Ten Games Like Dragon City Part 5

Dragon city is one of the most enthralling games that provides you its best of everything whether it is its features or significance. This game is based on dragons and each dragon has its own power and significance. Some are small and some are large in size. Some are small aged dragons like cute dragons and some are adult dragons. The Players can see the growth of every type of dragon in the hatchery. Hatchery is a place where you can store the eggs of the bred dragons. There are many dragons present in the game like Sea dragon, Star Dragon, Terra Dragon, Flame dragon. Breed them up and get eggs and place them in the hatchery. So, in this article, we will continue the series of ten games like Dragon City.

Ten Games Like Dragon City Part 5

Dragon City Alternatives (Part 5)

Like dragon city, you can also play two other games having the same functionalities. These alternatives are dragon mania legends and Mira Magia. In dragon mania legends, you can make your dragons more energetic and can level up the game and make faster progress in the game by feeding the dragons and making them power. You can train your dragons for battles and quests. These are the factors that boost up your dragons’ energy and power in dragon mania legends gameplay while in Mira Magia game, you can raise your crops and get magical spells for progressing the dragon’s world. These two games are the finest and premier alternatives of Dragon city.

9) Dragon Mania Legends

This game is considered as the strongest game in the games world. In this game players can breed 1000 of dragons and prepare them for the higher battles and make them the night warriors and can create an army or array of dragons for battles. You can breed baby dragons and make them the adult and most powerful dragons and can hatch 1000 of baby dragons in the hatch and feed them to become the powerful dragons. You can create your islands by generating farms and by the help of farms players can get food for their dragons. Raise your Dragons by training them and feeding them. You can get better ranks and stats by leveling up the game. Breeding genre is the powerful word and direction to go.

Dragon Mania Legends Storyline

In this game you can play against three dragons and you also have a team of 3 dragons. You can collect many dragons on the island and make them powerful dragons. Whenever you level up you get the number of dragons and habitats for them. Players have the power of direct attacks and you can strengthen them by breeding and feeding them. Arena combat gives you the control over moves or attacks. Create your graphical island for your dragons and enjoy it.

Dragons In Dragon Mania Legends

This game has large number of unique and cute dragons upto 850 plus. You can unlock each dragon by completing missions or playing battles. You can breed your two dragons and feed them for better progress in the game.

  1. Relic trader
  2. Pixie
  3. Titan
  4. Dark machine
  5. Siren
  6. Vortex
  7. Narwhale
  8. Fire

These are different dragons present in the mania legends games. Each having unique features and defending powers. You can us your energetic dragons in different dragon battles. Start your journey to this game as a dragon.

Dragon Mania legends Quests & Missions

This gameplay has different missions and amazing quests for getting extra bonus rewards. You have to complete these missions and quests in a limited time to get rewards. The different quests for the players are

  • Obtain a bee dragon
  • Win three battles in the campaign
  • Harvest 50 foods

This game huge number of missions too. You have to complete these missions with your dragons for getting best achievements and rewards.

10) Mira Magia

This game is free to play on all devices. Players can enjoy this game believe me as compare to another mini games. This is an adventurous game the players can firstly choose from three classics include

  • Sorcerer
  • Shaman
  • Druid
  • Mage

Every classic has different mechanics that can offer different things to the players for more excitement in the game. Player can select their avatar from the options present in the game as this game provides the feature of male and female. Mira Magia offers you the best ever experience. There are also some mechanics as we have talked above include grow crops or raise dragon for farming and collect rare items. You can achieve the goals and get rewarded.

There is also a system in this game called “Prank System” in which you can prank other players. You can collect objects. mechanics can be improved by farming in this game. As farming is the main element of the game. Start your farm with the patch of 3 grass and then slowly you can expand your growth. For increasing your crop or call rain from above or clear obstacles you can used the most important element of the game named spell. You can unlock many higher spells. Have fun to play.

Features of Mira Magia

Mira Magia gameplay has best and classical features for the players to enjoy the game at its best.

Best character classes

In this amazing game Mira Magia, players can unlock different best fun characters and become one of them. These characters are mage, sorcerer, druid or shaman. You can learn amazing magical spells through these characters and get higher ranks in achievements.

Unlock Beautiful World

Mira Magia gameplay is played by different players across the world and has many features. There is a magical world present in this game that has unique characters or creatures and unlimited farms having different food items and colorful plants. Explore the amazing world and start your journey.

Mira Magia Magic Garden

This stunning game is all about farming and gardening. You can grow different magic herbs. You can perform different tasks and upgrade your farms for getting different magic powers at different levels of the game. After growing herbs, feed your baby dragons to make them more powerful and energetic.


One of the best feature presents in this game is you can get different decorative items for free to decorate your worlds and villages. You can easily build your own magical park or worlds by having the decorations. There is no limitations to these decorative objects in the gameplay.

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