DragonVale MOD APK v4.27.4 Download

DragonVale is one of the best simulation games officially created by Backflip Studios. Players can download this game on different platforms including iOS, Android, Mac, or PCs from the play store. It is simply a dragon vale world having different dragons, their habitats, a dragonarium, buildings, treat farms or breeding caves are present. As a player, you have to build a dragon park with full stunning decorations by adding trees, habitats, buildings or islands. The game adds unique content for the evolution of the theme (DragonVale park) in which players can breed, hatch or raise their dragons. Grow your own dragons and feed them with the best treats available to make the strongest dragons. Further, some players download the DragonVale MOD APK in order to unlock all premium features. So, Download the latest version of DragonVale MOD from our websites and enjoy all premium features.

DragonVale MOD APK by dragcityapk.com

In a dragon-filled park of dragon vale, you can raise over 500 dragons and breed them to get legendary dragons. There are many diverging features available including breeding, hatching, feeding, growing or building that bring the best entertainment and adventure in the gameplay. It has interesting gameplay with the availability of the rarest dragons.

You can grow or harvest different treats like star pods, berry baubles or jazz berries in the treat farm that turns all the fruits into magical and healthier treats to make dragons grow faster. For growing, breeding or hatching, players must have a good amount of treasures like gems or cash. You can win or earn these treasures by taking part in different fun races, events or quests. New seasonal events with updated content available that offers the best new dragons, habitats or decorations. Download the best DragonVale video game and discover new dragons.

What is DragonVale APK?

The DragonVale APK is one of the best dragons-based games that is actually the original version of the game launched by the developer game Backflip Studios. It has many features related to dragons and is a fun-based game in which players can breed, raise or hatch dragons in a stunning dragon vale park. Besides that, players can earn a lot of dragon cash and gems by hatching or breeding them. Another way to earn dragon cash is to take part in different seasonal events. You have to run a dragon park to expand your islands by adding more decorations and parts in it.

It is the official version and has limited features that are only unlocked with the dragon cash or gems. You have to purchase dragons, habitats, or decorations and unlock farms, breeding caves or different islands with the real-time money.

What is DragonVale MOD APK?

The DragonVale mod APKis basically the modified and updated version of the original game having unlimited features and everything unlocked without paying any real-time money. Players enjoy building dragon parks, breeding their dragons, using mythical dragons and expanding islands for free without any premium subscriptions. It has many updated features that are not present in the original game. You have many facilities and can earn more treasures within the mod apk game. Enter a magical 3D world of dragons with realistic adventures and exploration. You can build habitats, farms, breeding caves and other structures easily in this version and can trade with other players across the world in a multiplayer mode. More quests have been offered to the players with best rewards as gems or dragon cash. Download the latest dragonvale mod apk version from our website and enjoy playing in a dragon-filled park.

Exciting Features & Functions

The DragonVale mod apk version brings a lot of new features to the game along with the best functionalities. You can now enjoy playing the game with the best features for free and discover new dragons, habitats, decorations, islands and special events.


The developers of dragonvale mod apk version added the best high quality of graphics to the game with best realistic and 3D images of everything like gardens, trees, sky, dragons, habitats or of animations. The graphics mesmerize the players with soothing color combinations and a captivating look of a dragon park filled with unique dragons.



Breeding is very different in the modified version of dragonvale game. You can create totally new species of dragons by breeding features. Players can even breed the dragons of different elements to improve their collection of dragons. In addition, you get a very custom rare dragon after breeding and it is the most surprising feature of the game. Breed the best combination of dragons and win rare dragons.

DragonVale MOD APK – Dragon Races

The dragonvale mod apk game version offers the best dragon races along with unlimited dragon cash and gems. Players can participate in dragon races based on fun activities. If you have a collection of best-raised dragons, take advantage of them and win higher positions and rewards by competing with other players in different dragon races. You can get dragons, gems and diamonds after winning to create rare dragons.

DragonVale MOD APK – Unlocked Islands

In the original version of dragonvale there is only one island present that is the source of unlocking other islands step by step or level by level. The mod apk version has a feature of unlocking all the stunning and magical islands at once like lost island, standard island, breeding island or a dragonarium island. You can upgrade them and even add more decorations in it for free of cost.

DragonVale MOD APK – Dragons

Each gaming application has different creatures that play the main roles in the game. The dragon vale mod apk version has various dragons that are the main essentials of the game. You can collect over 500 various dragons. The dragons may come in different shapes, colors and sizes but all bring fun to the game. Each of the vale dragons has their own effects and specializations. You can breed, feed, hatch and raise them for free. The mod apk version has unlocked all the dragons of different rarities. Raise your favorite dragons and involve them in different quests, events and missions and earn unlimited rewards. The dragons present in the game are divided into different categories.

DragonVale MOD APK - Dragons

Common Dragons

The dragonvale mod apk version has an unlimited range of common dragons that have higher densities. You can easily collect these dragons from the main store or you can buy their habitats with unlimited free gems. They are very common and can be obtained by breeding, feeding or hatching. Listed below are common dragons present in the dragonvale game.

  1. Light Dragon
  2. Forest Dragon
  3. Poison Dragon
  4. Ash Dragon
  5. Steel Dragon
  6. Rust Dragon
  7. Shimmer Dragon
  8. Lava Dragon
  9. Plains Dragon
  10. Wraith Dragon

Rare Dragons

Rare dragons are those dragons that are not easily found in the official game and are present in isolated areas. In dragonvale mod apk world, you can easily collect and obtain rare dragons with their special effects and use them in different missions, quests and events. Listed below are main rare dragons present in the dragonvale game.

