Dragon City Mod APK Tips And Tricks

In this article we are discussing the tips and tricks to get free golds and gems in Dragon City .Dragon city game is much fascinating and wonderful game to play on android or iOS You can’t get over this game’s features. This game has lots of dragons and things related to dragons are present. This game is much fascinating and engrossing beyond your thinking’s. The game is at its full amaze. The dragon city hack games provide everything and it has unlimited and finest features which can amaze you in very different ways. First if we talk about its tool generator.

This provides the player the cheats of this game. The cheats for extracting crystals, gems and gold to make the game strongest. The player can use this generator whenever needs. This processing of getting crystals, gems and gold is perfectly safe for the players. To begin the cheat game first you need to login with username and choose your platform. Verification is must for this and then refresh it. This game is completely full of adventure and enjoyment.

Dragon City Tips And Tricks

So, if talk about this game this game effectuates on the minds of players in a very beautiful way. Basically, this game is floating or buoyant on the island. Luckily, imagine this is really a miraculous thing for the users or even for the dragons in the game. This game is full user based the user can design the dragon city by own in a very nice-looking way means it is very important that how the user wants to see its dragon city. User can raise dragons by feeding them perfectly. All know for feeding we want food to feed them so as soon as we raise them they produce gold. And by this gold we create buildings or buy foods for the dragons to level up dragons and improve their solidity or power for playing well. Special thing for this game is when you cross the level 4 you can pedigree two dragons and this would be well built game. We are given you a cheat to get free diamonds in dragon city game.

Game Features

This game has some beneficial tips and tricks for the users and their dragons and those features include there are some events happening on the end of every week. These events help users to collect currencies and give more ways to owning the dragons. Some events give offer for the dragon skins to dress your dragons and some events called Dragon Quests to train the dragons for getting more benefits from them. Playing PVP is a special feature of this game and by this user can win rewards by challenging other players. At the last to conclude this game. This game is such an astonishment and wonderment game. Everyone can play this game and increases their level of happiness. Because where there is a happiness there is a life.


Dragons are the important essential in this game to move forward. In this game dragons are of different types and each has different specializations. some dragons are small in size and some are larger in size. Each dragon performs different tasks and missions. You can send your dragons on missions to get gold and gems. 4 things related to dragons are Elements, ranks, sources and rarities. Each dragon belongs to these four categories. Different dragons are present in this game. Some of them are Dolphin dragons, Wolfish dragons, Turbo dragons, Uller dragons and Volcano dragons.

Game Currencies

Currencies play an important role in this game because you can unlock many tips and tricks of this game by golds and gems. This game has only three currencies: gold, Crystal and gems. There are the main powers of the game for leveling up or raising the dragons. As there is a built-in feature of play store of the game from which you can alternatively obtain these three. Gold is the most common currency in this game and player can earn this gold with many different ways like leveling up, feeding dragons or by habitats. So, if we talk about habitat in this game this is most efficient way to own more dragons and user for the expansion of the gold potential. Ameliorate or upgrade the habitats where needed. The second important thing to talk about to get gold is to leveling up your dragon. and for leveling players must feeds them more to get more gold. The more the food, the more they level-up.

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