Description Of Dragon Books & Its Features

Dragons and its features are present in this game because this game is totally based on dragons and without dragons there’s no such meaning of this game. There are 1000 of dragons are present in the list of dragon book. By the use of this dragon book, you can see all the dragon collections. And you can breed them collect them from there. This book guides you in a very best way that which type of dragons are available in the game. This book can give you each and every information about the dragons that you have collected also their classifications there features there elements and the steps to know how to collect the dragons from the dragon book. You will also be awarded with a lot of gems by collecting more and more dragons.

Dragon Book features By

Dragon Book Description & Features

This book is the best guide book for the new players to this game. Do you think this game has it’s worth? yes exactly this is so satisfying and pleasure able game. It has it’s worth by having it’s a lot of features and Benefits like Complete the dragon book in which there are the information of your most collected dragons. This is one of the best features because it guides the players. There are also some breeding events and special island through which new dragons join the game every weak.

Dragon quests are another the best feature of this game. You can play quests and play against another dragon masters. Claim warrior chests and climb up the leaderboards. Summon your dragon for another magical world. Believe me it’s beautiful. You can also collect orbs and play battles and check their strength and empowerment. Players can also unlock another creative feature like the ancient world and the guardian dragons. So join this game now on windows and play it on all devices. You can also join forces like alliances to play against dragon masters. Also the chat option is available for it and by this unlock special rewards.

Download The Game

Create your own city of dragons, build your own dragons and islands without a lot of dragons in that. So, if you want to play the game firstly you have to download it. This is an actionable and adventurous game you have ever played. Collect the bests dragons in the game play more powerfully. But for all of that you must’ve firstly download the game on your mobile or on your PC and collect blaze full dragons like there are a lot of dragons in the city named

  • Star Dragon
  • Goblin Dragon
  • Flame Dragon
  • Phoenix Dragon
  • Root Dragon
  • Fun Dragon

Grow them and train them and get the title of “Dragon Master”. This is so satisfying and cool for the player to achieve this name by a lot of hard work. You can play this game on the device you want. This is for free on all devices. Available on Windows, iOS and Android. Breed your dragons and collect more food and gold. You can play with other players also. This game gives a lot of features to the players by which the game can satisfy them.


Breeding is also an amazing feature of the game. You Can breed your own dragons. Firstly, after collecting the dragons from the dragon book, you have to breed them. By breeding you can create your hybrid dragons, the most powerful dragons who have the largest features than others.

Breeding Features in Dragon City

The three important elemental dragons include

  • Earth Dragons
  • Water Dragons
  • Fire Dragons

Once you have collected them. You can use any two dragons from them to make the hybrid one. besides hybrid dragons you Can also create legendary dragons. These have so much fun to play the dragon city game. It’s also called a maze game because at every end of maze something interesting is waiting for you. Have fun to bread your dragons. Besides breeding this game has so much to show. Enjoy!

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