon City – Unlimited Gems

One of the outstanding features of this apk is that you will get unlimited gems. Gems played an important role in this game and are used to revives your dragon between the battles so you got 1 more chance to fight and won the match. Gems are also used to add different ancient buildings in your dragon city. Due to unlimited Gems, you will also free the caged dragons / captive dragons. You will find this caged dragon / captive dragon in every location. Due to these unlimited gems, you will unlock some magical dragons and also you can fast the process of breeding. In this modified version of dragon city, you will also collect different types of eggs like volcano dragon, jelly dragon and similar more. Later to complete the collections of your dragons you can hatch these eggs by placing them in the hatchery.


Dragon City – Foods

Food in this game is very necessary for the dragons. Every gaming application that has the creatures needs food for them to feed them. Level up your dragons with food that you can grow in the farms. You can buy food from the shop or from the farms. Players can also buy big food farms or huge food farms for their dragons to grow more and more food.

Breeding Process

Players of this amazing gameplay can breed their dragons. You can get powerful and energetic dragons that have magical powers by breeding two dragons. By the process of breeding dragons, players can get eggs from them. They can hatch these eggs in the hatchery. In this mod APK version there are no limitations regarding breeding’s. Players can engage their breed able dragons in tournaments and combats against other dragon masters and earn rewards by winning the fight. Thus, there are also some special cases in which you can’t breed some dragons with each other. You can’t breed same single element dragons with each other.

Breeding Process

Easy to control

The control of this game is very easy. You will enjoy its amazing features and tools for free. Even a small child can also operate this game very easily because of smooth controls. The interface of the dragon city modified version is also similar to the interface of its original version. This modified version of dragon city game has the same assets that are in the original version of this beautiful game. You can easily control the breeding processes and feeding processes of different dragons easily with your fingertips. All the control options are given in the gameplay and players can easily wander here and there in the dragon city for different purposes.

Farming System

Dragon city mod APK is an amazing game and has stunning features and functions. This game is totally based on dragons and things related to dragons. If you want to play harder levels and battle against dragon masters, you must have powerful and energetic dragons. There is farming system present in dragon city mod APK version that has two main farms including Food Farm, Big Food Farm and Huge Food Farm. Players can get food items from the food farm to level up the dragons to make them stronger. Upgrade these farming systems in this amazing gameplay and get more and more food on daily bases. This is the best way to give power to your favorite dragons. The more you grow food in farms, the more you get them and make your dragons energetic and powerful.


Events take place in this latest and modified version of the Dragon city game. You can take part in many different types of events for free without any premium payments. Events take place at the end of every week in which you can do different activities and win different rewards like gems or golds. Events present in this game are of 6 different types including Heroic Race, Maze Island, Puzzle Island, Tower Island Runner Island and Fog Island Some of the events offer rewards like skins of the dragons for free. You can freely customize your dragons with different skins. Take part in different modified events and win exciting prizes in this free mod apk version. Dragon city does have pre-designed dragon habitats and decorations that players can use to customize their dragon city using Capcut Mod APK.


Players can easily change their favorite dragon’s skins and customize them according to their desires. Customizations are of different types like customizing dragons’ skin, color, shape or size. Players can own many different dragons in this version and freely customize them as they want without any premium payments. In the original version of this game, you can’t easily customize every item in the game and you have to pay real time money or gems to buy such cool customizations but this modified APK version has unlocked all the premium customizations for free.

Security And Privacy

Dragon city is one of the most popular and most played game across the world. You can play this game either on android or iOS devices for free. This gameplay has modified version game which is more interesting and has more features than the original version game. Players can easily own dragon city and unlock different types of dragons, habitats and islands. This dragon city is basically floating on island. You can enjoy the whole floating game with full security and privacy. You can freely play this game and the main feature of this game is you don’t have to worry about its privacy and security. This social gaming application is secure for all users. User’s security is the first priority of the developers that their social gaming record won’t ever be restricted of this amazing modified APK version.

