Island And Currencies In Dragon City

Dragon city game is an enthralling game that provides players it’s best of everything either it is its significance or features. This game a lot of hidden mysteries and treasure hidden inside the features of the game like this game has ancient buildings, towers, breeding events, oceans, food farms, habitats and the most beautiful islands. Island present in this game are so beautiful and all islands have different features and dragons. Dragon plays an important role in this game as we can feed them, breed them and create a place for them to live in. Some are small aged dragons and some are larger in size. Download the game now and enjoy its features.

Island And Currencies In Dragon City


Players can know the significance and features of each and every dragon in the dragon book. Dragon book is on top left corner of the game. We can see the dragons, their rareness, their categories and present dragons in the dragon book. You can play combats with other dragon masters to earn many huge numbers of rewards that are proved so beneficial.

Grow food in the farms and feed your dragons. Players can level up this beautiful dragon city game and make faster progress in this game to get more rewards and XP’s by feeding and breeding the dragons. You can train your fed and active dragons by going through the battles and quests. Download this amazing game and have fun.


Islands are the most beautiful part of this game. Many different islands are present in this game, some are unlocked but many are locked. Expand your islands for the fastest progress in your enchanting and thrilling game. If we talk about the total island that are present in this game are nine. Some of Islands that are present in this game are wonder island, infinite island, mystic island and marvel island. All islands have some different features and benefits for the dragons. Some have different buildings and habitats and some have different dragons and decorations.

Island In Dragon City

Process Of Unlocking Island

Unlocking islands is the process of boosting up your game. You can fastly level up your game and get rewards and currencies from the different types of events that happen at the end of every week.

Wonder Island

Buy wonder island to get 120 gems and 200 orbs of different types.

Infinite Island

Buy an infinite island to get 300 gems, 4 million foods, a rainbow habitat, 2000 rainbow tokens and 3000 other habitat tokens.

Marvel Island

Buy marvel island to get 70 gems and 1 million foods.

Mystic Island

Buy mystic island to get 160 gems and legendary jewel dragon and 2 million food.


Currencies in this game are a way to success to unlock new features of the game. The three main currencies are gold, gems and crystals. Gold and gems are mostly two important essentials to unlock anything.

Food In Dragon City


You can earn gold by doing simple things like feeding your dragons as much as you can because by the process of feeding you can Level up the game and by leveling up the game you get gold as a reward. Another best way to earn gold is breed your dragons to get egg from them and this by getting this egg you can get huge amount of gold. Upgrading habitats can also give you the gold as a reward. Buy habitats from the store for your dragons and get free gold.


If we talk about gems in this game. Gems are harder to collect. You must have to login daily to this game to earn this reward. Another way to get gems is to gain XP by completing the missions and games. You can many gems by unlocking different towers present in this game like Ramsey tower, JEWELEM tower or WINSTANCE tower.

Get Gems * 10

For getting more gems you have to rebuild all these towers. You can get gems in the process of fighting’s. By playing Tournament against other dragon masters you get free gems as reward for victory.

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