Habitats In Dragon City

Dragon city game is hugely popular with children and young people. This game is an online game that is enjoyed by each and every person. This enchanting game includes two ways for the users to play this game that includes play via android or play via your personal PCs. It provides many different activities for the players. As this game is nothing without dragons so the dragons are the most important part of this captivating game. This is the most played game in the world of games by the people of any ages. Features of this game are the real essentials including dragon’s breeding, feeding, tournaments, hatching, quests, battling and players need currencies like gold, gem and crystals for themselves to buy the most powerful versions of the dragons from the store. In this article we will discussing about the habitats in dragon city.

Habitats In Dragon City (dragcityapk.com)

About Habitats

Every dragon in the dragon city always needs a place to live for food. In meta dragon city, create amazing habitats for your dragons and save them there. You can create buildings and many more in the free space and create a perfect habitat for the dragons. There is so much fun and that’s the right game on which you can spend your free time. Create habitats of your own wherever needed. It’s the best place to live for dragons. You can purchase the spaces from the game to create habitats or buildings or farms whatever the player needs for dragons. It is necessary to build safe and limited habitats for the dragons.

Types Of Habitats

Habitats are the buildings in dragon city which are actually the homes for the dragons of different elements. There are different habitats exists for different elemental dragons. The different various habitats present in the dragon city game are listed below

  • Wind habitats
  • Fun habitats
  • Dark habitats
  • Pure habitats
  • Primal habitats
  • Light habitats
  • Terra habitats
  • Flame habitats
  • Nature habitats
  • Sea habitats
  • Electric habitats
  • Magic habitats
  • Chaos habitats
Meta & Habitats In Dragon City

These are different habitats for dragons of different elements. Dragons of different elements can also live in the same habitats. Get habitats for your dragons now to provide them shelters.

Largest Habitats Capacity

In dragon city, players can get unlimited habitats of different dragons. If you want to earn XPs of the game at cheapest rates than match habitats of lowest number of gold cost per XP and highest number of XP per minute. All the large habitats present in dragon city game require 6×6 spaces om different islands. These large habitats have less cost of gold XPs than normal habitats. Start your game with normal habitats but later introduce large habitats.

Special Habitats For Events

There are rare special habitats present in dragon city that are only limited for special events or quests. You can only use them during the dragon events. Many dragon elementa have special habitats but few elements don’t have special elements including light elements, wind elements or metal elements. Some beautiful special habitats are listed below.

  1. Santa Habitat
  2. Dungeon Habitat
  3. Viking Habitat
  4. Dojo Habitat
  5. Hawaiian Habitat
  6. Zombie Habitat
  7. Western Habitat
  8. Aztec Habitat

Mini Games

There are a lot of mini games beside the original gameplay that can entertain you in many ways. The mini games will reward you to play them. This is best way to get gold and eggs and gems and many more to play peacefully the original game. The fun loving first mini game is Winter Casino this is a delightful game that rewards you with the dragon eggs.

The second game is the Black Market in which there is a witch who sells a mystery box having six dragons in it. If you are lucky, you will get one unique dragon from the box which is not available in the game. Third mini game is Wheel of Fortune in which you either go bankrupt or earn double. You can draw spells of potion to get dragons. The fourth mini game is Dragon Carnival in which you can guess the name of the dragon by its shadow. These are all the best Mimi games you have ever played before. So, let’s download the game and have much more Amusement and pleasure.

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