Battling In Dragon City

Battling in Dragon City

Battling also takes place in the dragon city game. Focus of the player is very important for this. Two dragons take place in the battle ground to have attack on each other and the two have different element attacks. it’s very rare to have all same elements .In the arena battle the winner is rewarded … Read more

Dragon City Beginners Guide

Dragon City beginners guide by

Dragon city is the most favorable game for the players you just need to focus on for success in the game. Players enjoyed this game from start to end. Players suggest this game to their companions to play this beautifully created game. So, for the beginners to this game we will go through some basic … Read more

Dragon City Mod APK Tips And Tricks

Dragon city mod apk Tips and Tricks

In this article we are discussing the tips and tricks to get free golds and gems in Dragon City .Dragon city game is much fascinating and wonderful game to play on android or iOS You can’t get over this game’s features. This game has lots of dragons and things related to dragons are present. This … Read more

Hit Point Of Dragons In Dragon City

Dragons are assigned values ​​based on Hit point of dragons (HP) per level. They are Grouped into five categories, also known as “tires”. Compared to other categories / tiers, the values ​​of each category are different from the values of other categories, with the value of each specific level 1, and up to 40 for … Read more

Combat And Leagues In Dragon City APK

Combat and League in Dragon City APK

Now a days, Dragon City is played by almost 80 Million people worldwide. The best thing of this game is that you can play this game online with your friends and also offline. Firstly, Players play offline to develop their dragons and built their dragon levels then they have decided to play online battles to … Read more

Concept Of Elements In Dragon City

Concept of Elements by dragcity

The concept of elements in Dragon City Mod Apk is that Elements are the qualities of Dragons. We can also called that elements are the specialty of Dragons in an impact of many features like Combat and Breeding. There are almost 14 types of elements as we described below. Elements In Dragon City Mod Apk … Read more