Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK v7.2.0e Download

In the world of games, there are the best dragon-based games that present unique content. Dragon Mania Legend is one of those games, a dragon-based game where you can see dragons and things related to dragons. Dragons play an important role that is highly appreciable for showing their best skills in the game. It can be played on both android and iOS and easily be downloadable from the play store. If you love dragons and want to know more about them then this game is perfect for you and if you want to enjoy the premium features of the game then download Dragon Mania legends MOD APK.

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK

This game is a world of dragons inside it where players can create their own cute dragons or can buy them from the built-in store. Players can start this game by choosing their first dragon. Train your baby dragons to make them more powerful and stronger for gaining the title of Dragon Master. Players can breed their dragons with other dragons to make new powerful dragons. Different food items are also available in the store for feeding the dragons. Feed your dragons more and more to make them energetic and get them ready for battles and tournaments against other powerful dragons. Discover new secret islands and own them with a few golds and gems.

What is Dragon Mania Legends APK?

The Dragon Mania Legends APK is one of the best dragons-based games that is actually the original version of the game launched by the famous developer game loft SE. In the original version, players are not granted access to all the features without purchasing diamonds. Players are limited to using gaming pro features and functions. You can simply download this game on your favorite platforms including iOS, mac, Windows and on android devices.

You can play battles, mini-games, breeding and use different habitats, food items, buildings, diamonds, coins or decorations by purchasing them from the game store. The dragon mania legends apk include all premium features with best subscription prices and contain many ads while playing.

What is Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK?

The Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK is another level version of the game with all features unlocked for the players that are not easily accessible without premium payments in the original version of the game. Players can access different pro features for free and unlock all the stunning islands to explore. This version provides unlimited packs of diamonds and coins for free without any premium subscriptions so that players can easily buy different habitats, buildings or many legendary dragons.

Players can get rewards at every level. That’s why the worth of this game is so high and the liking rate is so high, especially for the Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK.

Exciting Features & Functions

Dragon mania legends have many exciting features that aren’t available in the official game. You don’t need to pay any amount to unlock pro features and that’s its biggest advantage. Players can get free unlimited diamonds and coins which will be useful to continue the lost games and tournaments. Players are supposed to collect unique dragons and make a powerful team for defeating other dragons. You can download this game from our site and can fully enjoy this version. The graphics of this game are fantastic and are in 2d or 3d modes. Players can customize these graphics as they want to make their islands look more realistic and beautiful. In addition, the game also offers some soothing sound effects for your islands which make your game more natural and realistic. Players can’t get bored of this game once they start playing.

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK – 3D Graphics

Having 2D and 3D graphics with best sharped quality is one of the biggest features of the Dragon ML game. Players get a realistic experience while playing in a stunning environment of multi-color graphics of dragons, habitats, islands, or battling arenas.

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK – Exciting Quests

Join exciting quests with the best tasks in this version and win exciting rewards like food, Xps, diamonds or coins. Train your dragons to become strong enough to complete different quests. The main quests available are farming, harvesting, feeding, training, building, or breeding dragons.

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK – Seasonal Events

Seasonal events that take place in different seasons have different content and provide the feature of interacting with other strong players across the world. You can take part in different seasonal events to gain skills and get rewards like legendary dragons or diamonds.

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK – Playing Online

The other best feature added by the developers of dragon mania legends MOD APK version is playing and enjoying the features even offline. You don’t need to have an internet connection for taking part in different events, missions, or quests. Multi-playing against other players is also activated offline.

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK – Dragons

Dragons are the most important essentials of this game. You can’t imagine your dragon mania world without the existence of dragons. There are over 1000 dragons present in this game. All have different sizes, colors and significance. Players can collect beautiful dragons in this game and can feed or breed them. Players can breed two or more unique species to create a powerful, robust dragon. After breeding, players can hatch their eggs in the hatchery. The hatchery is a place where players can see the growth of their baby dragons into an adult and legendary dragons. Players can customize their dragon as they want.

