Ten Games Like Dragon City Part 4

Welcome to the most charming and attractive game. The dragon city game has the number of beneficial features for their players to play this game in the very best way. Players must know all the rules of the game and must follow them to get more features and currencies. Besides collecting the best and powerful dragons in the game players also collect the amazing habitats for them to live. Players can create their own magical city of the dragons. In which every type of dragon is present from sea dragons to nature dragons. Breeding is a magical process in which you can breed your any type of dragon to get more powerful dragons like hybrid, rare, epic, very rare, heroic and legendary. These all are rareness of the dragons and comes up with the different levels.

Dragon City Alternatives (Part 4)

Play these battles against other dragon masters and get beneficial rewards. Events in this game are placed at the end of every week. Take part in the events that happen at the end of every week that includes heroic races, maze islands, puzzle islands, tower islands, runner islands and fog islands. Get gems as the rewards by winning these events. Play more and feed your dragons as much as you can to level up the game faster.

7) Beastie Bay

This is a unique gameplay in which players can capture the beasts. You can play this shortly or for a long time. players can decide this because this game is a simple and straight forward game. In this game you can expand your island resorts. You can train your monsters in this game. This game can be played on all devices this means that you can enjoy this magical game every time. This game is basically the mixture of the Pokémon and city building game. In this game players can collect the beasts. They can use their favorite beasts for the battles and win many rewards. In this game basically you can select team of 3 beasts and send them to map regions and explore more.

Beastie Bay

This game is so splendid no one can ignore. Firstly, you select location to explore and select a virtual creature for it. players can also unlock new areas and beasts by which you can build your island. Create your beautiful residents by this process and collect more Beasts and collect more beautiful things for your island. Rebuild it with different decorations. After exploring beasts need some energy to fight again in the battles. Tourists can also visit your beautifully created island. Create your island in that way that attracts another player and also the tourists.

8) Flight Rising

This is a virtual creature game by breeding the dragons. You can breed over 200 dragons and make them powerful for the difficult battles. Design your island for currencies. In this game players must have to select the eleven elements and battle with the use of these eleven elements. This is the first and basic step for every new player. Without this you can’t log in this beautiful game. These elements will give you the magical benefits throughout the whole game. secondly in this game to create your first dragon.

You can breed them or feed them and color them by choosing the built-in options in the game that would be proved very interesting and quite pretty cool for the players. You can explore more breeding elements easily by having your first dragon. Players can breed their dragons in two to three weeks. This game is quite slow in progress but is very exciting to play. There is a goal in the game that must have been settled for the players. Players can breed over 200 dragons. To breed dragons’ players must have these four-food system include

  • Insects
  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Plants

These are very important elements for the dragons to become more powerful. Gatherings have been given to players every day. Players can also select the area where they want to battle. The items dragons collected can also be sell by the users. Coliseum is the best feature for the game. This game has limited registrations but is very amazing.

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