Dragon City Beginners Guide

Dragon city is the most favorable game for the players you just need to focus on for success in the game. Players enjoyed this game from start to end. Players suggest this game to their companions to play this beautifully created game. So, for the beginners to this game we will go through some basic steps. First, it’s necessary to update the game when it’s installed to play with better services. Also update it time to time.


So, if talk about dragons this game is totally based on the dragons. From dragons leveling up the game to produce gold by them to own more dragons. If we talk about the total quantity of the dragons in the game so there are currently 1630. We can also have our own dragons by leveling up or feeding them. Dragons are the most important element this entire game as it is already mentioned in the game name “Dragon City”. The rareness of the dragons are of six types epic, rare, very rare, heroic and legendary. All comes up in different levels. Their type of rareness increases as the game level increases.

Their are also some move types the dragon must learn. If we talk about habitats there are different and many dragons present at their habitats. Player must collect it to place the dragons and by collecting the habitats you can get more gold. The more you collect habitats, the more you have gold. And if we talk about gold. Gold is the basic currency of this game and can be get by different ways. Gold can be produce by dragons by feeding them. And If we talk about the rareness of the earned gold. Terra dragons have higher incomes. Ice and sea dragons gain gold more slowly. but overall habitats gain or earn more gold.

Player Level & Experience

It is the built-in option in the dragon city game. This can be used in many different ways like you can use this option for unlocking elements and building. This can also be vary useful to play in leagues and events. You can play with similar level players with this option. You can also play with lower level dragons by not leveling up. This option can provide you to not level up and easily beat another low level dragons. And if we talk about heroic races, this race returns 1 heroic dragon as an award for the winner.

Expand Your Islands

You can expand your islands for the fastest progress in the game. different islands are present in the game. and we talk about those islands which can be unlocked without money or gems there are 9 islands to unlock for the boosting the game and leveling up very fast. This is the best way to give a better progress in the game. First two islands are cleared just by having appropriate Facebook friends.

Dragon City Events

Events in this game are placed at the end of every week. This are beautifully created for the amazement of the players. Even these events have 6 different types include

  • Heroic races
  • Maze islands
  • Puzzle islands
  • Tower islands
  • Runner islands
  • Fog islands

All these are filled with joy. You can play against 7 players in the heroic race and there is a heroin dragon in the reward for a winner. You can Free your dragons in the maze by collecting maze coins. There is a mini game named candy crush in the dragon city game for unlocking new dragons by playing puzzle moves. For climbing the tower and get rewards as gold or any other currency you must collect tower coins. In the mini game temple run you can collect rewards by getting runner moves. Fog island is same as runner island. You can do the same as in runner island.

Foods For Dragon

As this is game is very miraculous or magical for the users and it is full of enjoyment and adventures. Gaining food is also a very adventurous work that how you collect or get food to feed the dragons for the game. And for purchasing food we need gold to level up the game. the most low-cost food is for per minute but you have to replant in another 30 seconds. This is the process of leveling up the game fastly because food is the one thing to level up for.

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