Fighting Process & Construction In Dragon City

In this article we will discuss about the process of fighting, construction and hatching. By the process of hatching you can see the growth of your baby dragons to adults but besides this every player wants to see the way their dragons fight. You can either fighting with another dragons as players or computer. So If we talk about fighting there is a system in the dragon city game named “Robust Combat System” that allows the players to challenge the monsters that are basically controlled by the other players.

Fighting Process

Fighting Process In Dragon City

As fighting is a main part it has also have some importance in the game it has the most elements which are more powerful than others. To fight there is a training center in the game to train your dragons to fight the best. The fight elemental attacks include Acid rain, Black hole etc.
A lot of the fight types are present in the game like engage your dragons in the thrilling turn based fights. Train them the most disastrous moves by which they can destruct another players. This can proved so useful. Teacher them more and more by different ways of fighting as there are a lot of ways for that. For example if you join the PVP leagues in which your three dragons play against the other three dragons of another players. You can also watch your dragons advance in ranks. High ranks are more beneficial for the players To get more rewarding opportunities.

dragon (user) VS dragon (CPU)

Fighting Dragons

There are different and unique dragons present in dragon city mod APK gameplay. It’s really hard and tough to choose the best dragons to own for different purposes. As there are different fighting processes in the game and for that you have to select the best fighting dragons for winning. You can breed two or more dragons to get the best energetic fighting dragons. Your fighting dragons must have amazing powerful abilities for boosting. Different powerful fighting dragons are barbarian dragon, durian dragon, Nirobi dragon, dracones dragon or light speed dragon. Get your favorite fighting dragon and enjoy the fighting.

Fighting / Attacking Elements

In dragon city, every dragon has its own elements and each dragon has some fighting elements towards other dragons. There are different fighting elements of dragons present in the game. The different types of elements are Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Light, War, Pure, Legend, Primal, Wind and Ancient. Every dragon has attacking power, damage and double damage. In the Dragon city game, every dragon can perform four attacks.

Construction In Dragon City

As in the game there are unlimited dragons presents. So we also new songs home or shelter place for them to feed them more. You can design your own city with a lot of hard work. Because you can enjoy the game that you have built and that’s such a miraculous thing for the players to play the game that they have built.
Everyone needs a place to live so why not for dragons. Yes absolutely they also need a city for them that you can design. You can establish your own buildings that are well prepared. So to start building the city you can setup the variety of habitats for the dragons. Different habitats for different types of dragons.

Construction (built your dragon city)
Dragon City Construction

Habitat is place where dragons live. You can collect more habitats for more powerful dragons you want. Habitats include the desert-like terra habitat, the volcanic flame habitat, the oceanic sea habitat, etc. You can also grow foods for your dragons in the farm to make them more healthy and energetic. Build your own markets for dragons to get more food and gold. This is the best way for progressing. Players can purchase lands to increase the amount of space and also story hatchling for dragons. Players can also visit and see other players city and dragons and the way how to breed their dragons. This is totally a big deal. This is all the possible ways how you can construct your own dragon city with your own city designations. Built the world that you can imagine now!!.

Construct Coliseum Building

The Coliseum building was known as the stadium but now it is called as coliseum. It is basically a building in a dragon city game that has different tournaments. These tournaments are known as quests. By winning these quests in the coliseum, players can get unlimited prizes. The different quests present in coliseum building are

  • Amethyst Cup
  • Black Knight Cup
  • Planetary Cup
  • Prehistoric Cup (Pterodactyl)
  • Genius Cup
  • Kaiju Tournament
  • Felidae Cup
  • Hi-Tech Quest
  • Molluck Cup
  • Magician Quest

It is the great opportunity to win exciting prizes by playing quests and battle. Construct it now in your dragon city and live the magical life here.

Classical Hatching

Dragon city is one of the engrossing city and game you have ever played in which you can see the process of hatching. In hatching you can basically see your dragon process from little to adults and raise your baby dragons to grownup like adults. All dragons are designed very beautifully in their own ways. You can see how your brave and power full dragon act and fight against another dragons. Build the breeding center for your dragons to get more success. You can see how your dragons move, fight and the main how the look. This is all about hatching.

Breed The Dragons

In the delightful and elegant city of the dragons breeding the dragons is considered as the most interesting element of the city. You can breed your own dragons with full power. As there are thousands of dragons in the city as dragon city is nothing without dragons. So you can breed the dragons and make them more the more influential dragons. if you want to become an expert at breeding its your affirmed job to take much part in this activity and breed more dragons as you can. Train your dragons on mean fighting machines and see how long they can fight. It’s totally your success as how long they can fight up. Prove your potential and capabilities by this breeding process and soon you have blessed with the tittle Dragon Master. This game is such a masterpiece whom you can’t ignore. Such an adventurous and majestic game your have ever placed before.

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