Monster Legends MOD APK v14.5.5 Download

Monster Legends is somehow different from other games. We have plenty of monsters in this game to fight against other powerful dragons. It is easy to breed them and feed them to make the storyline more powerful. Basically this game is started on Facebook first and then on android or iOS. Players can join the different teams of monsters and build the strategies. Players can handle the monsters in the mobiles within seconds. In this game players have to tame the large number of beasts by the processes of hatching, breeding and feeding. New monsters join the game every week. There is a monster lab for all the monsters for ranking them. You can breed different rarities of monsters to get the species. So, download the monster legends mod apk now and enjoy the mod features of the game.

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Players can boost up the energies of monsters by action packed fights. You can hatch their eggs and breed them to make them powerful and more energetic. By the process of breeding you can create a powerful team to fight as monster squads to fight in the  tournaments or battles. This needs some training of the monsters to make them the powerful monsters to fight against other monster masters. Players of this game can unlock many new buildings and decorative items. The most important feature of this game is it provides plenty of PvP and PvE content. Players can engage their monsters in the team wars and build a new monster city for the monsters to live. Download this game now from our website and experience the best monster world.

What is Monster Legends APK?

The Monster Legends apk is the original or official version of the game that can be easily downloadable from play store. Players can collect over 900+ monsters and discover the world of monsters with RPG progression and strategy. Everything is only accessible by purchasing from the main store of the game. You can create stronger and stronger teams in this game by knowing more about each and every monster in this game that can boost up your rankings. Regular updates are available in this game daily for leveling up faster. New updates give you the new monsters to breed, hatch and feed. Build new habitats for your monsters to provide them the food and home to live. Home is a necessary thing to have. Fill your monstagram by breeding and feeding your monsters correctly.  Create your monsters strong and make them skillful enough to fight in different PvP battles.

What is Monster Legends MOD APK?

The Monster Legends mod apk is the game that is truly based on monsters and a monster city. You have been provided by the pro game features unlocked without any subscription payments. Build your strong team of dragons by freely unlocking them from the store and experience the best combat system. You can breed, feed and hatch different monsters and fight in different PvP battles along with other monster masters. Players can collect treasures and rewards and obtain legendary monsters in different events, quests and battles for free.

It has many specific features and gives free access to unlimited packs of gems and gold. The mod apk version offers the Always-Win script that is attached in the game that means you can’t get defeated in this game by anything. So this is a true adventurous game to play with all your energy that can only be downloadable from different websites.

Exciting Features & Functions

There are many exciting features of monster legends mod apk awaiting for you. From graphics multiplayer access, everything seems to be so realistic. Start making progress in the game by experiencing different features.

Monster Legends MOD APK – Multiplayer

Multiplayer battling is one of the specific essential features of monster legends mod apk games. You can enjoy the gameplay by taking part in different multiplayer fights and battles with unlocked legendary dragons and levels against other players or your friends.

Monster Legends MOD APK - Multiplayer

Monster Legends MOD APK – Monster Paradise

Monster paradise is a building structure specially present in monsters legends game that is also built by the players where dragons find peace. You can freely access mountains, temples, trees or jungles from the main store for this monster paradise. The only feature that accessible in the mod apk version.

Monster Legends MOD APK – Unlimited Food

The monster legends mod apk is a game having all features unlocked at once. It is also called a food generator or monster generator because this mod apk offers the best food items and food farms for growing food as much as you want. All the dragon’s foods are free to access from the main store for feeding the monsters to make them powerful.

Monster Legends MOD APK – HD Quality Graphics

Graphics are very important in every gaming application. The monster legends mod apk version has high quality graphics with amazing colors that seems to be the reflection of the real world. This mod apk comes in a HD or 3D quality that has attracted millions of players. You can now play it with updated high resolution graphics.

Monster Legends MOD APK – Monsters

This game is totally based on the monsters. You can feed your monsters and you can hatch them, it’s all your choice. We can own different types of monsters of every size and type by feeding them and by just leveling up the game faster. Every new type of monster joins the game every week as a reward for signing up daily. If we talk about the maximum quantity of monsters present in this game are 700.

Monster Legends MOD APK - Monsters

Monsters come up with different types of rarities like rare, very rare or legendary. You can master any of these rarities of monsters to gain the title of Monster Master. Players can train their monsters for battling. You can unlock many new battles and ranks by leveling up the monsters. Players can build beautiful towns for their monsters to get the experiences.


Breeding is one of the most beneficial processes in this APK version of monster legend game. You can breed two or more monsters at the same time. This game is a fighting game in which you can collect more than 1000 monsters to fight. You can choose a fighting process like tournaments, leagues and quests. For breeding you have to collect monsters, coins and gems.

There are many boosters available in this game like Monster Paradise Building, Library, Ultra breeding tree and temple of guardians. There are some boost up processes for your energetic and powerful dragons. As new monsters join this monster legend game every week. Create your own monster breeds to use them in the quests or tournaments against other monster legends. You can master the powerful rarity in this APK mod version game. breed your monsters and become the monster legends.

