Orbs in Dragon City

Dragon City has a feature of summoning or empowering the dragon in a tree of life through orbs. Orbs are the powerful or magical extractions of all the dragons in dragon city game. Players need 100 orbs for summoning each dragon. Dragon city is a stunning game that introduces the best features and things related to dragons like orbs, quests, alliances, dragon rescues, missions or special events. These special events are a part of dragon city to get high rewards like keys, joker orbs, legendary dragons or islands.

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Build your own imaginary dragon city and fill it with different dragons, habitat, buildings and farms and earn different rewards through different events. Players can engage their dragons in different PvP arenas or battles for tournaments after summoning their powerful legendary dragons. Dragon city is a great chance for changing your dreams into reality. To create a city having dragons of unique powers. Download this game from our website on any of the devices you use and have fun.

Orbs Guide

Orbs are the most powerful essential of dragons present in the dragon city game having all the powers and strength. Players can empower or summon their favorite dragons of different rarities including: Epic, Rare, Very Rare or Legendary in dragon city game. Players can summon or empower different dragons from the summoning altar by finding the orbs of dragons in the tree of life. Summoning dragons is a feature available in dragon city that requires the level 11 to be unlocked and empowering the dragons through orbs requires the level 23 to be unlocked.

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This tree of life has all the magical powers that unite to summon the dragons from Dragon Verse. You need 100 orbs for each dragon present under the option of Orbs in the store including: High tension dragon, Crazy dragon, Onslaught dragon, Hidden Lava dragon, Holi dragon, Pyramid dragon, Primal dragon, Absolute Zero dragon, Cursed Glow dragon, High Camouflage dragon and many other for summoning. You have to purchase 100 orbs for each dragon by gems or gold for summoning or empowering them. Orbs come up in different colors according to rarities. There is an addition of heroic orbs in the game for summoning heroic dragons.

Orbs in Dragon City – Joker Orbs

Joker orbs are usually used for replacement in the orbs for summoning or empowering the dragons. There are a total of 100 orbs used for summoning each dragon. If the players have 80 orbs of the dragon having any rarity, players can use these joker orbs as a replacement of another 20 orbs. These joker orbs can be obtained from any random events. Dragon city game has now added the heroic joker orb for summoning heroic dragons. There are different events present in the game for different purposes but there is an event called summoning happy hour event that basically allows players to summon/empower a dragon using 99 joker orbs of the same rarity. Some dragons are not able to summon if players even use 99 joker orbs because of their high requirements of orbs.

Orbs in Dragon City –  Recalling Dragons

Recalling the summoned/empowered dragons is the best part of the dragon city game. Players can summon their dragons by 100 orbs but also recall them to get orbs of their special rarities. There are different levels for recalling and getting orbs from that recalling summoned dragons. Players can have different orbs at different levels. Players can get 100 orbs from level 30 to 40. There are different empowerment stars.

  1. Orbs, players get from recalling the dragons with one empowerment star give 193 to 220 orbs at selected levels.
  2. Orbs, players get from recalling the dragons with two empowerment stars are 395 to 420 orbs at selected levels.
  3. Orbs, players get from recalling the dragons with three empowerment stars give 709 to 740 orbs at selected levels.
  4. Orbs, players get from recalling the dragons with four empowerment stars give 1288 to 1294 orbs at selected levels.
  5. Dragons with empowerment stars take a longer time to recall.
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How to Get Orbs in Dragon City?

Orbs play an important role in dragon city and have all the magical power that empowers the dragons for higher battles. Players can get different orbs of different dragon rarities through different ways.

  • Players can get orbs by participating in special events.
  • Players can get heroic orbs by winning heroic races.
  • Players can get orbs as rewards by recalling dragons at different levels.
  • Players can get 100 orbs from level 30 to 40 of recalling the dragons.
  • Players can get orbs by using trade essences of the same rarity.
  • Players can get orbs from the dragon city shop.

These are different ways available for getting orbs in the game. Just play and win unlimited orbs of different dragons.


Can I use joker orbs as a replacement in dragon city?

Yes, you can use joker orbs as a replacement if you have at least 80 orbs of the dragon.

What is the simple way to get orbs in dragon city?

Participating in special events is the simple way to get orbs.

Are there any legendary orbs present?

Yes, there are legendary orbs present in dragon city to summon the legendary dragon.

How many orbs do I need to summon a dragon?

You need 100 orbs to summon or empower a dragon in a dragon city game.

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