Hit Point Of Dragons In Dragon City

Dragons are assigned values ​​based on Hit point of dragons (HP) per level. They are Grouped into five categories, also known as “tires”. Compared to other categories / tiers, the values ​​of each category are different from the values of other categories, with the value of each specific level 1, and up to 40 for each of the following levels. This is the “standard HP X level” value, this is a “base”. The final HP values can be change due to the values for all dragons before any modifier in dragon city apk.

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No way left to see the real basis for the players. “HP / Level ” nor any modifiers or related issues affecting each specific dragon in the game. you can only see as a number the original “Final-HP-Value”, when the dragon is in the battle. Each dragon requires a “profile” to know the standards that define those dragons. Then possible modifications by crossing it Dragons can be with “the actual level number”. At this time, you can finally guess the real HP value of your dragon. Since, after every update you will refresh the process again and again.

The way of seeing the categories of Dragon’s is that, first of all see that how many master points (MP) it gives at each level, or to see how many MP it gives on level 1. It is still hoped that one day, the Dragon Book entry for each dragon will contain minimal information, such as Category / Weakness / Base ATKs DMG, Ter, Criticism, etc.

Hit Point Of Dragons

There are 11 types of Hit point of dragons

  1. Common Hybrids
  2. Elementals
  3. Exclusives
  4. Rare Hybrids
  5. Some Special Legendary Dragons whose are rare
  6. A few special Legendary Dragons whose are rare
  7. Mythical Dragons, Primal, Pure, Light and Dark Titan Dragons
  8. A few Dragons with weaker ATK but the HP is higher than Type 7 Dragons
  9. Normal Legendary Dragons
  10. A few Dragons with weak ATK but its HP is high
  11. Heroic Dragons

Concept of Arena’s and Cooldown’s

The concept of Arenas is opposite to the concept of leagues. In arena there are some special rules, boost of health and elements, more rewards and fines. The concept of cooldown is that if you won the battle and your one or more dragons remain alive then you are able to play next battle but if you loss the match and your dragons are defeated then they are not able to play the next battle because they need some rest. This concept is called the cooldown concept and the rest time of the dragon is known as cooldown length. Cooldown length is depended on the rareness of the dragon. The more your dragon is rare the more the time it will take for rest.

hit points in dragon city


Rank is depended on the battle you won. The more you won the battles the higher will be your rank. your rank will affect / effect on your dragon attacks power and also on your HP. If your rank is good, it means your dragon attacks is powerful and you get more HP. It will help you to defeat your opponent in battle either your opponent is on same level or in higher level. 


Stars are also similar to rank on updated versions. Ranking depends on the battle you win. The more battles you win, the higher your rank will be. If your dragons have gold stars, it means that your dragon rank is good and your dragon attacks are powerful and gives more HP. This will help you to defeat your opponent in battle. The first star reward is bronze start, after this dragon get two bronze stars and after that dragon gets three bronze stars. After getting three bronze stars dragon get first silver star, after that dragon get two silver stars and after that dragon gets three silver stars. After getting three silver stars dragon get first gold star, after that dragon gets two gold stars and after that dragon gets three gold stars. Maximum rank for any dragon in the dragon city is the three gold stars.

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