Facebook Association

This game is Facebook affiliated and this is the feature or pros of this monster legend game. You can connect or associate with Facebook by which players can connect with different monster legends and play with them. Monster legends are either your friends or strangers.

You can make friends, chat with them and ask them to play battles and tournaments between the monsters. You can breed monsters and train them and form a big clan of powerful monsters that can fight against other breeding masters.


This game has three types of currencies to collect for different purposes. Currencies play an important role in the games for higher features. Gold is simple and easy to collect. You can grow food for your monster or you can create habitats for your monsters and collect gold. Players of this game can build a great town for their monsters by buying lots of gold and gems for buying buildings, decorations, habitats and towns. You can get gold by just opening the game.

The main thing to talk about in this APK mod version game is that players can get gold by leveling up their precious and energetic monsters. The more you feed your monsters in this game, the more you level up and boost up the game. Like gold, Gem is a currency, but gems are harder to collect. You can play Many different tournaments, quests, leagues and battles and as a reward you get gems. You collect gems for use in different things like for boosting up or possessing powers.

So, collect your gems now and unlock new features of this game. Level up the monsters for the breeding and battles. Players can rank their monsters in the monster lab to break their limits. You can collect different currencies by building towns for your energetic monsters to get the best ever experience.


The monster legends mod apk version offers the different battles in series each having different content. All the battles are basically the achievements for the players to win and earn unlimited rewards. Players can communicate and connect with their friends or other players across the world in multiplayer battles. By playing in a multiplayer, you can also do leaderboard comparison, send and receive gifts and do adventures together.

The strategy of playing different battles in the monster legends game is unique and needs another level of legendary dragons. The main benefit of playing in the mod apk version is you can freely access different battles at once without any level requirements or diamond requirements. The 4 main battles present in the game are listed below that you can enjoy playing online with your friends.

  1. Live duels
  2. Multiplayer
  3. Adventure map
  4. Dungeons

Block Ads

Ads are very irritating in every game or in everything. But in this new APK mod version, players can easily block the ads to continue playing the higher level of the game without any irritation. You can block ads in a few seconds by the special feature of blocking the ads. Players can easily get 3 stars by winning the game and enabling the career mode.

In career mode you need to unlock different levels for unlocking new sessions for the monsters. By blocking ads players can easily get the three stars of every single level of the game. This APK version is very convenient and comfortable and offers you unlimited skill points to win the game. You can double all your rewards without ads by this blocking feature. You can double the reward of every single level without any ads and irritation. This is free from banners and video ads. Enjoy it today.


Monster legend is an android game that is free for all the players to play every time. This game has various types of resources for beneficial purposes. This game comes up with different beneficial features for the players which you can only experience by buying resource bundles. These bundles have gems, crates, coins, boosting rewards. Players can use these resources to win the battles or tournaments and players can also enhance their skill points in a perfect way.


Players must struggle more and more to unlock new levels and stages of this APK game. Challenge other monster legends for leagues and quests and get rewards and resources by winning the matches. Players can also buy coins and gems with their real money to play like a pro in this game. You can get unlimited resources in this modified game. Enjoy these resources in this game and become a monster legend.

How to Download Monster Legends MOD APK

The installation process of this game is very easy and comfortable. This game is for youngsters and elders too. You can free download or install this apk version game in a simple way. This game is free to play and free to share. you can turn off the in-app purchases in your mobile’s settings. All apk files of this game are safe and secure to install. You can challenge your teammates and friends in live tournaments and battles for boost up. Join the strategies, battles and team wars to collect many beneficial rewards. This game is a real time tournament game mod. Multiplayer modes are available in this game to proceed new things in this game. you can enjoy unlimited features with all your skills. This game has the same user interface as the official monster legend game.

Installation Process

Firstly you have to go to your phone’s settings and click on the security option and have to enable unknown resources for the installation of the game easier. After that click on the download button and wait for a few seconds. After installation add a shortcut to the home screen. This is a simple process to install this APK mod version game of monsters legends. This game is free for all the players and contains no cost.


Monster legends mod apk is the most specific game having the best battling mechanism and is totally based on different types of monsters. You can do different missions, tasks, participate in quests or seasonal events as a monster master. You can train your monsters, breed them, feed them to make them able to participate in all battling events. New updates occurred every week with new pro features being unlocked and bugs fixed. You can get unlimited diamonds, monsters, food, habitats, decorations or buildings for free without paying. Experience the best unlocked monster based game and review it.


What are the rarities in monster legends games?

The rarities of monsters are rare, epic, legendary, mythic or ancestor.

Can I play in monster legends dungeons for free?

Yes, monster legends mod apk provides full access to the players to play in dungeons online.

How many islands are on the adventure map?

There are over 30 islands present on the adventure map.

Can I play monster legends mod apk offline?

Yes, you can play monster legends mod apk offline too along with all the features unlocked.

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