Breeding Process In Dragon City (II)

The dragon city game is very fantastic in its own. This game doesn’t need any type of support. This will surely be enjoyable for everyone to collect the dragons and dress them up with dragon skins that can be rewarded by the special events. Unlock the dragon book and see the growth of your owned dragons from baby dragons to adult dragons. Play tournaments and get gems as rewards for the players because gems are very difficult to collect. In this game every player wants to see the combat fighting between the powerful dragons. For this player must have bundle of gems for the better progress of the game. Play now and unlock new features of the game. Breeding system of dragons is also very fantastic in this game and now we are continue to discuss about the process of breeding dragons in dragon city apk.

Process Of Breeding In Dragon City

Breeding Process

Process of Breeding 3

The name of the third process is generated. So, generate what? Generate the list. The steps are needed in process 3 to have its end. In first step If dragons of different elements are present in the array list that is generated from the process one then these dragons are added in the list. In the second step combine the both lists of process 1 and process 2 in a separate list. Third step is to check the slots that are unlocked by calculating the rate values of the parents.

In fourth step the main system can select on difficulty by counting the unlocked slots. Fifth step is the stage in which that difficulty will be filled with dragons present in the list. In Sixth step there is a removal of all locked slots of that difficulty and in seventh step system saves the dragon id on the server by randomly selecting the slot. That’s all about the third process.

Process of Breeding 4

Process four is named as exclusive dragons. This breeding process is same as generation 4. This process includes exclusive dragons and this generation need some steps like firstly players can take the array list then players must check that list for checking that if that array list generates exclusive dragons or not. This part is very necessary. Then after this step player must convert the array list into dragons. There are some parent levels in this process for better dragons. If the dragons don’t reach the parent level of 20 remove them then remove the dragons if they don’t reach at the parent level of 15 and then same for level 10. Then select any exclusive dragon from that array list that you have taken and at the last check the percentage level of that exclusive dragon which is the players luck.

Dragon selections for breeding

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As everything thing has its some history and this game also has a history page and some important information is present in this page of history. So, let’s talk about the history of this game and what it tells us about the game. There was a feature named Deus Vault present in the game but these features are no more beneficial for the users or players of the game. 16 types of dragons are present in this vault which are not breed able.

We must say that breeding in this is very difficult. First you need to buy the formula to breed two dragons with the same elements and then you can breed them. So it is very difficult for the users to complete this process which is why Deus Vault has been known to be removed from the store. So, thanks to this move, many of the Deus Crypt dragons are now breed able and now players call them the exclusive dragons. All this was done in mid-2013, which is very favorable.

Speed up the process

If we talk about another history point of the breeding system. This game has been changed and now the pure dragons are called elemental dragons as law update in 26 July 2013 and due to this player can easily buy them from the store and players can easily breed pure and pure hybrid dragons. Another history point is there is some breeding time present in the game and we can calculate it with some formulas. But the formula to calculate breeding time is now changed and the current formula is breeding time is equal to the hatch time. This is the formula now by which we can calculate the breeding times.

Facebook Response In September 2012

Another history point is on 23 September 2012 the official page of the Facebook showed that there is some rarity boost present in the game. By raising the rarity boost it increases the chance for the players to increase pure, rare and legend dragons by 50%. Another history point is there is a new feature in the game that is present for the breeding process. Now everyone can easily identify the breeding of common dragons and special dragons with two visual effects like golden and red heart.

Golden heart is for special dragons and red is for common dragons. This happened on January 28, 2021. A button called Possible outcomes was added in the last historical point of this game. In addition, Breeding Reborn was introduced in another side, which provides functionality of using dragons of high rarity, which will give you an advantage in unlocking breedable dragons. Here, everything revolves around the story of the game.

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