Dragon City vs Dragon Mania Legends

Dragon city vs Dragon mania legends

Dragon city and dragon mania legends are fantastic and magical games full of dragons and things related to dragons. Every game is better than the previous games in today’s world. Developers are making better games as compared to their competitors and have some differences and similarities. So, we are discussing about the Dragon city vs … Read more

Dragon City vs DragonVale

Dragon City vs DragonVale

Dragon city and Dragonvale are the two best games in the world of game. You can do different activities related to dragons in these two games. Competitions are increasing day by day between different high rating games and there are millions of active players present to play these games. Every gaming application has different tasks, … Read more

How Get Dragon City Gems?

Detail Guide Dragon City Currencies

We are discussing about the gems and golds in Dragon City .Dragon city is an enchanting and stunning game that can be highly played nowadays by the active players up to 10m and plus. Dragon city mod APK is a city of dragons in which players can play different dragons related tasks like build islands, … Read more

Hit Point Of Dragons In Dragon City

Dragons are assigned values ​​based on Hit point of dragons (HP) per level. They are Grouped into five categories, also known as “tires”. Compared to other categories / tiers, the values ​​of each category are different from the values of other categories, with the value of each specific level 1, and up to 40 for … Read more

Concept Of Elements In Dragon City

Concept of Elements by dragcity

Every dragon present in the dragon city has some elements. These elements are the specializations of dragons. Every dragon acts according to its elements. We will discuss about the concept of elements in our article .There are different objects and things present in the dragon city related to dragons like habitats and combat. You can … Read more