Few Details About Dragon City

The game Dragon City is one of the most creative game and popular virtual simulation game which is develop and published by the socialpoint. Dragon city is that game that is a pleasure itself. It has magical features and elements present in itself. This is a delightful game that gives happiness to the hearts of the players. You can play this game in many ways like you can own your new dragons from the store by crossing the specified levels of that. Players can collect the no of dragons for their selves to send them for fights against other dragon masters like you.

Few Details About Dragon City

This modified APK version is the new version of the dragon city game that provides many features as compatible to the previous one. You can breed your dragons easily and train them for combat and PVP tournaments to fight against other players. You can get eggs from the breed able dragons and place them in the hatchery. This game is free to all and have a lot of features that everyone wants. So enjoy this new version of the game and also share it with other to have more fun.

Dragons In Dragon City

As we all know, the dragon city game is nothing without having dragons in it. So, there are thousands of dragons present in this game. Different types of dragons do different types of majestic works. There are never sufficient dragons in this city. You can own that Dragons with your diligent work. For example, if you can own small dragons who have the shortest size. You can own even more dragons like

  • Mean Dragons
  • Cute Dragons
  • Flying Dragons
  • Land Dragons
  • Fun Dragons
  • Light Dragons
  • Magic Dragons
  • Dark Dragons
  • Pure Dragons
  • Primal Dragons

They all can give you the best result in the game. Dragons are of many types some colorful dragons some powerful dragons some fully bred dragons. you can raise above 100 dragons. Feeding them is the most important part in the game. This is very useful to you for leveling up the game. Give them better and healthy food for better results. And by this you can get gold from them. The more you feed them, the more they produce gold because higher level dragons produce more gold. You can also watch the process of growing up the dragons from little to adults. And this is your best experience in the game. You can also purchase new and more eggs from the hatchery. Breed your dragons as much as you can. This would prove very useful.

Achievements by dragcityapk.com

Breeding System

Breeding dragons is the another most important and creative part of the game. In this game breeding is easy but for some dragons. Some dragons are breed able and some are not. If we want to check which dragon is breed able there is an option of heart in the game to check the list of all breed able dragons. Those who are not breed able are the special cases. For them there are special ways like quests, events, summoning via orbs, or limited time events such as breeding event islands. This is the best way to breed the unbreedable dragons.

Game Currency

Every gaming application has different game currencies that are useful to purchase items. Dragon city has two main currencies that are important to purchase dragons, food, habitats, buildings and achievements. Gold and Gems are the two most important currencies of the game. There is no access to all the features of the game without gems and golds. This mod APK version of dragon city game has provided the packs of gems and golds to the players for free of cost. Learn how to use these currencies and how to collect them in the gameplay.


Gold is the most common and most beneficial currency of the game. Players can purchase different items like habitats, buildings, eggs and food for their dragons by gold. Gold is very easy to collect and you can create your own dragon city with different decoration items and dragons by using gold. Players can get unlimited gold by leveling up their dragons. Players can sell their dragons and get a good amount of gold. Play battles and win fights against other dragon masters to win gold packs as rewards.


Gems are the most precious and premium currency of the dragon city game. This currency is harder to collect in the game. Players can use gems for different purposes like for buying ultra-breeding trees, youth fountains or for rebuilding different guardian towers. By spending less number of gems on rebuilding towers, players can get many gems as rewards. Gems are also converted into food or gold and it is its specialty. You can upgrade your hatchery and expand your dragon city by unlocking different dragons and islands by these gems. Players can get gems after leveling up. You have to take part in different quests and battles to earn gems. Gems are also earned in combat world leagues.

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