Breeding & Its Generation In Dragon City

The dragon city game is a tremendous and proved to be a great game. In this article we will discuss about the breeding and its generation in dragon city. Players can spend their times on this enchanting game and get a lot of happiness. Happiness is the main element of the life and players can get pleasure and happiness by playing this game. This game is so much adventurous. This game has a lot of beneficial features for their players. So, if we talk about the most benefited element of the game named breeding. Breeding is proved so beneficial for the players. Players can breed their dragon and get eggs from them. By the process of breeding players can get eggs and placed them in the hatchery without any gems or gold or any other currency.

Breeding Cave


Players can combine or breed their two owned dragons and get the eggs from them and placed in the hatchery. Important thing is that players can breed dragons after crossing level 4 by each of the dragon. This is the main point for breeding. Players can breed their dragons in such breed able structures. After breeding such parent dragons’ players have eggs for placing them in the hatchery. After the time of hatching the new dragons can be placed for breeding. Players can also sell hatched dragons for the better income in the game. Breed able dragons are more powerful and energetic that they are always ready for the combats or any other fighting theme. Isn’t it beneficial? Off course it is. You can increase your gold production and many more by this breeding process.

In this dragon city game, there are also some breeding generations for the dragons and better performance. Let’s talk about all generations with brief descriptions one by one.

Generation 1A

Players need a lot of gold for this breeding generation one without gold there is no meaning of any generations. So, firstly we need some specific amount of gold for buying the element. In this breeding generation there are many elemental dragons are present and they have only one Element. This one element can be bought by the currency named GOLD. There are some categories present in this gen. The old members are categorized in the category 1 of this generation. You can breed two owned dragons in this generation and make the hybrid ones.

Types Of Breeding.
Generation 1A 1B 1C

Hybrid dragons are more powerful and dynamic. To make the hybrid one players must choose the elemental dragons of the same element. Some dragon are easily breed for the hybrids and some are very difficult by the process from breeding to hybrids. Dragons can’t breed with the dragon of other elements as in this generation all elemental dragons have only one element. This can produce some difficulty to become the hybrid ones. Some elemental dragons are difficult to breed because of some difficulties and these difficult dragons are categorized in 3 difficult groups include for group 1 the difficulties are sea and nature second for Terra and flame and the for the third include Electric, ice, metal and dark.

Generation 1B

This type is the part of Gen 1 and dragon of this generation belongs to category 4. There is only one element present for the dragon of this generation also and name includes Archangel and War.

Generation 1C

This generation is the also the part of Gen 1 and dragons of this generation belongs to category 5. This generation include Pure dragons who also have one element. Players can buy this at the store. You Can get a chance obtain Legend if you have 2 pure elements are for breeding.

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