Dragon Rescue in Dragon City

Dragon city is a magical game having different rescuing and training features for the dragons. Players can start playing the missing dragon rescue of 7 days by fighting against 6 dragons in each tile. You can get orbs as rewards for summoning your missing dragons. Dragon city is one of the best magical cities that is floating on an island having different dragons, buildings, habitats, islands and PvP arenas. Players can collect thousands of dragons in the Dragon City of different rarities and species.

Dragon Rescue

You can breed and feed your dragons to get powerful or legendary dragons for fighting processes like leagues or battles. Build your own dragon city and decorate it with different buildings and habitats. Dragon city has updated features like dragons, farms, breeding centers, islands, events and missions for getting the most adventurous experience. Download Dragon city now from our website and start rescuing your missing dragons by obtaining key from the temporary events.

The Missing Dragon Rescue In Dragon City

Dragon city is a game that has up to 1000+ dragon of unique specifications. You can raise them and make them able to fight for defending you in different dragon city battles. Dragon rescues are one of the best feature of game in which players can rescues their missing dragons to get different orbs as rewards. Players can start a 7 day missing rescue by using rescue keys that are obtained from different temporary events or chests. In this 7 day dragon rescue, you have to choose your favorite 6 dragons for fighting against other 6 dragons. Keys are used according to the rarity of dragons.

Missing Dragon Rescue

There is a break of 4 hours after each fight. You can start your new missing dragon rescue again even if you have completed a recent rescue before 7 days. After defeating the 6 dragons, players have to fight against a boss to kill him to get a rescued dragon. Each winning unlocks the new rarity of the dragon. Rare, very rare, legendary and epic dragons are now available in the missing dragon rescue. Different dragons are available for rescuing that includes: Alien dragon, Chainmail dragon, Clarity dragon, Slam dragon, Blue dragon, Maki dragon, King Solomon dragon, Firefighter dragon, Evil Pumpkin dragon, Ghost dragon and many others are available.

The Missing Dragon Rescue – Keys

Keys are the most essential part of the missing dragon rescues. These keys are needed to start a missing dragons rescue. Players can either buy keys from the store or they can obtain them from the temporary events or key chests. Keys are the resources that are used according to the rarity of the dragons. Players can unlock nodes or gate 1 and gate 2 by these keys in the missing dragons rescue. The keys needed for dragons of each rarity are listed below.

  • Epic: 35 keys
  • Rare: 13 keys
  • Very Rare: 20 keys
  • Legendary: 60 keys
  • Common: 10 keys

Players can get 100 orbs as rewards by winning or completing each missing dragon rescue. These gained orbs are then used for summoning the missing dragons. Collect more orbs by spending more keys to start the missing dragon rescues.

The Missing Dragon Rescue – Keys

The Ancient Dragon Rescue

Dragon rescue was a historical temporary event in the game but now is renamed as The missing Dragon rescue. Dragon rescue was a temporary event and was divided into three levels: Easy, Medium and Hard. Players had to go through these three levels to rescue a single dragon having only common rarity. Only common rarity of dragons were rescued in the dragon rescue. It included 4 keys of different colors including red, blue, yellow and green.

The missing dragon rescues is now a latest and permanent feature of a game having battles of 6 vs 6 dragons and has only one key for starting a missing dragon rescue game. The quantity of keys depends upon the rarity of the dragons. The higher the rarity of the dragons, the harder battles you get because missing dragon rescue is now a modified and permanent feature of the dragon city game with new rules and tools. Enjoy the game and start getting orbs as rewards for summoning your missing dragons.


Can I start rescuing a dragon anytime in dragon city?

Yes, you can start rescuing your dragons anytime you want.

Which dragons Can I select for dragon rescue?

You can select dragons of every rarity including common, epic, legendary, rare and very rare.

How many keys are needed for rescuing a rare dragon?

13 keys are needed to start the rescuing of a rare dragon in the dragon city game.

How many dragons are needed to fight against other dragons?

6 dragons are needed to fight against other 6 dragons in the missing dragon rescue.

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