Ten Games Like Dragon City Part 3

Dragon city is the most decorative and magnificent game in the world of games. In which players can meet their cute baby dragons and adult dragons. Dragons are called the most important part of the game to proceed. players can either own their dragons by leveling up the game or they buy them from the dragon city game store. There are many different types of dragons present in the game. New dragons join the game every week. You can create your own special islands and breed your dragons there and by breeding events and your special islands players can create unique dragons like hybrid ones. Collect tons of cute baby dragons in this game and breed them together to get powerful dragons for battles. So, in this article we are discussing about the alternatives of dragon city

Ten Games Like Dragon City Part 3

Dragon City Alternatives (Part 3)

So, the series ten games like dragon city is continue and we are now discuss two more best alternatives like Pocket Frogs and Singing Monsters. In Pocket Frogs game, players can explore and discover new habitats, professions, buildings and many species of frogs. Create an awesome frog terrarium and collect habitats from there to get the frogs home. Feed your frogs the best of food and watch them grow on tiny water lilies into special frogs with unique powers. In the singing monsters game you can create your own musical world with unique singing monsters. You can raise and feed your monsters and make your singing monster world more fantastic. These are the best alternative to Dragon City game but have different virtual creatures. For more alternatives, we have discussed Dragon City alternatives in ten games like Dragon City Part 4 in more detail.

5) Pocket Frogs

This is the most unique game and alternative of the game dragon city. This has a lot of new and unique features for the players. You can also breed in this game. In the start of the game this game offers you three things which are the startup of the game.

  • Two frogs
  • Dirty habitat for the frogs
  • Coins to begin pocket frog journey

This game is such a masterpiece this game has unlimited habitats and frogs and if we talk about the levels of this game. This game has up to 100 levels for the amusement of the players. Players can create their habitats for the frogs to live. These habitats include grass bricks food etc. you can create some other things in your habitats like buildings for you frogs. Players can unlock new features by visiting the pond with their frogs. You can watch your frogs hop around the habitats that you have created.

pocket frog by dragcityapk.com

Racing is provided in this game. Race your frogs with others. On the screen you can guide your frogs to jump over lily pads. By breeding the egg in given to you which you can save in your hatchery. By jumping over them your frog will be tamed and by which you have many more options unlocked.

Exciting Features

There are different features available for the players of the pocket frog game.

Trade With Your Friends

Trading is one the most beneficial features present for the players. You can trade different things. Explore and discover different frog species of different habitats.

Play Mini Games With Your Frogs

In pocket frogs gameplay, players can play mini games with their favorite tamed frogs for adventures and prizes. There are three mini games available in the game for the frogs including racing, search or puzzle games. Play now and get some relaxation.

Explore Rare Frogs

Frogs play an important role in the game. You can explore thousands of rare frogs in the game. The best rare frogs present in the game are pinky ceres, lime picea, beige cafea and white callaina.

Visiting Other Players Terrariums

This is one of the features present in the pocket frogs game that you can also visit your friends’ terrariums too. You can inherit their creativity and designing and create your own terrariums like them.


There are different habitats present in this stunning frog game. You can customize them as you want of different colors, sizes, leaves, backgrounds and rocks.

  1. Dirt Habitat
  2. Cok Habitat
  3. Rusty Metal Habitat
  4. Brick Habitat
  5. Orange paint habitat

Players can buy these amazing frog habitats from the supply shop of the game to make frogs happier.

Cloud Service Available

One of the best features available in this pocket frogs game is cloud service availability. This feature allows players to backup their game and play it on any of their devices without any data loss.

Pocket Frogs Game Free Gifts

The Pocket frogs game is totally based on frogs. You can tame frogs in different ponds. This stunning game allows players to get free gifts for the frogs and for better progress in the game. These free gifts may include

  1. Random gifts
  2. Coin gifts
  3. Potion gifts
  4. Stamp gifts
  5. Special frog gifts

Players can get all these gifts by watching one minute or 30 seconds ad videos. Enjoy playing your game, breed your favorite frogs and buy habitats for your frogs through these gifts.

6) My Singing Monsters

In the series ten games like dragon city, My singing monster is one of them. In this game you can make your own Music. This is a unique game that spins on the monsters breeding genre. This game is heart throbbing. You can’t get off your heart because everyone wants to listen the music. This game in available on both iOS and android. Enjoy your favorite music rhythm. This singing monster is a surprising game for the players. Players can breed and buy the collections of monsters. You create your own beat. Monsters can create the rhythm in the island in a very magical way. monsters can also enjoy the same beat that can also be used by other monsters.

My Singing Monsters

This game is endlessly beautiful. Over 30 monsters enjoy this. You can also be in the small team of monsters because they are the strongest than other games. combine the monsters in a team is the specialty of the game. In this game monsters produce the coins as currency which can be very beneficial for the user to create new buildings. This is the most rated game. If players want to boost their currency of coins, they must spend more time on the game. So, Enjoy this surprising game.

Collect 100+ Monsters

Monsters play an important role in the game of my singing monsters. You can collect and own different and unique singing monsters. Each monster has its own uniqueness in singing, style and powers. You can collect over 100+ cute and funny singing monsters of different colors and sizes. You have to feed your baby monsters to level up their powers and energy. After feeding, players can merge their favorite monsters in breeding centers and get powerful monsters that have amazing singing rhythms. The different singing monsters present in the game are listed below.

  1. Noggin
  2. Mammot
  3. Toe Jammer

My Singing Monsters – Structures

In my singing monsters gameplay, players can access different amazing structures. These structures are objects, things or buildings. Each and every structure has its own functionality and specifications. You can buy all the structures from the marketplace. The most used structures are listed below.

  1. Bakery
  2. Nursery
  3. Castle
  4. Breeding structure
  5. Fuzer
  6. Storage structure
  7. Hotel structure
  8. Time machine
  9. Unity tree
  10. Mess hall

These are different structures present in my singing monsters game. You can use any of these structures for different purposes like a bakery for baking food items or a breeding structure for breeding two or more singing monsters. Enjoy playing a game having different structures and singing monsters.

Hybrid Breeding

As my singing monsters gameplay provides 100+ amazing monsters, you can breed any two of them to get new hybrid monsters. Start your hybrid breeding in the breeding structure. After breeding, players can get hybrid monsters that have different singing skills and rhythms. You will enjoy listening to those monsters. Collect breeding rewards from the game for leveling up monster’s singing skills and powers. Start breeding your best monsters and listen to new singing songs of hybrid monsters.

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