Ten Games Like Dragon City

The dragon city game is such an Enthralling and Captivating game in the world of games. This can provide you and inner peace and the real happiness to your hearts. So as like this game there are another ten games like dragon city game present in the world of games that are much splendid than each other. As like you can feed breed and hatched the dragons in the dragon city game in these other ten games you can experience many things. You can breed feed and many more to other creatures and dragons. You can customize them in the very enchanted ways in each and every game. Players will lose in the game features I bet. As the game features are so beautifully created that no one can ignore.

10 games like dragon city

Introduction Of Dragon City

Dragon city game can be played more than the iOS or android devices and it has become the most played game in the world of games. This game can be proved so beneficial for the users in which you can design your own dragon city and breed the virtual dragons. This game is famous on almost every add. Facebook users can also play this game as this game has large numbers of dragon communities.

This game is also called the challenging game in which you can challenge other dragon master to play and win. You can also sell your dragons and your customizations. Players have more challenges in this game like playing quests or battling with dragon masters or play tournaments like PVP and customize their own city in the game. So, there are some other games like this beautiful game in which different types of virtual creatures are present. Since let’s talk about the games one by one to know about their exiting features and virtual creatures.


Do you relate with the word magical islands? If not then you are at the right place. This game has some magical thoughts for the players. In this game you can breed your Dragons, feed them, hatch them, or make habitats for them. Collect more dragon species and make your own magical islands and make this game more fantastic and magical. you can create your own dragons and customize them. You can also win gems as the rewards by playing quests and have battles with another players. This can also be done through different decorations. Players can discover the rare and unique creatures like dragons. Firstly, when you installed this game. This game provides the facility of the assistant. Who can guide their players by purchasing their first dragon egg.

Players can build up the habitats for their dragons that can also be matched with their beautiful colors. And then the dragon story will look like the rainbow because of the colorful habitats present in the game and it can be very helpful to grow your collection of flying flame breathers. Hybrid dragons can be played in this game to have more fun. If we talk about the quantity of dragons in this game there are over 800 dragons present in the game to breed and feed. Feed your dragons with food which can be purchased by the farms and by farming up the growth of your level increases. Dragons can play tournaments and boost them up. This game is free on iOS. Let’s play and have fun!

2) DragonVale

This is the best game ever in which you can breed dragons in their habitats or farms and make them healthier and more powerful than others. You can share your dragon vale to other islands by visiting them. You can freely breed your dragons in a very positive way. This game is some hours taking game to play but it’s not a big deal for the players who love the games. As playing games give them energy and endless peace of mind.

So, if you want to reduce the hours or time you can purchase the currencies. This can help you reduce the much time and you can freely play this game. You can also train your dragons for the growth. From babies to adults and this can be done through the hatchling process. Players can add some other plenty of ideas to give their islands the more perfections. You can easily unlock the features by your own hard work. It’s not that much hard for the players. There is a feature named VARIETY in which there are large no of buildings, habitats, decorations, and dragons are present. you can also enter in Coliseums challenges to win more trophies and breed your dragons.

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