Ten Games Like Dragon City

The dragon city game is such an Enthralling and Captivating game in the world of games. This can provide you inner peace and real happiness in your hearts. So, like this game there are another ten games like the Dragon City game present in the world of games that are much more splendid than each other. Like you can feed, breed and hatch the dragons in the dragon city game in these other ten games you can experience many things. You can breed, feed and many more to other creatures and dragons. You can customize them in very enchanted ways in each and every game. Players will lose in the game features I bet. As the game features are so beautifully created that no one can ignore.

10 games like dragon city

Introduction Of Dragon City

Dragon city games can be played more than the iOS or android devices and it has become the most played game in the world of games. Players can design their own dragon city and breed the virtual dragons. This game is famous on almost every ad. This game is also called the challenging game in which you can challenge other dragon masters to play and win. You can also sell your dragons and your customizations. Players have more challenges in this game like playing quests or battling with dragon masters or play tournaments like PVP and customize their own city in the game. So, there are some other games like this beautiful game in which different types of virtual creatures are present. Let’s talk about the games one by one to know about their exciting features and virtual creatures.

Dragon City Alternatives

Dragon city is known as the stunning game having virtual dragons in which players can breed their dragons and create fantastic islands. There are some alternatives present in today’s gaming world of dragon city games. The alternative of dragon city games are mostly best performance games with adventurous features and virtual creatures. You can play dragon vale game, dragon story game, Summoner war game, monster legends game or pocket frog game or other dragon’s games that have the same functionalities of dragon city game with modified features.


These are the best alternative Dragon City games. In this article we will discuss the two best alternative games of dragon city that are Dragon Story and DragonVale games.  These games have virtual dragon characters and have different features. You can easily breed and feed your dragon and create a magical city for your dragons. Brief descriptions of each alternative to the dragon city game are discussed below in our article such as ten games like dragon city.

Do you relate with the word magical islands? If not then you are at the right place. This dragon story game has some magical thoughts for the players. In this game you can breed your Dragons, feed them, hatch them, or make habitats for them. Collect more than 20 dragon species and make your own magical islands and make this game more fantastic and magical. you can own powerful dragons and customize them. You can also win gems as the rewards by playing quests and having battles with other players. This can also be done through different decorations. Players can discover rare and unique creatures like dragons.

Dragon Story by dragcityapk.com

Dragon Story Gameplay

Firstly, when you installed this game. This game provides the facility of the assistant. Who can guide their players by purchasing their first dragon egg. Players can build up the habitats for their dragons that can also be matched with their beautiful colors. And then the dragon story will look like the rainbow because of the colorful habitats present in the game and it can be very helpful to grow your collection of flying flame breathers. Hybrid dragons can be played in this game to have more fun. If we talk about the quantity of dragons in this game there are over 800 dragons present in the game to breed and feed. Feed your dragons with food which can be purchased by the farms and by farming up the growth of your level increases. Dragons can play tournaments and boost them up. This game is free on iOS. Let’s play and have fun!

Exciting Features

Players can collect different dragons from 20 species in dragon story games. This game is now available for iOS devices. Players can decorate their islands of dragon city with different buildings, habitats and towers. Players can now win powerful dragons, their habitats and food from the amazing world events. Battle with your friends and challenge them for tournaments to win extra bonus prizes. Breed your dragons and get rare and hybrid dragons.

Quests For Dragon Story

One of the best parts present in dragon story games are quests. Different quests appear at your different achievements. Quests are basically present for giving you rewards. Players can get amazing rewards like food, gold or gems for free through these quests. You can access to game quests by selecting the brown journal option that is present on the left of your game screen. Players can buy their favorite energetic dragons and build their own magical dragon city with the help of gold and gems that are provided as the rewards by game quests.

Breeding Den In Dragon Story

Breeding den is a magical place for the dragons. Players can breed their baby or adult dragons here either of the same elements or different elements. Players can breed different dragons in this breeding den. By breeding, you can get the eggs of the most rare and hybrid dragons. You can then hatch these eggs in the hatchery. Many dragons take a long time to breed and finish their breeding processes. If you want to breed within minimum time, select a breeding den with a pink heart. You can easily breed two or more dragons here to get hybrid or legendary dragons.

