Dream League Soccer DLS 2022 Mod APK v10.170 Download

App NameDream League Soccer 2022
PublisherFirst Touch Games Ltd.
Size508 MB
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Latest Versionv10.170
Last Update30 April 2023

There are so many unique and distinct games present in today’s world and people love to play different and amazing games that are so astonishing and have many latest features that proved to be so beneficial. Developers are laughing an amazing games and in addition they always come up with the modified versions DLS 2022 MOD apk game for the comfort of the players. Players are fond of playing different games like fighting games, board games, brain games, simulation games or cricket/football related games. All the games have their own place in the world of gaming’s and have millions of players.

Dream League Soccer DLS 2022 Mod APK

Today in our amazing article, we will talk about the soccer game named Dream league soccer 2022 version. Players can actively play this stunning soccer game and millions of players are fond of this game because this whole gameplay reflects the real world soccer team game. It reflects the real world soccer match because players can do whatever they want.

DLS 2022 Mod APK

Players can create their own soccer teams of different and amazing players like Kevin De Bruyne and Sergio Dust. The most interesting fact of this game is that you can play live football across the world with different players. This gameplay is widely used all over the world and can be played both online and offline. The best feature of this game is you can play and create a football team in offline mode too. All the amazing game features are present in this DLS 2022 game. You can easily customize your players clothes, hair and other accessories and take part in different and amazing tournaments to win exciting prizes and money but this is a locked version game and you have to pay premium payments to buy extra expensive things and there are many advertisements that are sponsored.

Developers have launched the modified and latest APK version of DLS 2022 gameplay. You can get free teams, money and packs of different coaches and players. All the expensive items have been unlocked in this mod APK version gameplay and you can easily play live football league soccer without any requirements of crossing the career levels. You can do whatever you want like you can build your own teams and stadiums for free and start free training clubs for the players. If you are fond of playing soccer and get experience and learn more about it then you can freely download this mod APK here of DLS game and start your journey of your dream league soccer. You can easily download it from our website and get free unlimited features.

About Game

Every gaming application has many features that are locked and can only be unlocked with the real money. DLS 2022 is the best game that has all the features that every soccer game has but you have expensive items and you have to buy it all. DLS 2022 mod APK is the latest and the newest version of the gameplay that can amaze the players by its unlocked free premium features and functions. You can easily build your own stadiums and teams of the most skilled and trained players. Players can also build their own training centers to train the team players to play best and win the matches.

About Game

In this latest and modified APK version of DLS 2022 gameplay players can use all the premium features for free and get amazed by the features like playing free live matches or can play in different and amazing tournaments. You can get free premium packs of coins and gold to buy extra items with these coins. This gameplay has beautiful and stunning 3D graphics that makes the game more attractive and beautiful and attracts millions plus players to play this amazing dream league soccer 2022 mod APK version gameplay. You can easily install this amazing game from our website and the process of installation is very easy and simple. Download it now and get free soccer items for free of cost.

DLS 2022 Mod APK – Create Your Favorite Teams

One of the best features present in this gameplay is that you can create your teams of your desirable and dream trained players. This mod APK version game has unlocked all the players for free so that you can easily win the heavy leagues and get qualified for the tournaments and other premium leagues. Top trained players present in this game are listed below.

  • Nirennold
  • Montano
  • Scott
  • Kane
  • Touzghar
  • Smith
  • Mackenzie
  • Ter stegen

And many other trained players like them. You can create your beautiful and powerful team for playing your dream league soccer and make your dream come true of building your own amazing team with the most trained players. Players can easily choose their favorite players for free of cost in this mod APK version of the game and can easily edit their shirt numbers or boots color and can easily customize their dressings. This beautiful and enchanting mod APK version of the game has unlocked all the premium trained players for free for the players of this game to play better and win the career matches to play tournaments and live league soccer. Download this amazing gameplay more and get fun by creating your own teams

DLS 2022 Mod APK – Unlimited Coins & Gems

There are two type of currencies present in this game to buy expensive items are

  1. Gems
  2. Coins

Players of this mod APK version of the DLS 2022 gameplay are so lucky that they can easily unlock all the premium packs of gems and coins for free. This mod apk version game is the latest version of the game that provides free access to the players to get packs of gems and coins for free of cost. You must have a powerful team, powerful agents, coaches, recovery packs and for getting all these you must have a pack of coins and gems. So, DLS 2022 mod APK version has unlocked the coins and gems for free.

You can now get an unlimited amount of money, gems and coins without paying any premium payments. You can now easily get bundles, stack, cup, case, locker and vault of coins and gems for free. Get your free packs of gems now by just downloading this DLS 2022 gameplay. Also Download Tank Stars Mod APK.

DLS 2022 Mod APK – Upgraded Gameplay

DLS 2022 is the most played game has millions of active players. Players get attracted towards this beautiful game because of its features and function. Players can enjoy the immersive gameplay of dream league soccer with latest and upgraded features. You can experience upgraded gameplay with upgraded animations, AI and resolutions of football on your androids or even on your PCs. This upgraded gameplay is now available on both the platforms by amazing and soothing controls. You can create your gaming styles perfectly in this dls 2022 gameplay and develop your own teams and stadiums and get upgraded items daily. You can upgrade your beautiful playing stadiums with new and latest facilities and make your gameplay the master Dls 2022. Get a chance to play with your favorite players as team players for free and experience real life league soccer.

