Heroic Race In Dragon City

In dragon city games, heroic dragons are known as the strongest dragons and have the strongest powers. Players can take part in different heroic races that are held every 3 to 4 weeks. In heroic races, there are different lap missions that players have to complete for getting the heroic dragons. A total of 29 lap missions are present in the heroic race. You have to pass and complete one by one.

Heroic Race In Dragon City

There are different nodes present inside each lap that players have to do time by time and these nodes have different tasks.

  1. Feed Dragons
  2. Hatch Dragons
  3. Collect Dragons
  4. Breed Dragons
  5. Battle Dragons
  6. League Battles
  7. Collect Food
  8. Collect Gold
  9. Hatch Eggs

These are different tasks present at different nodes of each lap. There are a total of 5 nodes each lap has. These tasks have numbers, minimum time, waiting time, Chances, pool numbers. Players can win a heroic dragon after completing the lap 15. Players can earn many other rewards after reaching lap 5. Take terra dragon for breeding or feeding because they are easily available in the game and cost less gold. Start participating in the heroic race that is held after every 4 to 5 weeks in dragon city, complete lap missions and win rewards like heroic dragons.

Heroic Race Guide

Heroic race is a special events that rewards heroic dragons to the players after completing the missions. Below are some tips and tricks for heroic race.

Heroic Race

For Breeding Dragons

For better and easiest way to breed dragons as a heroic race task is to breed two terra dragons. Players can sell their eggs before or after hatching. Players can also place the hatched dragons in the terra habitat for powering up.

For Collecting Food

Players have to collect the cheapest food items during the heroic races that cost 50 gold. This is the fastest option to get food items while completing the laps of the heroic race.

For Collecting Gold

As players can collect gold from the dragon habitats in the dragon city game, build a terra habitat and place terra dragons inside the habitats because these habitats with dragons produce more gold.

For Feeding Dragons

Feed your dragons who are of common rarities and that costs less food. For feeding in a cheapest way is to to feed terra dragons as they cost less feeding. You can easily buy the cheapest food items that cost 50 golds.

For Battle Dragons

For battling, use your spins. Purchase 1 spin for 20 gems. You can complete your task or the 1 node by using this spin. So for battling, use your spin to battle dragons in heroic races.

For Completing League Battles

Players have to train their dragons and power them up for league battles. Always try using high rarity dragons in league battles for completing and winning them even faster.

For Temporary Quest Battles

Temporary quest battles is the task that is present in nodes of earlier laps. These quest battles reward you with food, gold, orbs or other items that are needed in the next laps. Play the quest battles that have no cooldown time so that you don’t have to wait longer.

For Hatching Dragons

Players can easily purchase breed-able eggs. Breed more and more and get hatched items. Try unlocking the breeding centers and breeding trees and upgrade your hatchery.


How often can I play Heroic Race?

You can play Heroic Race every 3 to 4 weeks.

At what lap mission players can get a Heroic dragon?

Players can get a reward as a Heroic dragon after completing lap 15.

What is the minimum time in each node of laps?

You have to refill the pool to complete tasks in a less time means (item-pool)*Wait time is a minimum time.

What is a pool system in a Heroic Race?

Pool system enables players to earn event points. Once the pool is filled, you can’t earn points. You have to refill the pool to start completing the missions.

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