Description Of Dragon Book & Its Features

Dragons and their features are present in this game because this game is all about dragons and without dragons this game has no such meaning. There is a book in the game called Dragon Book which contains all information about dragons. There are 1000 dragons featured in the dragon books list. Using this dragon book you can view all dragon collections. And you can grow them and harvest from there. This book guides you very well about the types of dragons available in the game. This book can give you all the information about the dragons you have collected, as well as their classifications, their element characteristics and the steps for how to collect them. dragons from the dragon book. You will also be rewarded with lots of gems by collecting more and more dragons.

Dragon Book features By

Dragon Book Description & Features

This book is the best guide book for the new players to this game. Do you think this game is worth it? yes exactly this is such a satisfying and pleasure able game. It has it’s worth it by having a lot of features and Benefits like Complete the dragon book in which there is the information of your most collected dragons. This is one of the best features because it guides the players. There are also some breeding events and special islands through which new dragons join the game every week.

Dragon Book

Dragon quests are another of the best features of this game. You can play quests and play against other dragon masters. Claim warrior chests and climb up the leaderboards. Summon your dragon for another magical world. Believe me it’s beautiful. You can also collect orbs and play battles and check their strength and empower creative features like the ancient world and the guardian dragons. So, join this game now on windows and play it on all devices. You can also join forces like alliances to play against dragon masters. Also, the chat option is available for it and by this unlock special rewards.

Dragon Book – Dragons With Annotations

You can see different dragons with their numbers and annotations that the dragon is obtained by breeding, by store, by dragon card, by events, by completing quests or by winning PvP battles. Each dragon may have more than one annotation in the dragon book.


Breeding is also an amazing feature of the game. You Can breed your own dragons. There are dragons present in the dragon book notated with descriptions. You can get some dragons by breeding. All the breeding dragons are present in the list of dragon books with breeding annotations. Players can dragons like hybrid dragons or legendary dragons that are the most powerful dragons who have the largest features than others. The three rarities of breeding dragons are

  1. Hybrid Dragons
  2. Legendary Dragons
  3. Rare Dragons

Besides hybrid dragons you can also create legendary dragons. They have so much fun playing the dragon city game. It’s also called a maze game because at every end of the maze something interesting is waiting for you. Have fun to breed your dragons. Besides breeding this game has so much to show. Enjoy!

Breeding Features in Dragon City

Dragon City Store

There are thousands of dragons present in the dragon book with their descriptions and annotations. Many dragons present in the book have been annotated by stores. You can see the list of dragons in the dragon book which you can buy from the store of dragon city game. This dragon book makes things easier for the players to search and collect dragons according to their annotations in the dragon book description. Players can get different dragons like fire, ice, wind, electricity, light, dark, magic, earth or many other unique dragons from the store and add them to your collections so that you can easily view your collection of purchased dragons in the dragon book. .

Dragon Cards

Dragon cards are basically the powered or boosted packs available in the store of dragon city games. These card packs have different exclusive dragons, food and gems. Players can buy these dragon cards to get the best and unique dragons. Dragon book has added the list of all the dragons that are obtained by the dragon cards with special dragon cards annotation. Players can easily get to know about how they can get their favorite dragons and from where. Basically, a dragon book is present for the guidance of the beginners to this amazing game that belongs to dragons. The dragons you can get by dragon cards are

  1. Robot Dragon
  2. Mars Dragon
  3. Surf Dragon
  4. Samba Dragon
  5. Soldier Dragon
  6. Alien Dragon

These dragons with their descriptions are present in the dragon book with dragon cards annotation.

Dragon Book - List of Dragons


There are different quests present in the dragon city game having different and unique features and tasks. Players have to complete the quests for getting amazing rewards as dragons. Yes, players can obtain dragons by winning different quests like beginners cup, martial arts cup, twister cup, molluck cup, kaiju tournament, delicate quest, petrified cup or many more. By winning these quests players can get dragons like

  1. Petrified Dragon
  2. Martial Dragon
  3. Kaiju Dragon
  4. Obscure Dragon
  5. Boreal Dragon
  6. Sky Queen Dragon

All these dragons are present in the description of the dragon book with quest annotations so that players can find it easy to get these dragons in the game.

PvP Arena Battles

There is an arena battling system present in the dragon city game for challenging other dragon masters to fight and win. Players win different dragons, trophies and other achievements to make their ranks higher in the game. Players can choose up to 1000+ dragons for arena battles and make a team of 3 dragons that play against the team of 3 dragons. The dragon book enlists all the dragons that you can get either by winning different PvP arena battles or the collection of dragons that you have won recently from the PvP arena battles. Start playing this stunning game by getting basic knowledge about dragon’s rarities and specifications.

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