Battling In Dragon City

Battling also takes place in the dragon city game. Focus of the player is very important for this. Two dragons take place in the battle ground to have attack on each other and the two have different element attacks. it’s very rare to have all same elements .In the arena battle the winner is rewarded by the improvement in the ranking score and arena moves.

PVP Combat Battle In Dragon City

Battling rules in combat are team of 3 dragons play against 3 dragons. Player can battle only for the six times before waiting to battle more. In league battle you can choose your top highest dragons for battling against your level of top 3 highest dragons. After every six hours you get three tries to battle.

All Same Elements

In quest battles there are two types permanent and temporary quests in permanent quest battle you have rewarded with dragons and it is always available. And in temporary quest battle you have rewarded with currencies or events. In event battles 1 dragon plays against another dragon. This event battle is for the progress in the completed events like heroic race or maze island. In dragon rescue there is an option of fight by which you don’t have any control that to which dragon you have to attack first.

Different Elements

This is the series of 6 verses 6 dragon battles. This is the basic information of the game “Dragon City”. This is one of the most exciting games by which you Can spend your free boredom time on it. It gives you pleasure and plenty of happiness. So, if we talk about the types of battles in the game there are 5 types of the battles in the game include:

  • Arena battles
  • League battles
  • Quest battles
  • Event battles
  • Dragon rescue

Creative destruction

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Creative Destruction Cheats

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