  1. Bronze Olympus Dragon
  2. Molten Dragon
  3. Glare Dragon
  4. Ooze Dragon
  5. Radiant Dragon
  6. Acid Dragon
  7. Sprout Dragon
  8. Mistletoe Dragon
  9. Inferno Dragon
  10. Vortex Dragon

Very Rare Dragons

The access to all extremely rare dragons is not a restriction in the DragonVale mod apk.. These dragons are present in limited areas of the game and are very extinct. In mod apk, you can collect all very rare dragons with their special habitats for free. Listed below are main very rare dragons present in the dragonvale game.

  1. Rainbow Dragon
  2. Darkling Dragon
  3. Neoteric Dragon
  4. Leap Year Dragon
  5. Solstice Dragon
  6. Sapphire Dragon
  7. Aquamarine Dragon
  8. Ragnarok Dragon
  9. Ouroboros Dragon
  10. Labradorite Dragon

DragonVale MOD APK – Treasures

The DragonVale is basically a dragon-filled castle in which you can hatch or raise over 500 dragons and feed them with the best food items. For raising dragons, you need gems, treats or cash that come under the category of treasures. DragonVale contains treasures which can be used for purchasing different dragons, habitats or islands. The dragonvale mod apk offers unlimited free packs and piles of gems, cash and food treats. Gems, DragonCash & Treats are three main game treasures that are actually the main essentials of the game. You can build a dragon-filled park, upgrade dragons, obtain rare dragons or expand islands by using gems and cash.

DragonVale MOD APK - Treasures

The official version of dragonvale game has limited gems and cash and are only activated after purchasing them with real-time money, but the modified and latest version of the game provides unlimited gems and cash for free of cost. You can buy food, turn food into treats and harvest food easily using cash. The main treats are Jazzberries, dragon roots, beanstalks or fiery figs.  Get unlimited piles of gems, cash and treats for free in the MOD APK version of dragonvale game.


Quests are actually the time limited events present in the mod apk version game. It offer double chests, gems, dragon cash, double XP boosts and artifacts to the players as rewards. Send your powerful dragons to the quests that matched with quest elements and get keys to open chests. Each quest has special associated dragons with special elements. Try sending the matched dragons to quests in this game and get double the keys than the official version of the game. Listed below are best adventurous quests present in the game that enhance the gameplay to another level.

  1. A Fungus
  2. A Magical Puff
  3. A Lunar Tick
  4. A Quest For Food
  5. A Star is Bred
  6. Anchored Taste
  7. Akitu’s Assay
  8. Ami’Lya Adventure
  9. Aquatic Anathema     
  10. Bessemer’s Bounty
  11. Boss Stage
  12. Canary’s Revenge
  13. Berry White Mountains
  14. Blizzard’s Breath

These are different quests present in the dragonvale mod apk version game. You have to use perfect dragons for completing these adventurous quests for winning exciting rewards. In dragonvale mod apk version, all the quests and level of quests are unlocked for free for the players because it is not a limited-featured game. The quests are so beneficial for getting different dragons and artifacts.


The dragonvale mod apk is an exciting game that offers the best features and events are one of those features. These events introduce new dragons and help players to collect unique dragons. Players can participate in different fun-loving events and win exciting dragons and other rewards. You can also freely participate in unique events like light or dark events that reward unlimited gems and other special items.

Whitbee’s Candy Bash

It is a special time-limited event in the mod apk game that offers best content and high powered rewards by winning. In this event, players have to collect candy and trade at Whitbee’s Castle to get exciting rewards like unique dragons including Grimoire Dragon, Dortal Dragon and Grimoire Dragon.

Garden Gnomes

Garden gnomes is a time limited event by dragonvale mod apk game in which players have to collect magic and have to trade at Ancient Fairy Tree to get exciting rewards like unique dragons including Maze Dragon, Fomhar Dragon and Bushwhack Dragon.

Frostivale Yulebration

Frostivale Yulebration is a time limited event by dragonvale mod apk game in which players have to collect iceberries and have to trade at House of Treats to get exciting rewards like unique dragons including Everfrost Dragon, Sugarmitten Dragon and Igluit Dragon.

Pirates in Paradise

Pirates in Paradise is a time limited event by dragonvale mod apk game in which players have to collect doubloons and have to trade at Goods & Baubles to get exciting rewards like unique dragons including Ikatako Dragon, Gawk Dragon and Zilla Dragon.

Country Roads

Country Roads is a time limited event by dragonvale mod apk game in which players have to collect spice and have to trade at Copious Cornucopia to get exciting rewards like unique dragons including Razortail Dragon, Huddle Dragon and Sow Dragon.


DragonVale mod apk is a great simulation game having different rare and very rare dragons, buildings or islands. It brings special strategies to the gameplay that attracts millions of players across the world. Players enjoy the latest and modified version of dragon-filled dragonvale game by creating new dragons, building new structures, growing best foods and breeding & hatching the eggs of legendary dragons. In this latest version, players get unlimited free food, eggs, cash, gems and everything unlocked and that’s why the ratings of dragonvale mod apk version are so high like on top.


What is the rarest egg in dragonvale mod apk?

Dragonvale has the Rare Egg of Mystery that actually allows you to obtain a rare dragon.

What are the rarest dragons in dragonvale?

Pyrite Dragon, Mesolite Dragon, Barite Dragon, Okenite Dragon, Quartz Dragon are the rarest dragons in dragon vale.

What is the cutest dragon in dragonVale?

Motley Dragon is the cutest dragon present in the dragonvale.

What are the best breeding combinations in dragonvale?

Light and Plant is the best breeding combination in dragonvale.

What is the best food to grow in DragonVale?

Beta-carotene is the best food to grow in dragonvale.

Can I get unlimited free dragon cash in dragon vale mod apk?

Yes, this mod offers unlimited free dragon cash to the players to use for different purposes.

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