Combat And Leagues In Dragon City APK

Now a days, Dragon City is played by almost 80 Million people worldwide. The best thing of this game is that you can play this game online with your friends and also offline. Firstly, Players play offline to develop their dragons and built their dragon levels then they have decided to play online battles to defeat Dragon master players and become a pro player. So in this article, we will discussing combat and leagues in Dragon City.

Combat and League in Dragon City APK

Combat In Dragon City Mod APK

In dragon city, where your dragon is fight with other dragons offline or online this is called combat. Dragons are fight in the coliseum. In combat world you will fight with other dragons or Arenas. If you won the battle, you will get rewards and you can also use these rewards for hatching the eggs or for buy an item like eggs, building etc. This reward is also used for speed the breeding.

Battle ground


Your dragons will fight in this battle ground or coliseum. Each round you have at least three dragons and the requirement for that is their level is higher than level three. Your progress will be depended on how good you win the battle against your opponents. The good you beat your opponent the more your performance will be high.

So, if we talk about the time duration of combat and leagues, you can play 3 combats within 6 hours’ time period. If you played all 3 combats within 6 hours then you will wait for 6 hours to play next combat and leagues. If you beat 8 players in some league then you will be awarded for gems. Remember that the quantity of battles left will diminish by 1 for each fight.


The final league of dragon city combat is round 400. If you finished all 400 rounds then you will not go for round 401 but you will play round 400 again and again with more other opponents and your rewards will also not be upgrade.


Ranking is a place where you can fight against your friends. At most three dragons from each side are fight against each other. This is also known as ‘Challenges’. Remaining rounds will be decrease for every combat by 1. You can fight at most six battles in 30 minutes after this you will wait for 30 minutes for next battle and you will be powered 1 by 6 stamina in every 30 minutes. It means that if you play all 6 games in 30 minutes then your stamina power will become zero and for getting again 6 by 6 stamina power you will wait at least 3 hours.


In dragon city mod / hack version players can also engage their dragons in the quests and win exciting rewards like gems and other dragons with higher rarities. There are different quests rewards and titles are present in this game at different level like Beginners cup, Flame knight cup, Sushi cup, Starhunter cup, Dino cup, Blaze cup, Neon cup, Black knight cup, Twister cup, Lava cup, Twin quest, Planetary cup, Genius cup, Asgard cup, Albino cup and more higher quests like these to get different rewards. Rewards including gems, golds, islands and different unique dragons.

Game View


if you are in combat and fight against other dragons. If the opponent dragon attacks on you then there will be four possible results

First possible result is strong damage also called double damage. It causes 200% damage.

Second possible result is normal damage. It causes 100% damage.

Third possible result is weak damage also called half damage. It causes 50% damage.

Fourth possible result is No damage also called zero damage. In this case there will be no damage (0%-damage).

Interaction Of Elements

Different types of elements are as follows

  • Terra
  • Flame
  • Ice
  • Metal
  • Primal
  • Wind
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Sea
  • Nature
  • Legend
  • Electric
  • War
  • Pure
  • Ancient
  • Beauty
  • Happy
  • Magic
  • Dream
  • Soul
  • Chaos

Six ancient elements

  1. Beauty
  2. Happy
  3. Magic
  4. Dream
  5. Soul
  6. Chaos

They have no weakness and no strength or they have no attacking and defending properties. As all the information discussed above is for beginners who are new to this game or don’t know any information.

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