Process Of Breeding In Dragon City

This is a virtual dragon’s game in which you can breed your dragons to make them hybrid dragons or rare dragons. You can breed over 1000 dragons and make them powerful for the difficult battles and PVP tournaments. Feed your dragons to make them the more powerful dragons. Attack against other powerful dragons and get a chance to collect king dragons. Collect king dragons and gain the title of dragon master. Play combats, quests and tournaments and get the gems and golds. Gems and gold are the two precious elements of the game to unlock new features. Play battles of different types that include Arena battles, League battles, Quest battles, Event battles and Dragon rescue. So, we will discussing about the process of breeding in dragon city.


In the game of dragon city as there are generations there also a system and that have some processes each process is different and work differently. So, let’s come and have brief description on the processes.

Process 1

The name of the process one is Type Cycle. This is on three stages. As there are elements and Parents in the game so this process only checks the opposites stage one. We have only checked the dragon parents with opposite elements and if players detect the Opposite elements, they have skipped to stage 3. As there are stages for this process incase if there are no dragons generated it automatically generates the elemental that has first element of the left parent. This is all about this process so if discuss in some detail of each stage.

Stage 1

Compare element 1 with all elements of this process. If parental elements are same no dragon is generated like at first. If we have parent 1 and element 1 and in opposite if we have parent 2 and element 1 this is similar to each other and that’s why there are no dragons are generated. Like this if we have parent 1 and element 1 and in opposite, we have parent 1 and element 2 the both are opposite to each other’s and in this case, dragons are generated because both have different elements. Like this we can check also for parent 1 element 1 and in opposite parent 2 and element 3. This stage is just amazing.

Stage 2

Compare element 2 with all others and check if they are equal or not and generate elementals. Like parent 1 of element 2 is equals to parent 2 of element 1 or not. For same parent 1 of element 2 is equals to parent 2 of elements 2 and 3 are equal or not.

Stage 3

Parents must have more than 1 element. This stage Will be unlocked on this base. You have to check that if parent 1 of elements 1 2 and 3 and parent 2 of elements 1 2 and 3 are different from parent 2 of elements 1 and 2 or are different from parent 1 of elements 1 and 2. Like for example if parent 1 of element 1 is equal to parent 2 of element 1 and element 2.

Process 2

The second process is called checking condition. In which we can check different conditions. Like if we check the first condition in which server and networking side is needed by which players can check the location of the list in this process. As this condition is based on array list. Check if both the dragons are the rare hybrid ones or not. If they are the rare hybrid, one’s legend is added to this list of arrays. This is the first condition to check.

If we talk about the condition in which players also check the location of the array list. Check if both dragons are legend dragons or not if they are then the legend list is added in the array list. In third condition players can also add dragons to the array list if parent a and parent b have same dragons and produce same dragon. In fourth condition the selected dragons are added to the list and it also has the condition to check if both dragons are legend or pure. If they are the dragons that are selected to add in the lists are

  • Elementals
  • Hybrids
  • Rare Hybrids

In fifth condition player check that if one of the parents is a pure elemental or not if it is then this element is considered as pure and elemental. In the sixth condition both of are pure elements that they also have two parts as in fifth condition.

If we are talking about the breeding process of the dragons there are three slots for them with limit 11. In difficulty slot 1 we have elemental dragons that are sea or nature dragons. Also, some hybrid and rare hybrid. In difficulty slot 2 we have elemental dragons which are terra and flame and some others dragons like hybrids, rare hybrids, pure and pure elementals. In difficulty slot 3 we have elemental dragons that are electric, ice, legend, pure, metal and dark dragons.

If we talk about the rate value every difficulty has one slot as above mentioned on default (1:1:1). The formula for it is if level is less than 10 or same then rate would be start coin + add coin * level 1 and if greater than level 10 then rate would be start coin + add coin * 9 + add coin * level 10 / 2. There are the two formulas. So, in difficult slot 1 player needs 95 to unlock all. In difficult slot 2 player needs 230 and in difficult slot 3 player needs earning of 1000 to unlock.

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