Habitats In Dragon City

Dragon city game is hugely popular with children and young people. This game is an online game that is enjoyed by each and every person. This enchanting game includes two ways for the users to play this game that includes play via android or play via your personal PCs. It provides many different activities for the players. As this game is nothing without dragons so the dragons are the most important part of this captivating game. This is the most played game in the world of games by the people of any ages. Features of this game are the real essentials including dragon’s breeding, feeding, tournaments, hatching, quests, battling and players need currencies like gold, gem and crystals for themselves to buy the most powerful versions of the dragons from the store. In this article we will discussing about the habitats in dragon city.

Habitats In Dragon City (dragcityapk.com)

The gold is the most common currency of the game that can be easily fetched from the farms or from the habitats and in compare to the gold, gem is very hard to get from the whole game. This is may be in the form of tournaments reward or maybe in the form of logging up daily. Tournaments play an important role in the game. Breed dragons with the team of three can play these tournaments with other dragon masters. By playing these types of tournaments and PVP quests players can train their dragons to be more energetic and powerful as compare to other dragons.

Breed your dragons in a very amazing way. Feed your dragons as many as you can for leveling up the game and for the energy in the game. After feeding players dragons are ready to breed with each other to become the most powerful dragon. The all dragons need their own peaceful home to live and where they can eat. So collect habitats for your dragons to live there as many as you can and make them more powerful by feeding them more.

Meta & Habitats In Dragon City

Every dragon in the dragon city always needs the place to live to food. Create the habitats for your dragons and safe them there. You can create buildings and many more in the free space and create a perfect habitat for the dragons.

Meta & Habitats In Dragon City

There are some various buildable in the game for investing are

  • Breeding Mountain
  • Food Farms
  • Habitats
  • Coliseum
  • Hatchery
  • Temples

There is so much fun and that’s the right game on which you can spend your free time. This is Free of boredom. Create habitats of your own where ever needed. It’s the best place to live for dragons. And nowhere if we talk about meta features of the game there is one feature named building meta feature. You can purchase the spaces from the game and then make new spaces in it to create habitats or buildings or farms whatever player needed for dragons. Necessary to build safe and limited habitats for the dragons because for other you need to purchase them.


Combat your dragons in the dragon city game and train your dragons for battling against another dragons. So, if we talk about the word combat, we have two combat systems in this game include

  1. The dragon league Tourney
  2. The dragon stadium

If we talk about the dragon league there is PVP mode in which you have the chance to play for three times in every six hours. Isn’t it amazing? You need to defeat seven dragon masters for leveling up. and after that all you will be selected for the higher league while in dragon stadium you need three friends to open the battle. For each tournament you must have a Team of three dragons of your own and they are of the fourth level. Otherwise, you Can’t. You can easily defeat your opposite team and have much progress by having the top most three powerful and bred dragons. This is all about the battling in the dragon city game. Must try this to achieve the highest rank and called the “Dragon Master”. Terra dragons are the most powerful DRAGONS you should have collect them from the dragon list book.

Mini Games

There are a lot of mini games beside the original gameplay that can entertain you in many ways. The mini games will reward you to play them. This is best way to get gold and eggs and gems and many more to play peacefully the original game. The fun loving first mini game is Winter Casino this is a delightful game that rewards you with the dragon eggs.

The second game is the Black Market in which there is a witch who sells a mystery box having six dragons in it. If you are lucky, you will get one unique dragon from the box which is not available in the game. Third mini game is Wheel of Fortune in which you either go bankrupt or earn double. You can draw spells of potion to get dragons. The fourth mini game is Dragon Carnival in which you can guess the name of the dragon by its shadow. These are all the best Mimi games you have ever played before. So, let’s download the game and have much more Amusement and pleasure.

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