Dragon City vs Dragon Mania Legends

Dragon city and dragon mania legends are fantastic and magical games full of dragons and things related to dragons. Every game is better than the previous games in today’s world. Developers are making better games as compared to their competitors and have some differences and similarities. So, we are discussing about the Dragon city vs Dragon mania legends and some main similarities and differences between these two legendary games. So, let’s start our discussion about both the stunning games.

Dragon city vs dragon mania legends

Difference Between Dragon City vs Dragon Mania Legends

Dragon city and Dragon mania legends games are the most stunning and adventurous games that have different and unique features and tools related to dragons. These two games are about the dragons and the battles. So, start discussing the similarities and differences between these two games.

Dragon city and dragon mania legends games have many differences regarding battles, islands, dragons and other dragons related stuff. This article may help the players to choose the best game from these two stunning games. You can eliminate boredom by playing these games. Let’s talk about the main differences between the two games.

Dragon City and Dragon Mania Legend Game

Every gaming application has some similarities with other games related to them. Dragon City game and Dragon Mania Legends game have some similar content and features that can amaze the players beyond their thinking. Let’s talk about main similarities present between these two stunning games


These two games have the similarity of breeding processes. You can breed two or more dragons of different elements in both the games. You can breed your favorite dragon and get the energetic and powerful dragons. Breeding is the most common similarity present between these two games. Isn’t it beneficial? Of course, it is. You can now breed your favorite baby dragons to get the legendary ones in both the stunning games.

Types Of Dragons

Different types of dragons are present in both games but the main difference is dragon city has unique and distinct dragons of different sizes and shapes up to 1000 and dragon mania legends has lesser dragons than the dragon city game and all have the same sizes and shapes.

Types of Dragons


Farms are present in both games for growing healthy food for the dragons. You can easily grow food in your farms and feed your baby dragons to level up their powers but the food in both the games are somehow different from each other to grow. You can grow different foods or can buy them from the store in both games.


Hatchery is the main part of these games and is present in both games to hatch the eggs in it. Players can see the growth of their baby dragons to adults and powerful dragons in the hatchery in both two stunning games.


Different habitats for different dragons are present in dragon city game and dragon mania game. This is the most common similarity between the two games. You can easily build different elemental habitats for different types of dragons.


This is the main difference between DC and ML games. In Dragon city, players have different moves to attack on the opponent but in Dragon mania legends game players can attack on the opponents through elements. This is the main difference present between these two beautiful games.


Different islands are present in the dragon city game like marvel, infinite or wonder islands and players can get amazing rewards by unlocking these islands. In ML games there are islands present for the players to expand. This is the main difference between both the games.


Decorations are present in both the games. Decoration pieces are different from each other. You have white flowers, dead tree trunk, swampy rock, palm tree, mystic idol, Mushroom trees, huge pine, square topiary and many different decorations in dragon mania legends game.


Buildings are also present in both the games but both the games have different buildings to buy. In the Dragon mania legends game, you have a lot of different temples to buy and in the Dragon city game you have different crystals and breeding mountains.

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