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK - Dragons

Train Your Dragons

Become a dragon master by training your baby dragons. Training centers are also available in this game. In dragon mania legend MOD APK players can train their dragons for fighting processes like battling, quests, leagues and tournaments. Train their skills and talents to become more powerful. All dragons come up with different rarities. The rareness of the dragons are of 6 types: epic, rare, very rare, heroic and legendary. All come up on different levels. Dragons’ type of rareness increases as the game level increases.

Players can even own trained dragons like flying dragons, cute dragons and land dragons. Other different dragons that are present in this game are wind dragons, metal dragons, fire dragons, star dragons, goblin dragons, root dragons, flame dragons, phoenix dragons and dun dragons.. Players can get gold by tickling a dragon. Isn’t it amazing? Players can enjoy the different features of dragons in this mesmerizing game. This game is an actionable and adventurous game that you have ever played. Every trained dragon has unique powers and players need to unlock them by completing missions and levels.

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK – Missions

There are a lot of exciting missions awaiting for you in this beautiful and splendid mod APK dragon mania legend. You can’t ignore these adventurous missions. In this game every mission gives you a chance to upgrade your game level or dragons. Players can send their dragons to missions and get rewards by completing these missions. Complete your missions so that you are able to unlock new features of this fantastic game like new dragons, habitats, farms, tournaments, battles and customization for your cute dragons.

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK offers you many missions in which some are simple and some are so hard to complete but you get many rewards in return. Dragons must have powers to complete these missions without any loss. During each mission there is a chance for you to upgrade or improve the skills of your dragons.

Breedable Dragons For Missions

Try the mod APK Dragon Mania Legend once, because it has unlimited fun and joy. Players can breed their dragons as the missions like breed wind + metal dragon to make the new strongest dragon tornado, Metal + energy dragon to make tesla dragon and earth + nightshade dragon to make swamp. This can also be part of missions. To check the current task in the mod APK version, click on the tasks icon located in the lower left of the screen.

Players can increase the levels and missions time by accumulating experience points in this mod APK and can discover the ruins on islands and send their strongest dragons to explore them. Players can also turn their adult dragons to again baby dragons by sending them to swim in the fountain of youth. Isn’t it magical? Of course it is!


Dragon mania legends MOD APK is one of the best fighting games having different dragons, quests, missions and combats. Besides these features, dragon ml games provide the best mini games that are related to dragons for the players to enjoy more realistically with dragons. Players can play different mini games based on simulation or fighting with their pets ( dragons ). Feed and breed them to make them strong enough to play mini games. You can entertain your dragons and can get different rewards by winning those games. This mod APK game is a huge dragon based game in which players can even play mini games with different dragons. Get extra points or game currencies by winning these best games.

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK – Coins & Diamonds

Players must need the coins in every level of this game for upgrading and unlocking new levels. Players can get unlimited packets of coins by completing the task and Missions. By coins, you can buy legendary dragons and power them up and train them for battles and tournaments. In addition players can use the unlimited key inside the islands and unlock new features of the game.

If we talk about the diamonds worth in this game. It is worthy of all. You can’t easily win heavy battles without having powerful dragons and for buying powerful dragons you must have diamonds or coins. But Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK game offers you unlimited diamonds and coins without any real-time money.

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK - Coins & Diamonds

Players can upgrade their game by the help of diamonds. Remove the official game and start installing Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK version to get more unlocked features. The clam near your island gifts you with diamonds every day. Install this game now and receive daily treasures. Play and go through different levels and battles to expand your islands. Feed and cuddle your dragons to get more gold and bonuses to level up and power up your dragon team. Dragon mania has great content in the form of missions, currencies, graphics and dragons.