Food & Harvesting

Food is the necessary item present in the game for making dragons more powerful and giving them energy. Before food, you must have food farms in your dragon story gameplay to plant the foods. Get your favorite food farms from the store and plant many delicious food items for the dragons. The food may be firapples, buffbeets, chili pops or impruberries. Select the plant option and get your favorite food for your dragons. After that harvest your food and expand your food farms across the whole dragon story game.

2) DragonVale

This is the best game ever based on breeding and feeding in which you can breed dragons in their habitats or farms and make them healthier and more powerful than others. You can share your dragon vale to other islands by visiting them. You can freely breed your dragons in a very positive way. This game takes some hours to play but it’s not a big deal for the players who love the games. Playing games gives them energy and endless peace of mind. So, if you want to reduce the hours or time you can purchase the currencies. This can help you reduce the amount of time and you can freely play this game.

DragonVale by dragcityapk.com

You can also train your dragons for growth. From babies to adults this can be done through the hatching process. Players can add some other plenty of ideas to give their islands the more perfections. You can easily unlock the features by your own hard work. It’s not that much hard for the players. There is a feature named VARIETY in which there are large no of buildings, habitats, decorations, and dragons are present. you can also enter in Coliseums challenges to win more trophies and breed your dragons. Start camping under the stars in a stunning dragon vale game.

Dragons & Dragon Elements

In this amazing dragon vale game, players can explore dragons of different elements. There are over 500 dragons present in this stunning game of total 7 elements. Breed and feed your amazing dragons. Each element of the dragon has unique features and specifications. You can get different moves, attacking and defending powers by owning different elemental dragons in the game. These elements may be nature, fire, wind or electricity. This dragonvale Gameplay offers players to choose their dragons of specific elements. These dragons are divided into three parts. 174 are elemental dragons, 169 are special dragons and 182 dragons have specific species.

Breeding Cave

Breeding is necessary in the dragon vale game. You can get energetic hybrid and rare type dragons through breeding. Breeding cave is a building present in dragon vale games for breeding processes. Breeding cave gives you a chance to breed two or more dragons together to get legendary dragons. In dragonvale gameplay, players can also get breeding hints for getting exciting hybrid dragons. These hints may be about dragon pairs for breeding. After breeding, players can get eggs from them that must be placed in the hatchery. For better income, players can also sell their breed-able dragons. Players can increase gold production and many get many more benefits through breeding.

Treat Farm in DragonVale Game

Treat farms play an important role in the dragon vale game. This game is totally based on farming and breeding. Besides breeding, players can turn dragons’ food items into magical food treats to feed dragons and make them grow even faster than ever. Players can grow healthy food in this treat farm of dragon vale game. The treats, players can grow in this treat farm are

  1. Blushrooms
  2. Dragon fruit
  3. Jelly plant
  4. Pumpermelons
  5. Dragon snaps
  6. Zazzberies
  7. Dragon root
  8. Cubetuber

These are different treats available in the food treat farms for the players to feed their dragons. After growing, you can then harvest your food for free to get it quickly. Treat these foods to feed one of your favorite dragons.

DragonVale Buildings

You can own a dragonvale game for free having different elemental dragons, habitats and buildings. There are different buildings present in the dragonvale game marketplace. You can collect these dragons and place them in your dragonvale park.

  1. Treat farm
  2. Dragon cave
  3. Colosseum
  4. Youth fountain
  5. Dragonsai gifting tree

These are different dragonvale buildings. You can do planting, growing, breeding and fighting processes through these buildings for free. Start decorating your dragonvale game with these stunning buildings.

DragonVale Habitats

Dragons also need a place to live after being hatched. You can either place your dragons in their elemental habitats or in the Hibernation cave. Different habitats are present in the game of different dragon elements. The main benefit is you can place more than one dragon of different types in the same habitat. Each dragon accumulates a certain number of gems. Different upgrades are available for the habitats. You have regular, large or giant habitats for your dragons in this dragon vale game. Get your habitats now for your hatched dragons for living and resting.

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