Dragon City Beginners Guide

Dragon city is the most favorable game for the players you just need to focus on for success in the game. Players enjoyed this game from start to end. Players suggest this game to their companions to play this beautifully created game. So, for the beginners of this game we will go through some basic steps. First, it’s necessary to update the game when it’s installed to play with better services. Also update it from time to time.

Dragon City Beginners Guide

Dragons Guide

This game is totally based on dragons. From dragons leveling up the game to produce gold by them to own more dragons. The total quantity of the dragons in the game, there are currently 1630. We can also have our own dragons by leveling up or feeding them. Dragons are the most important element in this entire game as it is already mentioned in the game name “Dragon City”. The rareness of the dragons is of six types: epic, rare, very rare, heroic and legendary. All come up at different levels. Their type of rareness increases as the game level increases.

dragons  changing clothes

If you want to get better dragons than other players, focus on the upgrade skills of your dragons. To make Progress in the game at beginning, players can select earth dragons as their first dragon because this dragon produces more gold. There are also some move types the dragon must learn. Terra dragons have higher incomes. Ice and sea dragons gain gold more slowly but overall habitats gain or earn more gold. Try building habitats for your dragons to get more gold for purchasing powerful dragons in the game.

Dragons Breeding Guide

Breeding is the main element of the dragon city games. Dragon city provides the best breeding processes and events. Players can breed one or more dragons to get the hybrid and legendary dragons that are even more powerful and energetic. If you want to get trained and powerful dragons for fighting purposes through these breeding events, you have to know the basic guidance of breeding. As there are many dragons in the game, you can breed different elemental dragons to get better dragons.

  1. Breed tera or flame dragon to get flaming rock or tropical dragon.
  2. Breed flame or dark dragon to get dark fire dragon.
  3. Breed sea or metal dragon to get mercury dragon.
  4. Breed Nature or flame dragon to get firebird dragon.
  5. Breed Electric or terra dragon to get chameleon dragon.

For getting hybrid dragons, you must have to breed these dragons.

  1. Firebird and nature to get Gummy.
  2. Medieval and alpine to get Armadillo.

Start breeding your dragons by following this guidance to enjoy properly and make better progress in the game.

Dragon City – Events Guide

Events in this game are placed at the end of every week. These are beautifully created for the amazement of the players. As a beginner, players have to know the basics of these events. The different events present in the game are listed below

  • Heroic races
  • Maze islands
  • Puzzle islands
  • Tower islands
  • Runner islands
  • Fog islands

You have to focus hard because you can get the most powerful dragons and unlimited packs of gems through these events. Players can always get a good F2P legendary from Maze islands. Try taking part in different maze island events.

Events Guide in dragon city

All these are filled with joy. You can play against 7 players in the heroic race and there is a heroin dragon in the reward for a winner. You can Free your dragons in the maze by collecting maze coins. There is a mini game named candy crush in the dragon city game for unlocking new dragons by playing puzzle moves. For climbing the tower and getting rewards as gold or any other currency you must collect tower coins. In the mini game temple run you can collect rewards by getting runner moves. Fog island is the same as runner island. You can do the same as in runner island.

Dragon City – Food Guide

Food is a basic element and most necessary element present in the game to feed dragons. If you are a beginner, try growing more food in farms for feeding the dragons to level up the skills of dragons. The most low-cost food is per minute but you have to replant in another 30 seconds. This is the process of leveling up the game fastly because food is the one thing to level up for. Players can also own amazing dragons in the game who produce food. Vampire dragons and titan dragons produce food. Purchase these dragons firstly for getting unlimited food for the dragons. Start your game by feeding your favorite baby dragons for better and faster growth. The more you feed dragons, the more you get powerful and energetic dragons in the game to play best.

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