Dragon City For IOS Download 2023

There are different and amazing games present in today’s world and people are loving more latest and modified version games. Everyone has their own perspective of playing different games. Thrilling and adventurous games are on the top of the list of best games. Dragon city is a beautiful game played by millions of active players. Today we will discuss the iOS version of the dragon city game. Players can use and get everything including dragons and gems for free of cost without any premium payments in the iOS version of dragon city game.

Dragon City For IOS

Dragon City For IOS

The dragon city game is easily downloadable and works on iOS devices. It has many features and functions for the players. This whole gameplay is based on dragons. You can see different dragons present in this beautiful game. This game is nothing without the existence of the cute and energetic dragons. There are different modes of playing this amazing game. You can easily breed any dragons you want. By the process of breeding players can get energetic and powerful dragons.

In this version, players can free food farms and get a free bundle of food for their dragons. This is the best PVP game in which you can engage your dragons in different tournaments and battling leagues to earn different and exciting rewards. You can easily play this game version on iOS devices with your fingertips and enjoy all the latest features for free of cost and can unlock all the premium packs of gems and gold to attack with more Powers in the battle or quest grounds. Download the dragon city game on your iOS devices and get everything related to dragons for free of cost.

Exciting Features

The dragon city iOS version game has many ravishing and dazzling features that play an important role to make this gameplay more widely played. Some main features of this mod apk iOS version game is listed below with brief descriptions of each.


The resolution of the home screen of this stunning and remarkable game is so impressive and players love to play this game because of its 3D and 2D graphics.

The graphics are so mesmerizing and have multi colors of everything including dragons, habitats, islands, towers and battling arenas. Players can get amazed by these realistic graphics that are the reflection of a real-world dragon city. Graphics can play an important role to attract and attract the attention of many players around the world.


There is a high level of sound present in this iOS version amazing game. Players can enjoy each and every part of this dragon city game with relatable sound effects like battling modes have different attack sounds and feeding dragons mode have different food sounds. The quality of sound is very soothing and dragons have different sounds that can make the game more attractive and amazing.

Easy Controls

Dragon city iOS version game has another valuable and cherished feature of easy and fluent controls. The controls of this stunning game are now on your fingertips. You can control the whole gameplay from controlling dragons’ activities to dragons fighting tournaments.

This amazing and relaxing easy control set up of the impressive game can make the dragon city more interesting and fantastic game that any player wants to play it more and even more. Controls of this game are in the hands of the players and this feature can attract many non-active players to the gameplay too.

Multiplayer Access

This is one of the best features of the Dragon city game that perfectly works on iOS devices. This stunning game can provide you free multiplayer access to play with other players or with your friends. You can easily sign up with your accounts and enjoy the multiplayer mode in this beautiful game. Start playing with other players and win the battles by different and amazing controls in this online multiplayer mode and gain the title of dragon master.

Dragon City iOS Version – Dragons

Dragons play an important role in this beautiful gameplay. You can see different dragons and each has their own specifications and specializations. There is no fun in this beautiful game without dragons. You can easily level up your dragons by feeding them in this iOS version game. There are thousands of dragons present in this game and every dragon has different sizes, shapes and colors. The graphics of each dragon are different and mesmerizing. You can own different dragons of different rarities like rare, epic, very rare, heroic or legendary. You can combine dragons of different rarities and breed them to get more powerful and legendary dragons.

The different dragons present in this game are fun dragons, ice dragons, fire dragons, nature dragons or magic dragons. Players can own all these locked dragons for free in this version and unlock all the dragons and play with them. Download this dragon city game on your iOS devices to get free unlocked powerful dragons.

Dragon City iOS Version – Food

Food is the necessary item present in the iOS version of dragon city game for the dragons. Dragons are important essentials in the game and you have to feed them daily for faster growth and energetic strength. Different food items are available in the store for the dragons including

  1. Vegetables
  2. Fruits
  3. Meat
  4. Fish

Each of these food items have different benefits and energy. Players can feed their dragons easily so that they are able to fight against dragon masters in different battles like leagues or tournaments. Besides these, the main advantage of this iOS version game is you can grow your own food at different food farms present in the dragon city game. Harvest your food and feed your baby dragons for protein.

Dragon City iOS Version – Islands

Dragon city is a beautiful game in which players can see different dragons, islands and towers. Players can enjoy playing on different Islands with 3D graphics and battle visuals on their iOs devices for free.

Every island has unique features and items. Players can easily unlock them and get free rewards like legendary dragons, orbs, food, gems or gold. The different dragon city islands that players can enjoy playing on their iOS devices are listed below.

  1. Marvel Island
  2. Wonder Island
  3. Mystic Island
  4. Infinite Island

Enjoy expanding your islands in this iOS version of dragon city game and get unlimited free rewards.

Dragon City iOS Version – Towers

There are different floating towers present in the dragon city game. Players can rebuild these towers on their iOS devices for free. Each tower has an ancient look and some parts are missing from each tower. These towers are the home places for the guardian dragons and each guardian dragon has a unique power that benefits the players after rebuilding the towers. The buildable towers are

  1. Ramsey’s tower
  2. Broodby’s tower
  3. Midarian’s tower
  4. Jewelems tower
  5. Hanzo’s tower
  6. Winstance’s tower.

Rebuild these towers on your iOS devices by sending your dragons on missions for finding the missing parts of each tower. Happy playing dragon city iOS version game for free.


Is it safe to play dragon city game on iOS devices?

Yes, it is completely safe and secure to download and play dragon city game on iOS devices.

Can I play PvP battles in the iOS version of Dragon city?

Yes, you can play different PvP battles, leagues and arenas in the iOS version of the game.

How do you get hybrid dragons in dragon city iOS version game?

You can get hybrid dragons by breeding two or more dragons together of the same elements.

When do the events take place in the iOS version game?

Events usually take place every weekend having lots of surprises and rewards for the players.

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