Introduction Of Dragons In Dragon City

Dragon city is one of the most famous and engaging games in the world of gaming nowadays. There are up to 80 million plus active players are present in this game. The mod APK version of this game has different features and dragons of different specifications. You can create your own magic city full of dragons, buildings, habitats, islands, breeding centers and many other decorative items to make your dragon city more enchanted and stunning.

Introduction Of Dragons In Dragon City

Dragon City Game

This game is beautifully buoyant on an island with different happy, sad, small or large dragons. You can feed your baby dragons in this beautiful game and upgrade their levels by them more and you need your personal farms to grow food for them. You can easily breed your two dragons after feeding and make the most powerful one. Breed able dragons produce the eggs and players can save this egg in the hatcheries. Dragon city apk game is free to all and can be played on both android and iOS for free.


Dragons always play an important role in this stunning dragon city game. The mod APK version of this game is full of adventures and actions. You can evolve your cute little dragons in different tournaments and in different battles. Different types of dragons are present in this game that have different specifications. You can unlock all the powerful dragons in this dragon city game or you can own your dragons too. Some dragons are small in size and some are larger in size like flying, cute or happy dragons and you can raise up to 200+ dragons. Some of the dragons present in this game including

Get a dragon by winning competition
  • Star Dragon
  • Sea Dragon
  • Flame Dragon
  • Terra Dragon
  • Goblin Dragon
  • Root Dragon
  • Phoenix Dragon
  • Fun Dragon
  • Brawl Dragon
  • Dark Sky Dragon
  • Giant Wings Dragon
  • Volcano Dragon
  • Ice King Dragon
  • Aerosoar Dragon
  • High Colony Dragon
  • Captain Dragon
  • Specter Dragon
  • Burglar Dragon
  • Dark Dragon
  • Thief Dragon
  • Wizard Dragon
  • Zen Dragon
  • Sea Virago Dragon
  • Archangel Dragon
  • Indigo Dragon
  • Equinox Dragon
  • Goofy Dragon
  • Fire Cracker Dragon
  • Elephant Dragon
  • Friendship Dragon

Dragons Training In Dragon City

You can train your dragon or can evolve them in breeding processes. Dragons are the most important essentials and you see all the specifications and details of each dragon in the dragon book present in this mod APK. You can use different unlocked dragons in different leagues, quests and PVP tournaments.

  • What is the best dragon in dragon city mod APK?

There are different different dragons present in this beautiful dragon city mod apk and you can easily use one of them in tournaments and leagues. The best dragon is that dragon who has powerful specifications like Light Titan Dragon.

  • What and who is the cutest dragon in dragon city mod APK?

Different dragons do different works in this mod APK game and each dragon has some specifications and how they look. Some are angry dragons and some are cutest dragons like flying dragons. Enjoy playing this online mod APK game with different cutest dragons.

  • How to get a happy dragon in dragon city mod APK?

You can own your favorite dragons and breed and feed them to make them the happiest dragons. You can get all unlocked happier dragons in this mod APK by feeding them leveling their ranks.

  • How to get a Drathic dragon in a dragon city mod APK?

The Drathic dragon in this mod APK game is a dragon that has high legendary and primary elements. You can easily get this Drathic dragon by breeding two most powerful dragons.

  • Can dragon city mod apk evolve?

Yes, you can evolve different baby dragons in training centers and evolve them in high and powerful dragons. You can easily evolve them in this mod APK version.

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