Breeding & Its Generation In Dragon City (II)

This game is at its full amaze to provide all the beneficial features to their players. Players can breed their dragons easily and train them for the combat and PVP tournaments to fight against another dragon masters. The process of breeding players can get eggs from the breed-able dragons and place them in the hatchery. Hatchery is the place where you can see the growth of your dragons from baby dragons to adults.

Breeding & Its Generation In Dragon City by dragcityapk

Generation 2

Generation 2A

Players need the currency gem for making the dragons hybrid. The Dragons in this generation are called hybrids. These hybrid Dragons have one or more elements. Like in gen 1 only one element is present meanwhile in this gen two or more elements are present. Players can but it at the store of the dragon city game. Some hybrids are easier to breed and some are difficult to breed. But it doesn’t depend on the parental dragons.

Players can breed different dragons and specially there are two varieties of the hybrid dragons are present which can be produce by breeding different elementals. This generation can be categorized from 1 to 3. This generation means generation really is the largest and widest category in which there are almost 1100 possible element combinations.

Generation 2B

This is the part of second generation and can be counted in the category four. This generation includes two dragons named light hybrid and war hybrid dragons These have two elements each and players can buy this at the dragon city store.

Generation 2C

This is the third part of this generation and in this generation, there are dragons named pure dragons are present having two elements. You can produce the income by breeding one dragon with any other dragon whether they have same elements or elementals or not. These are categorizing in category 5. When you try to breed different elemental dragons, this can produce pure dragons again. Players can make hybrid dragons by breeding the hybrid dragons if the parents of both dragons share at least one element. Rare hybrids are most powerful and energetic and this can be generated by breeding two hybrids.

Generation 3

Generation 3A

Players need a greater number of gems present for the dragons to breed. In this generation rare hybrid dragons are present and they have two elements that are also the opposites. This generation is more important than others. As dragons in this generation are more heavy and powerful. But players need a lot of gems for that. Players can produce this rare hybrid ones by breeding two hybrids and players are not able to breed dragons of this generation with two elementals. This generation has 1 part.

Generation 3B

This is the second part of this generation and has stage three hybrid dragons having 3 elements. In which the two of them are opposites. This is in the category 2 and 3. This is very relatable to the generation 3.

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Players can use wild cards to breed the dragons of this generation otherwise players need to cross or unlock the stage 3.

Generation 4

This generation is somehow different from the other generation. This generation includes exclusive dragons and this generation need some steps like firstly players can take the array list then players must check that list for checking that if that array list generates exclusive dragons or not. This part is very necessary. Then after this step player must convert the array list into dragons. There are some parent levels in this generation for better dragons. If the dragons don’t reach the parent level of 20 remove them then remove the dragons if they don’t reach at the parent level of 15 and then same for level 10. Then select any exclusive dragon from that array list that you have taken and at the last check the percentage level of that exclusive dragon which is the player’s luck.

So, in breeding one dragon can produce only one dragon egg at a time. The main point of the dragons is that they are neither males nor females they are hermaphrodites. Breeding them is beneficial for the players but for breeding Players must cross the level 4. You can’t breed dragons of the same elements. If we talk about breeding tree you can breed two pair of dragons at the same time. Habitats are not influenced for breeding.

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