How To Get Dragon City Gems?

We are discussing about the gems and golds in Dragon City. Dragon city is an enchanting and stunning game that can be highly played nowadays by the active players up to 10m and plus. Dragon city mod APK is a city of dragons in which players can play different dragons related tasks like build islands, habitats and grow farms for different types of dragons. This dragon city mod APK version is now played on both android and iOS users. Players can count this a feature of this latest version of dragon city in which players can engage themselves in breeding events, tournaments and leagues to earn many premium rewards for free.

Get gems unlimited by download dragon city game from DragCityAPK

This version of Dragon city is beyond your thoughts and imaginations of the magical world and can be played by people of every age whether they are elders or youngsters. You can easily download this game from our website and start your journey to dragon city.

Game Currencies

In dragon city mod apk you can see the delight features including graphics, sounds, habitats, dragons and different currencies. Currencies play an important role in this fantastic and magical island game. Three types of currencies are present in this mod APK game including gems, crystals and gold. These are three main essentials of this game. Players can play the dragon city game easily by hatching and feeding your dragons engage them in the tournament battles. Player needs a lot of gems and golds to buy different dragons of different categories and specifications.

You can buy different types of food including pops to feed your baby dragons to make them happier. You can extremely upgrade your levels by golds and gems. This mod APK version has unlocked all the premium packs of golds and gems for players without any premium payments. As compared to other gaming applications this mod APK version of dragon city has provided all the packs or gems for free without any single cost.

Let’s talk about the use of currencies in this mod APK version.


Gold is the most common and most usable currency in the dragon city game. In the previous version of this game players have to buy this gold by such premium real time payments. This mod APK version unlocked unlimited amounts of gold for free for the players. You can get this gold in different activities like feeding dragons or crossing the levels. You can get this gold in this mod APK by leveling up your dragons easily. Players can get gold easily in this mod APK game. Main question about this currency that always pops up including

Get gold unlimited by download dragon city game from DragCityAPK
  • Can dragon city mod APK version provide unlimited amounts of gold?

Yes, dragon city mod APK has unlocked all the premium packs of unlimited gold for free without any payments for the players. Players of this mod APK version game can use these unlimited golds for different dragons related purposes.


The main currency of this mod APK game is gems and the players of this mod APK game can’t earn gems easily because they are so significant in use that’s why this latest mod APK version has unlocked all the packs of premium golds for the users for free to use in the game. You can win different tournaments or build new habitats or expand your island with gems. You must have to login daily to collect an unlimited number of gems or you can earn gems by completing XPs of this game by completing different missions and goals.

The questions related to this currency and you can find answers here too

  • Can dragon city mod APK version provide unlimited amounts of gems?

Yes, dragon city mod APK game has provided all the premium packs of unlimited gems for free without any premium payments. Users can easily get unlimited amounts of gems and can unlock this currency for expanding islands and buying alternative and expensive powerful dragons.

  • How to get gems in dragon city mod APK?

You can get gems in this mod APK easily by just one click of unlocking premium packs for free. You can get gems by other different things like winning tournaments, upgrading levels, feeding dragons or logging up daily.

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