Quick Review OF Quests In Dragon City

There are many quest battles in this game that are beginners cup. Dragon city is one of the most popular and adventurous games. This game is played by players of any age either they are youngsters or adults. This game has a lot of beneficial features for its players like this game has a theme of adventurous city that is decorated by the players. Many different types of dragons are present in this, some of them are cute little dragons and some are adult dragons. You can make them stronger by the process of breeding and train them for the battles and quests.

Quick Review OF Quests In Dragon City

About Game

Dragon city can either be played on android or iOS it’s players choice. As features are the main essentials of this game like feeding, breeding, hatching so take benefits from the features and collect many currencies as rewards like gold, gems and crystals. Gems play an important role as they are needed to begin every feature like playing tournaments or for battles. At the start of the game this game provides many different packages for the players to buy them and play more in the game as fun.

You can create your own beautiful dragon city and decorate it with different things like add habitats, farms, training centers in your city. Collect different types of habitats for the dragons to live as they also need a place to live and rest. Feed your baby dragons by giving them food that is proven to be very healthy for them. The more you feed the dragons, the more they become powerful.

Train your baby dragons for the powerful battles and tournaments in the training centers and make them energetic and powerful so that they can fight against other powerful dragons in tournaments and Battles. This game is fun loving and gets rid of boredom from your life as this game is perfect for spending time on it.

Dragons In Quests

Dragons play an important role in this game as this game is nothing without the dragons. You can own many different types of dragons in your beautifully created dragon city and you can also buy them for the stores. The existence of dragons is very necessary in this game.

Every dragon is different from one another and every dragon has some different features in this game. Some dragons are already so powerful that you don’t need to make them powerful and some are very weak as they need more food and breeding processes to become more powerful and energetic so that they are able to fight against other dragon masters. 

Quick Review OF Quests In Dragon City -  Dragons

You can gain the title of dragon master by playing more tournaments and battles with the team of three dragons. Players can also collect habitats for their dragons to live in. Players can also save many caged dragons in this game by the gems and golds. Caged dragons are more powerful than other dragons.

Types of Dragons

Dragons are of different types in this game as some are small and some are larger in size. You can buy them from the store or you can own them. The rareness of all the dragons are of 6 types including rare, epic, very rare, heroic and legendary. Rareness comes in different levels. The names of some different types of dragons are terra dragon, flame dragon, volcano dragon, sea dragon, waterfall dragon, mud dragon, cloud dragon and spicy dragon. These are the some specific type of dragons present in this game.


There are many quest battles in this game that are beginners cup, Flame knight cup, Sushi cup, Star hunter cup, Dino cup and more like this and all comes up after completing all stages of previous cup. If we talk about the quests in this game, quests come up in different stages like the beginner’s cup in which you can play against only one dragon, no team of three dragons is needed. The reward of this is an Aztec dragon.  

Quick Review OF Quests In Dragon City - Flame Knight Cup

Another stage is the Flame knight cup. You can play this with the team of three powerful dragons against the team of three powerful dragons. Players must have to choose the dragon team on their own. The enemy dragons include Terra dragon, Electric dragon and Mercury dragon. So, to start this click on the option of Go to battle. Hard charge and flaming arrows are the moves in this stage. All the cups and their stages in quests are so challenging and adventurous for the players.

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