Description Of Dragons

Dragon city is an astonishing game for the players that can be played by both youngsters and elders for free. This modified APK version is the new version of the dragon city game that provides many features as compatible to the previous one. There are number of dragons in dragon book. You can breed them easily and train them for combat and PVP tournaments to fight against other players. You can get eggs from the breed-able dragons and place them in the hatchery. This game is free to all and has a lot of features that everyone wants. So, enjoy this new version of the game and also share it with others to have more fun.

Description Of Dragons

Players can join combats to defeat other dragon masters or can breed their dragons to get more energetic dragons by breeding. Players can also collect the egg of Breed able dragons and place that egg in the hatchery. So start playing this game and enjoy its amazing and mind blowing features and unlock them.


The another most important element of the game are dragons. They are the most powerful creatures in this game. Mod APK version of the game gives you chance to build your own dragon city in which dragon lives there. As always, the game dragon city has no meaning left without the dragons. The existence of dragons is necessary in this fabulous and mind-blowing game. Each dragon in this game has some magical characteristics and different functions. Because some are weak and some are powerful. Each dragon works differently in the best way. Each dragon is unique. You can build your beautiful city and create habitat for baby dragon or collect habitat for dragon.

Different types of dragons

Dragons also need a place where they can rest like at home and for this habitat they are perfect. We can also possess the dragons by leveling them up or feeding them. The rarity of all dragons consists of 6 types including Rare, Epic, Very Rare, Heroic, and Legendary. The full rarity of the dragon is revealed at different levels in the game. As they level up, their rarity also increases.

Players can also train their dragons in the best way to fight other dragon masters. To conclude Dragon, you have the most special in the game that nobody has and there are millions of dragons present in the game right now, some are weak, some are short, some are bigger and many more. This game offers you the best growing process. Breeding is the coolest process in the game where you can breed two dragons and make the hybrid. By this process of breeding, you can get eggs to breed the dragons and then placed them in the hatchery without any need of gems or gold. This is a free process.

Dragons Elements

Each dragon present in the dragon city game is defined by its elements. These elements have double and strong attacks against its opposite elements. For example, the dragon of fire element is strong and hits double damage to the dragon on ice element. There are different elements present that are listed below.

  1. Terra
  2. Flame
  3. Sea
  4. Nature
  5. Light
  6. War
  7. Electric
  8. Ice
  9. Metal
  10. Dark
  11. Pure
  12. Legend
  13. Primal
  14. Wind
  15. Magic
  16. Dream
  17. Soul
  18. Happy
  19. Chaos

These are different elements of dragons and have different critical and double damage attacks against other dragons. Each elemental dragon has their defending attacks and has some weaknesses against other dragons. Sea is commonly known as the best element that has strong attacks against flame or electric dragons.

Dragons Rarities

Dragon City has unique and powerful dragons that appear with no different rarity. These rarities are based on high stats and how hard you can get the dragon of that particular rarity. Dragons with higher rarities can produce gold, and players can easily engage them in dragon city games battles. The chances of winning are higher when you have fed your dragon and the dragons in the battlegrounds are of the strongest rarities.


Grass dragon, Clarity dragon, Snail dragon, Mace dragon, Destiny dragon


Poker dragon, Dual Blade dragon, Shadow dragon, Blaze dragon are the best rare dragons.

Very Rare

Nigiri dragon, Bee dragon, Black Metal dragon, Football dragon, Cloudberry dragon, Fae-Faux dragon are the most rare dragons.


Fate dragon, Dragotron dragon, Felidae dragon, Asier dragon are the best legendary dragons.


Emperor dragon, Village dragon, Pyramid dragon, Fame Virago dragon, Neo-Kira dragon are the best epic dragons.


High Resolution dragon, High Whisperer dragon, High Queen Joadycea dragon, High Malicious dragon are the best heroic dragons.        


The dragon present in this game needs a place to live. This game offers players its best features. A key feature is that different habitats are available in this mod APK game. Different habitats are available in the store for different types of dragons.

  • Flame habitats
  • Sea habitats
  • Nature habitats
  • Electric habitats
  • Ice habitats
  • Metal habitats
  • Primal habitats
  • Wind habitats
  • Pure habitats
  • Magic habitats
  • Beauty habitats
  • Chaos habitats

All habitats have different features that belong to different dragons present in this game. You can unlock these habitats by leveling up the game faster or by the gold. Like habitats players can also buy buildings for their dragons like farms, training centers or breeding mountains.

Descriptions Of Dragon Book

Dragon book is the most essential part of the game. This includes every and each of the detail of the dragons. Isn’t it amazing? yes, it is. This is so informative for the users to gain knowledge about more and more dragons. There are more than 1000 of dragons are present in the list of the dragon book. You can see the information of every dragon like dragon features, dragon skills, how to breed and collect dragons from the book. This is best of all books that this APK version provides. You can also collect their specifications their classifications and many other tips.

Dragon Book

In this game you can also collect different types of dragons from the dragon book. You can collect most powerful dragons from this book and play in combats and tournaments to win a lot of worth rewards like gems and golds. See the information of your collected dragons. This book is so amazing for the new players. Now everyone can get the information of their dragons. Players can also collect many orbs and also play battles and tournaments and then check their strength and empowerment and features in this dragon book. This is the best guide book to players of the game.

Dual Blade Dragon

Whenever new dragons join the game through tournaments, their information is also present in the dragon book. Players can also unlock new dragons in this mod APK version and then that information will also be present in the dragon book. This book provides the complete and basic information of any dragon you want.

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