Dragon City Hack 2023

Dragon city is one of the most beautiful and enchanting games present in the world of games. New games and technologies are launching day by day. This game has its own significance and importance regarding its features and functions that can amaze the players beyond their thinking. Dragon city hack is the modified version of dragon city game in which players can get unlimited golds, foods and gems.

Dragon City Hack

Dragon city is one of the finest games in the world of games and players can create their own dragon city. You can enjoy the whole gameplay on floating islands and yokan decorate your dragon city with different decorative items like habitats, buildings, towers, trees and breeding or food farms. You can own different and amazing dragons of different types including energetic dragons, cute dragons, Happy dragons or legendary dragons and you can see the growth of your baby dragons to adult dragons in the hatchery in this beautiful and stunning game version. Today in our article we will talk about a hacked version of the game dragon city.

Dragon City Hack

Dragon city hacked version is one of the most played and finest version games. You can enjoy different and amazing features and tools of this game that are relatable to dragons. Players can freely download this stunning game on their androids and enjoy playing with cute little dragons. Players can get different dragons for free of cost in dragon city hack version and customize them and dress them up for completely free. You can get the cheats for free to unlock gems, gold, dragons, habitats and other locked items.

Players of this game can get a free pack of gems to take part in the tournaments. There are different battling modes present in this stunning version of the game and players can easily unlock all the modes including battles, quests, leagues or tournaments. You can unlock them and earn new rewards like gems and gold. Events take place every weekend and players can get packs of gems for free from these events. This version of dragon city is a totally unlocked version and players can get amazing cheats to use and make the game more interesting and beautiful. This modified version of the game has a feature of breeding the dragons of different elements for free of cost. Download this amazing version of the game from our website and get everything unlimited for free.

Dragon City Hack APK Download

Dragon city hack APK version is the best and beautiful version of the game dragon city where player get unlimited gems and golds. Players can easily download this game on androids and enjoy the latest and premium features and functions for free. In this version, players can get everything for free including legendary dragons, habitats, farms, decoration items, islands, towers, breeding centers and food farms. Players of this game can get a free pack of gems and gold to get expensive dragons like legendary dragons.

Dragons play an important role in this game and you can mostly see the different types of dragons wandering here and there in the impressive game. You can freely expand your islands and defeat other dragon masters by downloading this hacked APK version of the dragon city game. Start downloading this amazing APK version of the game and enjoy playing with different dragons with amazing cheats and cheat codes.


Dragon city is one of the most played games in the world of game and has many latest and newest features that attract the players of every age more and more. Currencies always play an important role in every gaming application. This beautiful and enchanting APK version of dragon city has three main currencies including Gems, Food and Gold. These three play an important role in the game for better progress of the dragons. You can get all these three currencies for free in this stunning game.

get unlimited gems, golds and foods


Players can get gems from the events, by logging up daily or by re-creating the different towers present in this beautiful version of the game. This hacked version can give free access of gems to all the players of this game to unlock them and use them for free. You can use these gems to buy different legendary dragons or buy different food items with these free unlocked gems.


Players can get different premium packs of food in this game for free including nibble, meal, menu, catering, banquet and get the mixture of all these food modes for free. This beautiful game provides free access to get all these packs of food to feed your favorite baby dragons and engage them in high tournament battles to get more food packs as rewards. Get your favorite food packs now in this gameplay by downloading it from our website for free.


Gold is easier to get in this beautiful version of the game. You can level up dragons and get gold or you can get gold by just feeding the dragons. The more you feed the dragons, the more you get gold. This version have unlocked all the premium packs of golds. Players can do different dragon activities with these free packs of golds. Players can build a beautiful dragon city by buying different decorative items and dragons with the help of gold.


Dragon city is a huge and widely used game. Players create different islands to create their own mesmerizing dragon city. This version has unlocked all the premium islands for free including marvel island, infinite island, wonder island and mystic islands. Players can now expand their unlocked free islands to make the fastest progress in the game. Let’s talk about the reward of unlocking each island in this beautiful free version game.

Infinite Island

Players can get free 120 gems, different habitat tokens and 4 million food items by unlocking this island for free.

Mystic Island

Players can get 160 plus gems, 2 million food and one legendary jewel dragon by unlocking this island for free.

Wonder Island

Players can get 120 plus gems and 200 different types of orbs by unlocking this island for free.

Marvel Island

Players can get 70 gems and 1 million food items by unlocking this island for free.


It play’s an important role in this gameplay. Habitats are the places to live for the dragons of all types. Players can create their own dragon city with different classical habitats of every type. You can unlock all the habitats of different dragons like ice habitats, magic habitats, flame habitats or nature habitats. Players can create the perfect habitats for each dragon to live and for feeding. This version of the game has unlocked all premium habitats for the dragons for free including

  1. War habitats
  2. Metal habitats
  3. Pure habitats
  4. Light habitats
  5. Dark habitats
  6. Wind habitats
  7. Ice habitats
  8. Magic habitats
  9. Legend habitats


How to hack dragon city mod APK?

Players of this stunning and beautiful version game can hack the original dragon city game by downloading the latest dragon city hack APK version.

Can dragon city hack apk work on pc?

Dragon city is a widely played game and players can play this game by downloading this APK version on PCs too for free of cost.

Can dragon city hack APK provide cheats?

Yes, this amazing and latest version of the game provides different cheat codes to the players to unlock everything for free.

Can dragon city hack apk version provide unlimited gems?

Yes, this latest version of the game provides free packs of unlimited gems to the players and unlock all the gems and gold for completely free.

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