DLS 2022 Mod APK – Amazing Tournaments

DLS 2022 mod APK version game brings top beautiful tournaments for the players for free of cost. You can now easily create your own teams or your favorite and most trained players and play in different tournaments modes including

  • La Liga
  • Serie A
  • Premier league
  • The Bundesliga
  • Europa league

Players can easily take part in such tournaments and win exciting trophies and rewards. You can even play the best tournament named UEFA champion league for free because the original version has locked this champion league but now you can freely play in this tournament. Start playing in tournaments and get real life experience of playing football.

Select Best Coaches and Managers To Train

Players of this game are so lucky that they can easily play this game play with a lot of features and functions for free of cost. You can experience real life gaming in the DLS 2022 mod APK version game. You can build your own teams and stadiums for free and train your players to get more experience in different training centers. The best feature present in this game is you have a freedom to select your games coaches and managers to manage the whole gameplay and select the best coaches to train the players so that you have a 100% Chance of winnings.

Select Your Manager

Players can easily train their team players in a well mannered way. If you want to create a powerful team and want to win the matches then you have to select the most trained players and for this you must have to select coaches to train your team players so that you can win the leagues for sure.

Stunning Multiplayer DLS 2022 Mod APK

Players can easily play in a multiplayer mode both online and offline in this d DLS 2022 mod APK version game. You can easily select your favorite players across the world and play with them in this multiplayer mode of the game. In multiplayer mode online you can compete with your friends and win your dream league soccer. You can easily control the whole gameplay and challenge other players across the globe or you can play in this multiplayer mode with machines vs computers. Isn’t it beautiful? Yes for sure.

You can create a whole gameplay including your teams and stadiums. Start competing others in this beautiful social mode for free by just downloading this amazing mod APK version of the DLS 2022 gameplay. Also check out Dude Theft Wars.


The magical and beautiful latest feature of DLS 2022 mod APK version gameplay are listed below with brief descriptions of each.

3D Graphics

If you want to play the football game with amazing and realistic 3D and 2D graphics then you must have to download this stunning DLS 2022 gameplay. You can experience the best realistic football game and tournament with realistic graphics of stadiums and players.

Updated Soundtrack

The soundtracks of this impressive and realistic game are so amazing and beautiful. You can enjoy the realistic sounds in this game of the players. Players of this game also enjoy the whole soccer league and tournaments for free with beautiful commentaries.

Ads Free

Players can now enjoy the whole gameplay without any sponsored advertisements. The original version of the game includes third party advertisements but this mod APK version of DLS 2022 gameplay has unlocked the feature of blocking the most disturbing ads for free.

Amazing Controls

This amazing gameplay has many amazing and soothing controls like ball, running, jumping or other beautiful controls so that you can control your dream league soccer beautifully. How you can control and manage the whole league is very important and you have to control the name in that way so you can easily and freely win your favorite dream league soccer.

Customization of Players

The best feature present in this gameplay is you can customize or edit your characters hair, dress, socks, shirts and other items for free of cost. This makes the players of your team look more attractive and powerful. Customize them in the way that they look like powerful players on your team.

Build your own stadium

This stunning game has many features and functions that can amaze the players beyond their thinking and one of the best premium features that is present in this game for free is players can easily create their own stadiums of their own styles and get imaginations to reality.

Seasonal Events

There are seasonal pass events present in this stunning and realistic gameplay. You can take part in different events to claim prizes like gems and coins to progress your gaming ranks for free of cost. Get technical coaches, players and stadiums for free by taking part in these stunning season pass events.

Dream league live

This mod APK version gameplay has the feature of playing live dream league soccer. You can freely and freshly play in this live gameplay without any premium payments or without any requirements. Play your dream soccer league live now and enjoy the amazing interface.

Select Best Coaches and Managers To Train


Dream league soccer 2022 mod APK version gameplay is a free and unlocked version gameplay that has all the features of the original game but all are free to use. You can do different football activities like build free teams, create your own stadiums or get free packs of coins and gems to unlock extra items. This mod APK version game has unlocked all the premium features for free of cost and you can easily get the real life playing experience within a short time and can play with trained players across the globe in the multiplayer mode for free. Download this modified APK version gameplay now from our website and enjoy the premium features for free of cost.


Is DLS 2022 mod APK safe and secure to download?

Yes, this beautiful game has full security coverage and you can easily download this gameplay without any safety issues.

Can I create my own team for free?

DLS 2022 mod APK is the latest version of the game and players can build their own favorite teams for free of cost.

Can I play this game offline?

Yes, this gameplay is amazing and you can enjoy all the latest and premium features in offline mode too and you don’t need to have an internet connection.

How to play in a dream league live for free?

Players can easily play in live dream league for free without completing such premium requirements by just downloading this mod APK version of the gameplay and unlocking this premium feature for free of cost.

Can DLS 2022 mod APK version gameplay provide free gems and coins?

Yes, this stunning football gameplay provides players free premium packs of gems and coins and even provides free packs of players and coaches.

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