Events In Dragon City

There is a concept of events in dragon city that offers players to earn exciting rewards by completing different missions related to dragons. Events in dragon city are the time limited mini games and each event rewards a special dragon. Dragon City is no doubt a stunning game in which players can collect unique dragons up to 1000+ and breed them to get dragons of highest rarities. You can build your own dragon city and decorate it with different things like habitats, farms or islands.

Events In Dragon City

Get different experiences of quests through the special events that held everything 3 to weeks in the dragon city game and get exciting rewards like dragons. Play against different dragon masters by engaging your powerful dragons in battles or PvP arenas. Rescue your missing dragons and summon them in the tree of life by using 100 orbs. Players can rebuild different towers to get the gems and powerful dragons. Download this amazing game full of adventure and mysteries from our website and enjoy.

Events Guide

Dragon city is the magical game based on the city of dragons having different farms, breeding centers, battles, arenas, buildings, towers or events. Events play an important role in dragon city because events offer different beneficial rewards to the players like: unique dragons, golds, gems, or other special rewards like chests. Events in dragon city are basically the time limited mini games that have different levels, states and missions. Players can get regards after completing all the given tasks in the events. Events are also known as quests because different events take place in series. These events are not the permanent feature of dragon city games but rewards more dragons than other permanent features of the game like battles or alliances. There are different types of events present in the game and each of the events have different coins, missions and time limitations.

  1. Maze Islands
  2. Runner Islands
  3. Tower Islands
  4. Puzzle Islands
  5. Fog Islands
  6. Grid Islands
  7. Heroic Races

These are special events that take place in different weeks for giving featured dragons, habitats or other specialties. Complete all the events on time and take a chance to get exciting rewards.

Events In Dragon City – Maze Island

Maze island is an event that is held in dragon city every 4 to 5 weeks. This maze island event has different paths that dragons involved must have crossed to win maze island coins, dragons and rewards. Players can play this special event as a puzzle game because your dragons may get lost in the maze paths. Each dragon needs many maze coins according to their maze paths for completion.

Maze Island

You can get unique maze dragons as a reward by winning this maze event. These dragons are of powerful rarities including: Choleric dragon, HERMICRAB dragon, Crested Fae dragon, Fortune dragon, CRAWLIZOID dragon or MOONSHADE dragon. Each dragon in the maze island has different paths and each path requires a different amount of maze coins for completing tasks in that maze path. Players can collect 600 maze coins after every 8 hours in the event.

Events In Dragon City – Runner Island

Runner island is another best event that offers different rewards like Legendary dragons, Gems, Gold, Mystery boxes, Black chest or Runner chest. In this special event, basically players have to collect different pinwheels while running. These pinwheels can give runner rewards. The more you collect pinwheels, the more you earn rewards. Players can get runner tokens after every 8 hours in the runner island event. Players can complete their missions set at each step of running by using runner tokens.

Runner Island

This special event is somehow related to the subway surfers game. You have to keep running and jump over different obstacles. Complete your tasks to get more runner tokens for increasing the runs in the game. There are different mission sets at each step of the run like: collect food, hatch eggs, breed dragons, battle dragons, collect gold, breed dragons or feed dragons. You can relate the tasks of runners island with heroic race tasks. Complete the missions and get a EVOZOID or KIMBY dragon as a reward.

Events In Dragon City – Tower Island

There is an arctic tower island event in dragon city that is basically a time limited event. Players have to climb to the top of the tower to throw different moves to get exciting rewards but it is not that easy. There is a concept of tower coins on this island that you can get after every 8 hours. Players can use these tower coins to get spins. This is a spinner wheel that rewards you with random moves to increase the moves for climbing up an arctic tower.

This spinner is the best feature in the event to increase moves but you must have tower coins. You can also get tower coins by breeding, feeding or hatching eggs of dragons. Players can get Deep Sea dragon, King Solomon dragon or Mongrel dragon as reward by winning this event. There are catapults that either lift you to the top of the tower or the bottom of the tower. You have to see the tower island map for navigation.

Events In Dragon City – Puzzle Island

Puzzle island is the most unique and stunning time limited mini game that dragon city game offers to its players. This game is somehow related to the candy crush game like matching 3 tiles. Players have to complete different missions and tasks to unlock puzzle moves. The missions puzzle island often offers to the players are to collect 50000 gold, collect 4000 food, breed 2 dragons, breed 3 dragons and other missions like these in which dragons are engaged. This island’s rewards the best legendary dragons including: Kooky dragon, Multidimensional dragon or Metamorphosis dragon. Try to match the same colors for better progress. Players can get free moves after every 4 hours in the game. Start playing this event in the given limited time and earn amazing rewards

Puzzle Island in dragon city

Events In Dragon City – Fog Island

Fog island is the best event that dragon city game offers every 4 weeks to the players for earning rewards like dragons and other special items. This event basically contains the puzzle pieces. You have to find the pieces by different combinations of squares in different paths. You can increase your better pathing through fog coins. Players can collect fog coins after every eight hours and a max limit of collecting fog coins is 5400 coins. You can also collect fog coins like other events including: by breeding dragons, feeding or hatching them. Navigate your fog island to get amazing chests and dragon pieces.

Events In Dragon City – Grid Island

Grid island is another best time limited mini game that is actually known as the event to quest. There are different paths available in this event and you have to complete all the tasks and missions given in each path of the grid event. There is a concept of grid coins in grid island events.

Players can collect 600 grid coins after every 8 hours to minimize the paths or the tasks present in the grid paths. Players can also collect grid coins by breeding dragons, feeding them, hatching them or by collecting food. There are many other ways present like watching ads on dragon tv or by competing temporary quests. Players can get amazing rewards like legendary dragons by completing all the grid paths including: Double Electric dragon, Zodiac Gemini dragon, Midarian dragon, Pixie Salamander dragon. Start playing this amazing grid event and get exciting rewards.

Events In Dragon City – Heroic Races

Heroic race is one of the best events for getting legendary or rare dragons as a reward by completing different missions. In the heroic race, there are different laps presented and each lap has 5 nodes. There are different sets of tasks present in each node of laps. These tasks include: Feed Dragons, Hatch Dragons, Collect Dragons, Breed Dragons, Battle Dragons, League Battles, Collect Food, Collect Gold, Hatch Eggs. There are a total of 5 nodes present in each lap. Each task in the nodes has a minimum time, pool, wait time or chances. Players can get different rewards like getting a heroic dragon after completing lap 15 of the heroic event. This heroic race event is held in dragon city every 3 to 4 weeks. Get your favorite heroic dragons through this amazing time limited event.


How can I get rewards on the runner island?

You have to collect pinwheels to get rewards.

How many days’ events last in dragon city?

All events last 11 days in the dragon city game.

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