Dragon City Vs Monster Legends

There are such competitions running between the latest games in this technological world. We are discussing about the Dragon city vs Monster legends. They have millions of active players. Today we are discussing about the difference between dragon city and monster legends and will discuss similarities and dissimilarities of these two games that may help the players to choose the best version that has unique and amazing features. So, let’s start our brief article talking about these two beautiful and stunning games.

Dragon City Vs Monster Legends

Difference Between Dragon City And Monster Legends

Dragon city vs Monster legends, these are two stunning gaming applications launched in the gaming world for the players to get amazed by different dragon features. You can easily download these two adventurous games on PC, android and as well as on iOS. Both the platforms are safe and secure and players can experience different missions and events related to dragons in both the fantasy games.

Similarities Between Dragon City And Monster legends

There are many similarities present in the two best games. As monster legend in the updated version of the Dragon City game so these two games have some similarities regarding dragons and other features.


The main and basic similarity between the two games Dragon city and Monster Legends is that players can download these beautiful games on both android and iOS. Both the games are easily downloadable on both the platforms for the comfort of the players and both the platforms are safe and secure and players can download the games for free without any payments.


Breeding is the most beautiful similarity between the two beautiful games Dragon city and Monster legends. You can easily breed your dragons and get the hybrid and legendary dragons. Breeding is most important in both the games and players can have different experiences of breeding different and unique dragons. You can breed dragons of different elements in both the games for free. Dragon city has some breeding generations and monsters legends is a simple breeding game but you can easily breed dragons in both the games.


Players of both the games can feed their dragons to level up faster. Players can buy the farms from the shops for their dragons and grow different types of food. Food farms are present in both the games. You can feed your monsters or dragons to make them more healthier and energetic.


This is the most common similarity present in both the games. You can easily hatch eggs in both games from the breed-able dragons and place the eggs in the hatchery. You can go through this process in both stunning games.


Different habitats of different types are present in both the games. Habitats are very necessary for the dragons to live. You can buy different habitats of different colors and elements in both the games.

Dissimilarities between Dragon City And Monster Legends

Like similarities, there are also some differences present between these two stunning games. Every gaming application has differences against other gaming applications. Monster legend is different from the Dragon city game because of the features and functions.

Types Of Dragon

Dragons play an important role in both the games. Dragon city and Monster legend games have different dragons to breed and feed. The difference is that in dragon city you have different unique and up to 1000 dragons are present of every type and in monster legend game you don’t have unique and powerful dragons as compared to dragon city.


Battles take place in both the games because these games are actually the fighting games between dragons. In dragon city games you can fight solo and you don’t have to make teams if necessary. It’s your choice to fight solo or in teams. In monster legends game you have to attack in teams and you don’t have enough moves to defeat the opponents while in dragon city you have four different and amazing moves.


Islands are present in both the games to buy. In dragon city game you have different and unique islands like marvel, Wonder or infinite islands that have different rewards and gems. In monster legends game you don’t have enough and special islands as Compared to dragon city islands.


In dragon city you have different ancient towers to unlock at different levels but in the monster legends game you don’t have enough buildings except farms and worker’s hut.


Maps are present in monster legends game only and it’s the advantage of this game and you can fight easily.

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