Dragon City Mod APKGraphics

The graphics of this beautiful game are so amazing and fantastic and have amazing color combinations of dragons, islands, trees, buildings, habitats and many other different items. You can enjoy each and every part of this game with amazing graphics. Every gaming application has different graphic effects to make the games more attractive. This mod apk version of dragon city has provided the best graphics of different things present in this game that no one can take their eyes off. Enjoy dragon city mod apk with the latest 3D graphic designs of different color combinations. Download Dragon City MOD APK latest version from our website and play against other dragon masters across the world with magical and fantastic graphics.

Graphics of the game

How to Download Dragon City Mod Apk

So finally, You want to download the modified version of Dragon City. First go to the download page and click on the download button. Game file will be download. When the file is download, Install the game in your phone. After installation when you open the game then there is a chance that you may see some permission warning message. Give all permissions to the game and don’t worry because this game is safe.

Dragon City Gameplay

Dragons and its Types

The game dragon city is played by at least 80 million people worldwide and these numbers are increasing day by day very fast. One of the best thing in this game is that you can collect 1000 types of various dragons and you can play with these dragons in the battles according to the battle situations. In some situations, each dragon contains more than 1 elements and different moves and this becomes the best choice when you are fighting with a dragon master pro player to win the battle.

There are different types of dragons present in this modified version of the game and the main dragons include flame, jungle, air, rock, wind, ice, flame, happy, magic, chaos and thunder dragons. If you want two dragon’s power in 1 dragon then you can breed these two types of dragons with each other and get a mixture of power from the new dragon. In addition, dragons come in different rarities like rare, very rare, legendary, hybrid, epic and other rarities like these. You can get different magical powers from these magical rarities of dragons.

Hybrid Dragons

There are different types of dragons present in this beautiful dragon city. Hybrid dragons are called the most energetic or powerful dragons and you can engage these types of dragons in tournaments and battles. Hybrid dragons are so powerful and you can complete different missions with the help of these dragons. If you want to get different hybrid dragons in your dragon city, play smart. You have to breed two or more than two different elements of dragons to get the hybrid dragons. Players can combine different dragons of different categories and types to get the most powerful hybrid dragons. This game updates the dragon’s specification so you can easily breed different dragons to get the best ones. Work hard, play smart, win more.

Special Dragons

Different categories of dragons are present in this game. All have different specifications and specializations. Players can play with either hybrid dragons or with some special dragons. You can easily manage the gameplay and can easily complete heavy and hard missions with special dragons. This mod APK version of dragon city is completely free of cost and you can own special dragons too. As dragons are of different kinds and belong to different categories you can enjoy all the levels wholeheartedly with the special dragons like joker dragons. These special dragons are used for dragon’s breeding systems. These dragons are unique from other dragons and have some unique specifications. Start unlocking these special dragons for free and play with more fun.

Dragons Book

Dragon city mod apk is an amazing virtual game in which you can create your own city and fight with other dragon masters. This mod version will provide you unlimited gold to expand your city and make this city beautiful and full of greenery by the removing of stones and other garbage. You can also buy the cadge dragons with golds and gems. This mod version will also provide you unlimited gems by which you can speed up your breeding process or hatching process. You can get free access to all the features of this fantastic game. Players can play this game with a lot of premium features for free on both android or iOS. Both the platforms are available for this game.

Dragon BOOK

Islands And Towers In Dragon City Mod APK

Dragon city gameplay has some amazing islands and towers. They both play an important role in the gameplay. You can unlock different islands of different features for free. After unlocking them you can easily upgrade them to get free gems and gold. As islands, players can easily unlock all the towers and make them new by joining and finding their lost parts. Players can get fun playing this amazing mod APK version gameplay.

Dragon City – Islands

The most main islands present in this mod APK version are Marvel Island, Infinite Island, Wonder Island and Mystic Island. These are some beautiful islands present in this dragon city mod APK version game. You can get free gems, orbs, different habitats, different food items and unique dragons by unlocking these amazing islands. The unlocking process is free. You can freely unlock all the islands and enjoy expanding them.

Dragon City – Towers

Towers in dragon city mod APK version are basically the ancient floating buildings that are for guardian dragons. You can rebuild these towers to get powerful dragons like guardian dragons. They are so powerful and they have magical super powers. These dragons can give benefits to the players like they can give gems, high rarity breed able dragons or many other things similar to it. The main towers present in this game are Jewelems Tower, Ramsey Tower, Hanzo Tower, Damona Tower, Winstance Tower and Midarian Tower. You can rebuild these towers by finding its lost parts. For this you have to send your dragons on missions. After rebuilding all the towers, you can also get some free rewards.