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK- Buildings

Besides all other features of dragon mania legends MOD APK game, players can access to different buildings that are actually the structures in the game. These buildings can be purchased or upgraded from the main store of the game. Each building structure present in this game has different features like you can faster level your legendary dragons, allowing fire or wind based dragons to level up faster and higher. Players can grow different food items in the farms and upgrade them to get better food. There are many temples for different dragons that reach the dragons to higher levels accordingly.


You can also store your owned dragons in the dragon vault. This is basically a building for storing many dragons at once. The different buildings players can get for free in this MOD APK game are listed below.

  1. Dragon vault
  2. Wind temple
  3. Energy temple
  4. Wind temple
  5. Fire temple
  6. Farms
  7. Fountain of youth
  8. Shadow temple
  9. Light temple
  10. Eternal fruit tree
  11. Gold vault

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APKBattles

Dragon mania legends is the most ancient and the most played game across the world because of its features like fighting or dueling against other players. This dragon based game has the feature of playing battles that allows players to engage in different battles present in this game. This game has different levels of battling and each level holds exciting rewards for the players.

The different battling levels included League of Fire, Point of Reckoning, The great Apep, Bottomless dungeon, Port of Numa or Mountain Trail. Initially, you have 1vs1 battles or 2vs2 battles but lately you can also play battles of 3vs3. You have to train a proper team of dragons for these battles. You Dragons must have the best dragon level and enchantment level. Get a full realistic experience of training or fighting with dragons in this dragon mania legends MOD APK with all levels unlocked at once for free.

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK – Species

Dragons are related to many species. Over a total of 70 species are present from which some common species are Wyvern, Hydra, Knucker, Amphithere and Cockatrice. Dragon is a creature and sign of happiness in this mod APK game. Dragons are of different types and have different characteristics and significance.

Some are cute in look and some are ugly in look. Players can combine many dragons to get new and interesting species in this beautiful and enchanting game and can feed them and get them ready for the breeding processes. Players can use all the dragon powers to create new and unique species. By the process of breeding dragons players can get eggs from them and place them in the hatchery without any gems or gold or any other currency. Main thing to remember is you must have to cross level 4 for the breeding processes. So, play this game and have fun.

Explore Different Places in Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK

In dragon mania legends MOD APK, players are lucky to get stunning features as well as different islands, lands, gardens or worlds. You can go on different missions and find new mysterious places in the dragon ML mod apk game. You can hatch your dragons on different dragon mania legends lands, get peaceful environments on different Islands, rebuild the lost world, travel from swamp to swap on distant marsh or you can experience new wonders related to dragons in the tranquil garden. The different places to explore and adventure in dragon mania legends mod apk game are listed below.

  1. Distant marsh
  2. Hatchlings playpen
  3. Tranquil garden
  4. Lost world
  5. Magma’s land
  6. Faded earth
  7. Polar rock
  8. Mystic heights
  9. Molten island
  10. Gem island
  11. Turtle’s shell

These are different places to explore in dragon ml mod apk game and all are freely unlocked to visit and explore.


Dragon mania legends is basically an alternative to dragon city games having differ ent features like breeding, hatching or fighting. You can create your own island or city full of dragons inside it. This mod apk game provides you full experience of simulation, adventure and specially provides the best combat mechanism. Breed, hatch and feed your dragons and enjoy the dragon adventures mysteries.

Download it now from our website and enjoy the free mod APK version of Dragon Mania Legends. Enjoy this tremendous game and share it with your friends too to have a look at this miraculous game to play and enjoy its best features without any real time money.


Can I create rare dragons in this dragon mania legends mod apk?

Yes, you can create rare dragons by breeding your most powerful dragons together.

What is the most strongest dragon in dragon mania legends mod apk?

Sumo dragon is the strongest dragon in Dragon Mania Legends mod apk.

Can I breed legendary dragons in dragon mania legends?

Yes, you can breed legendary dragons in dragon mania legends.

Can I play dragon mania legends mod apk on windows?

Yes, you can play dragon mania legends mod apk on windows.

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