Quick Review Of Battling And Breeding

In this article we will review battling and breeding in Dragon City. The Dragon City game is hugely popular among children’s and adults. This game is so astonishing in every possible way. This is an online game that is enjoyed by each person. This beautiful game provides two ways for the players to play this game: play via android or via personal computer. This game provides mesmerizing features to its players like farming, breeding, combat, tournament and hatching. Players of this game must know all the rules of this beautiful game and must follow them to get more features and currencies.

Quick Review Of Battling And Breeding


Currencies in this game are of three types: gems, gold and crystals. Gold and gems are the two most precious elements of this game to unlock new features like PVP tournaments, specific habitats, green farms. Feeding your dragons is the main part of this game. Create farms in your astonishing islands for growing foods like chilly pops, berry bushels, berry parcels and mega chilly pops.

If you can’t grow food faster than there is an option in the game named show by which you can buy these food items for your little dragons to feed them up. The more you feed a dragon, the more you can level up the game. New features of this game are unlocked in different higher levels. From the shop you can buy different things for your dragon city like buy different types of dragons or different type of buildings or some decorations.

These all things can make your dragon city even more beautiful. Hatch your dragon’s eggs and place them in the hatchery. Hatchery is a place where you can see the growth of your baby dragons to adult dragons and it is a place where you can store the eggs of the bred dragons. Play this game and have fun.


This feature of dragon city is so adventurous and fun loving as it is a process to breed dragons and create your own hybrid dragons. Hybrid dragon has more exclusive features than others. For making the hybrid dragons you must have elemental dragons like earth dragon, fire dragon and water dragon. Players can also create legendary dragons by the process of breeding. Players can get eggs from the bred dragons and then place them in the hatchery.

Quick Review Breeding

Breed your dragons and make them the more powerful that they are able to fight in the combats and tournaments against other dragons. Users can get a lot of currencies like gems and gold by breeding the dragons. So, it is must to breed your dragons and make them the more influential dragons. If you gain the title of breeding master then it’s necessary to breed more dragons and take part in different activities of bearded dragons like battles.

Train your baby dragons on mean fighting machines to get them ready for long battles and tournaments. Breeding process is such an amazing job for the players to make new dragons from them. Isn’t it magical? To create dragons from other dragons. This game is so magical and beautiful that everyone can enjoy this game without any type of loss. Your Breed able dragons are more powerful and energetic that they are always ready for the fighting against other dragon masters.


There is an option of battle in the left bottom of the game. This battling plays an important role in the game. This battling is either between two dragons or a team of three dragons against another three dragons. All come up at different levels. For playing hard battles you must need to cross higher levels like level 10.

Quick Review Of Battling

You can train your baby dragons for these battles as this process needs powerful dragons to fight against other powerful dragons. All dragons must have the same element to fight in the battles. These battles are the reason to boost up the dragon’s energy. You can unlock and win exclusive dragons and compete against other dragon masters in the different types of battles. There are different types of battles present in this game that includes Arena battles, League battles, Quest battles, Event battles, Dragon rescue

These all are the different types of battles players play. Every player can play these battles to fight against other dragons as this is all about fun.  

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