Dragon City Mod APKBattling 

Battling in this game plays an important role. You can engage your favorite and powerful dragons in battling processes. Train your little baby dragons and start playing against other dragon masters across the world. Battles in this game are of different types including

Dragon City Mod APK 2023 - Battling 


The game dragon city is played by millions plus players worldwide. Many of them are pro players. If you also want to become a dragon master pro player then you will have to play with these professional players. Defeat them with your most powerful dragon and become a dragon master pro player. 1 powerful dragon can easily win the battle because he has many types of fantastic and great attacking powers and also has defensive powers. But if you are new in this game then you don’t need to play PVP Arenas because there are many experienced and professional players in PVP Arenas. Firstly, you have at least 3 powerful dragons. You have to build your dragons fighting skills, techniques and have some experience in Quests battle and in Leagues battle. After all that you can go for these PVP Arenas battles to play against the professional players.

Battling in Dragon City


You can play 3 battles of league at once either you win or loss. After that you can wait for 6 hours to play next battle in league. The fighting rules are same and if you win the battle in league, you will get gems as a reward.


You can play quests as missions like Beginners cup, Hi-Tech Quest or Lava cup. After finishing all rounds, you will get a dragon as a reward.

Dragon City Mod APK Online Multiplayer

There are many online multiplayer simulation games. Dragon city is one the best multiplayer online simulation game and in this modified version you will play this game with those who are the masters of this game, who are the best players of all time in this game. So, you will have to defeat these master players to become one of the best players and you will see the difference that you are not playing this game against your device but you are playing this game with those people who are master in this game. If you want to become the master of this game then you should have to play more battles. Work hard plays smart and gain the title of dragon master.

Ads In Dragon City

As this new version is beautifully created you have access to many different features of this game. Like you have 3 main ways in this dragon Tv to get rewards and prizes of different types. The first main part of this dragon Tv is watching videos. Watch videos to get amazing rewards in this new version of Dragon City game. This game is basically not totally Ad free but in this new version you can get many rewards like gems, snack box and gold by watching some of the ads to continue the lost game. Basically, this process has a time limitation. You can watch one Ad after every 17 hours.

The second main part of this dragon Tv is filling the bar. Fill the bar and open the chest. There is a chest present in this part and a bar with a space of 5 videos to complete by watching videos like ads to unlock this chest. As a reward you get many gems and golds. This is basically the best way in this game to get rewards. You can watch one Ad after every 3 hours to fill one bar.

The third way to get rewards and prizes in this dragon Tv is to complete as many tasks as you can. You have to complete the tasks of other games like candy crush saga, money well and looney tunes within 30 days or by unlocking the required levels and a reward you will get up to 498 gems.

This dragon is proven to be so beneficial for the players that you can get gems and golds as a reward any time you want. If you want to play tournaments and leagues and you don’t have enough gems and golds then this dragon Tv is available for you to get gems and many different other things as rewards.

Players of this game can enjoy this version because of its features and significance. So, get ready to claim many different types of rewards and prized in this new version of the adventurous game Dragon City.

Dragon City Mod APK FAQs

No! You can not play this version in offline mode.

You will get unlimited gems and coins free in this mod version.

Yes, this mod version of dragon city is free of cost.

Yes, this modified version of dragon city is 100% safe. This mod version is used by more then Millions of people. Firstly, we have checked this version security, optimization, either this application working properly or not then we shared this mod version on our website.

Yes! you have to feed your dragons to make them more energetic and powerful.

Yes! dragon city mod apk is for all platforms. Android, PC, as well as for iOS.

You can collect orbs from special events, from shops, from Lantern islands and also from missing dragon rescue.


Dragon city is a best simulation game in which you can create your own Dragon world. First you can buy any dragon or hatch any egg. Then you will feed your dragon to make him strong and powerful and prepare him for battle . You can also breed two dragons, After breeding they produce an egg. You can hatch this egg to growth and built your Dragon City and you can also sell these egg. Different types of eggs have different prices. Built your Dragon city by grow up your dragons and then go to combat and play the battle. Defeat your opponents and win all the levels.

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