Ten Games Like Dragon City Part 2

In this article we have continued to discuss the ten games like dragon city. The game management system provides such an amazing and astonishing game to their players and named this game as “Dragon City”. In this game players can create their own fantasy world that looks magical. Players can create their own floating islands for their happiness in which they can decorate their islands with buildings, habitats, and training portions. This game has the finest features that can amaze players in every possible way. Collect the Cutest dragons in this game and get them ready for the high-level battles against other game players. In this article we will discus about the summoners war and monster legend.

ten games like dragon city part II

Dragon City Alternatives

Summoners war and monster legends are another two finest alternatives of the Dragon City game. You can play as a summoner in summoners war game and as a monster in monster legends game. In the Monster Legends game, players can breed, feed, summon their favorite monsters and train them for fighting in PVPs. Summoners War is a multiplayer RPG based game having 100 million summoners across the world. Both the games have virtual creatures similar to dragon city. For more alternatives, we have continued to discuss the alternatives of dragon city in ten games like dragon city part 3.

3) Summoners War

Now in the series of ten games like dragon city we are discussing about the summoners war .This game is basically more like battling with monsters in which there are large no of monsters are present. You can guide them and feed them. This is the most played game and most enjoyable game. Firstly, you have to enter in the battling or PVP environment. It can boost your summons in a very perfect way. command your summon monsters for the battle through PVP.

Summoners War by dragcityapk.com
Summoners War

Some goals have been fixed for the players to play with their monsters. Each monster ranges from one to six stars who are the more powerful than the last. In this game there are said monsters that have five elements include

  • Being light
  • Dark
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Wind

These are the 5 elements of the monsters. Each have some advantages and disadvantages. All monsters are of different types and they will must have to fit in the given player strategy. To strengthens the level of the monsters you can have archetypes. This is the perfect way to enter an amazing world of summons. There are many rewards waiting for the winners as PVP or PVE. This is completely fast and progressive and you can add new features in it. For the customization of the monsters there is built rune system presents in the game. Total 6 runes can be linked to each other and in which there is a large hardcore community.

Summon different Monsters

There are different monsters present in the summoners war game having unique species. You can summon your favorite monsters to fight against other summoners across the world for victory. There are upto 1000 types of monsters present for summoning in the game. Be a best summoner by starting to summon more monsters. Challenge other players for fighting in the game and create a strong monsters team for winning.

PVP battles

PvP battles take place in summoners war game. Players can experience the battling techniques in the game. You can play multiplayer PvP battles against other summon masters across the world. This game is fictional fantasy having different monsters with amazing fighting skills. Players can get victory points and these victory points decides the rankings of each summoners team. Start evolving your energetic dragons in the battling’s to fight against other players.

4) Monster Legends

The game monster legends is packed with the large number of features. This game was first played on Facebook but now it is available on all devices including android or iOS for free. Isn’t it amazing? Exactly this is so much exiting because in this game you can team a lot of beasts together and breed them to create the monsters by hatching eggs. You can breed a team of beasts and able to create your own team of monsters that are more powerful and energetic. You can fight with these monsters in the adventure mode or play in the arena. It’s the players choice for that. You can learn the More breeding techniques in the game and create your own ones and make them the most powerful teams in the game for leveling up.

Monster Legend by dragcityapk.com
Monster Legend

Monster Legends Gameplay

You must have monsters in the game for feeding, breeding and fighting. You can create new monsters and buildings every day and get new updates. There is a lot of PVE and PVP content in the game. This is the best breeding game. You can play this game for a very long time without having any boredom. Get updates daily to not miss the golden opportunities for the players. Monsters are around the buildings. You can create the perfect habitats for them like home sweet home. Breed them more and get more benefits from them and fill up your monstagram. Unlock the buildings and deco-rational items. Set your goals and have adventures.

Unique Monsters

Monster legends games have Virtual creatures as monsters. You have to play the game with different monsters. This game supports 900 plus monsters that have unique features, powers and species. Players can also collect monsters and build their own monster city. You can breed all the monsters in the game with different elements too in this amazing monster legends game. Get different powerful dragons in time limited events.

RPG Strategy

In Monster Legends, RPGs have a great role. You can train your monsters and upgrade them for better battles or you can rank them in the monster labs. Start your journey of monster legends having great strategic powers, attackers and tanks. One of the best features is you can boost up your monster levels with runes or beasts. Challenge other monster masters in the game battle in a multiplayer mode with RPG Strategy.

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