Ten Games Like Dragon City Part 4

Welcome to the most charming and attractive game. The dragon city game has the number of beneficial features for their players to play this game in the very best way. Players must know and follow all rules of the game to get more features and currencies. Along with collecting the best and most powerful dragons in the game, players also collect the amazing habitats they can live in. Players can create their own magical city of dragons. In which every type of dragon is present from sea dragons to nature dragons. Breeding is a magical process where you can breed any type of dragon to get more powerful dragons like hybrid, rare, epic, very rare, heroic and legendary. These are all dragon rarities and come with the different tiers. So, in this article, we will continue the series of ten games like Dragon City.

Ten Games Like Dragon City Part 4

Dragon City Alternatives (Part 4)

Dragon city has two more stunning alternative games including Beastie Bay and Battle Camp. Both the games have different creatures. Beastie bay gameplay has beasts and battle camp game has powerful and unique monsters having different functionalities. In the battle camp game, you can enjoy playing battles and epic fights while in the Beastie Bay game, you can pick different allies and explore different territories for building them with different trees and fields. For other alternatives of the Dragon City game, we have continued to discuss the alternatives in ten games like dragon city part 5.

7) Beastie Bay

This is a unique gameplay in which players can capture the beasts. You can play this shortly or for a long time. Players can decide this because this game is a simple and straightforward game. In this game you can expand your island resorts. You can train your monsters in this game. This game can be played on all devices. This means that you can enjoy this magical game every time. This game is basically the mixture of the Pokémon and city building game. In this game players can collect the beasts. They can use their favorite beasts for the battles and win many rewards. In this game basically you can select a team of 3 beasts and send them to map regions and explore more. Each beast has its own weakness and strengths, so select the ones who have power strengths.

Beastie Bay
Beastie Bay

Beastie Bay Gameplay

In the series of ten games like Dragon City, Beastie Bay is one of them. This game is so splendid no one can ignore. Firstly, you select a location to explore and select a virtual creature for it. Players can also unlock new areas and beasts by which you can build your island. Create your beautiful residents by this process and collect more beasts and collect more beautiful things for your island. Rebuild it with different decorations. After exploring, beasts need some energy to fight again in the battles. Tourists can also visit your beautifully created island. Create your island in that way that attracts another player and also the tourists.

Exciting Features

There are different and beneficial features available for the players in the beastie bay game.


You can explain different islands in this beastie bay game with amazing graphics. These graphics can take your game adventure to the next levels. Having different color combinational graphics in the game can give you pleasure and happiness. You can easily enjoy playing different game parts with stunning graphics.

Best Training Available

When you are new to the game, you have to collect different beasts from different places. The best part is you can train your new beasts of your styles and make them able to fight for you. You have to train beastie bays for exciting survival. After training, build your houses and plant trees around you for safety.


Trading is one of the best features present in this amazing beastie bay gameplay. You can trade your beats and things with your friends on their islands in the game. You can also capture the critters and trade them for free. They will fight for you in this amazing gameplay.


The best feature of this game is the combat system. You have to fight against other beasts having a team of three allies. You have different combat options of auto attacks and flees. Make a team of three allies having the same elements because it increases your winning chance in combat. Fight more powerfully and win the battles.


Battle camp is a best roleplay and adventurous game that has unique functions and modified battling features. You can start your battle camp journey as a monster. This game has virtual characters as monsters. You can collect and discover over 1200+ different monsters having different specifications and battling powers. You have to fight against your enemies in the camp for build a powerful troop. Compete with other campers across the world in PvP battles. Travel the whole world full of monsters and challenge others.

You can also train your monsters in battle camp gameplay to make the game toughest for other players in the battles. Create your own battle camp and customize your monster’s avatars and clothing. Travel to different locations and get experience. Build your powerful troops for better playing against other campers. Start your battle camp journey and enjoy the epic battles at fullest.

Exciting Features

Battle camp gameplay has different features and functions.


Having events in the game is one best thing that ever happens to the players. In events, players have to fight against their enemies with rangers to create the best troop. You can even connect with your friends in these events and win exciting rewards.

Customize your avatars

One of the best features available in this game is customization. You can create your own cute and unique avatar designs for your monsters. Besides avatars, you can also customize the skins of your monsters in the gameplay.

Monsters battling puzzle

Battle camp gameplay has the amazing feature of playing battle puzzles in a multiplayer mode. It is one the best MMO gameplay that you can easily play on any of your devices. You can evolve your powerful or rare monsters to collect the puzzle pieces in the battling. For better battling use the fuse option. This can make your monsters stronger than ever.

Battle rivals in PvP

Players can collect 100+ monsters in the game and train them for the PvP battles. Players can now play PvP battles against other camping masters. These battles are between two campers of the game. You can play in two different batting camp PvP battles including regular PvP and PvP league. Start battle your rivals in PvP battles and win amazing rewards.

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