Currencies In Dragon City

Dragon city is that game that is a pleasure itself. It has magical features and elements present in itself. This is a delightful game that gives happiness to the hearts of the players. You can play this game in many ways like you can own your new dragons from the store by crossing the specified levels of that. Players can collect number of dragons for their selves to send them for fights against other dragon masters like you. In this article we will discuss about the currencies of the game.

Currencies In Dragon City


If we talk about the currencies of the game. They play an important role in the game as without any currency you are empty handed in the game and by this you don’t have enough money or currency to buy any thing for your dragons. You can’t buy any powerful dragon from the store to fight against the enemies. If you don’t have any currency, you don’t have any food and if you don’t have any food, you can’t feed your dragons and it is a huge loss of the game.


So, this mod APK version game can make this so easy for the players to get currencies like gems and gold. Play combats and tournaments and get easily the gems and gold. Gems and gold are the two precious elements of the game So let’s have a talk on it one by one to know more about this mod APK version game.


Gold is one of the most beneficial currencies provided unlimited by this version. In our daily life when we buy any thing we required some money. Similarly, gold play the money role in this game. Players can use the golds for many things like for buying food their baby little dragons or to breed them. Gold is very easy to collect in this mod APK. You can get gold by breeding dragons. You can build a great dragon city game by lots of gold for buying buildings, decorations and many more.

Gold Currency

Players can play small battles to get this gold as a reward. Also play some tournaments to get this. The important thing to talk about in this APK game is that you get gold by leveling up your dragon. The more you feed the dragons, the more levels will be up and by leveling up fast this mod APK modified game is for you to get more and more gold.


The currency named gem is one of the most precious and very Beneficial and progress maker currency that the mod APK version provides to its players. Players need gems everywhere in the game. Its the need of every Player playing the game. players can create a wonderful and magical city by adding many decorative and mind-blowing things that no one can take their eyes off. But this can only be done with the power of gems in the game. If you have the bundle of gems, you can do anything possible easily. Like you can buy powerful dragons from the store for yourself and have fights against another dragon masters.

Gems Currency

By having gems, you can easily level up the game. The faster you level up the faster is the progress in the game which is so beneficial. Play tournament and get gems as the rewards as there are many ways to get gems but in previous version it’s difficult to get gems but this modified APK version provides the best ways like you can easily get gems by logging in daily to get one free gem or after Crossing the level 12 there is such a beautiful tower JEWELWMS. Whenever you unlock this tower, you get one Free gem. Collect foods and gain your XP for getting gems. You can also unlock dragons and levels and many other powerful things. So be careful in getting gems to not lose them in any way.


Food is the necessary element for each and every dragon present in the dragon city game. Want to get hybrid and legendary for Epic fights? Grow food items including fruits and vegetables in farms for feeding and raising dragons. Players can collect unlimited food items from the dragon city store with gems and gold to feed their dragons. By feeding, players can easily level up dragons and make them stronger to fight in tournaments and PvP battles against other dragon masters. Many dragons like the sea and pure can eat seafood like fish. This type of food can only be generated by different habitats like sea habitats. Power up your baby dragons now by using this food currency.


Other Currencies

You can also watch ads in the replacement of gems and golds. We will also consider this ad as a currency. This ads currency is used in when you want to fast breed your dragons and hatch the eggs. This ads currency is also used When you lose any battle you can use this ads currency to refight the continue battle again or you can say that your last dragon will get another chance to fight the battle.

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